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Please Help Us To Better Communicate With You

Please Help Us To Better Communicate With you - Website

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  • 3. How helpful have our twice-weekly emails been?

  • 4. Have you read or are you reading Transform Your Life And Save The World?

  • 5. Have you read or are you reading FREEDOM?

  • 6. Where/how did you come across the WTM/Jeremy Griffith/FREEDOM?

  • 7. How likely are you to recommend our WTM website and/or Jeremy Griffith's books to one of your friends or family?

  • 8. What would help you the most?

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  • 9. Would you be interested in helping to create the WTM Deaf Effect Course?

    We are conducting interactive introductory talks about the human condition with volunteers who are new to the information in order to create a collection of the most helpful of these discussions to add to the WTM Deaf Effect Course in Freedom Essay 13. If you would like to participate in one of these potentially extremely helpful online interactive talks, please select yes below and we will get in contact with you.

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  • 9. Any final thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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