Transcripts of
‘Wonderful Transformation Counsel’.

Nine transcripts of particularly helpful transformation talks that took place between WTM members at the Sydney WTM Centre during late 2017


(Note, there are audio recordings of the first three talks as well as transcripts; the remaining six talks are only presented as transcripts)



Firstly, this box summarises the Transformed Lifeforce State (TLS)


Now that the great goal of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry has been achieved and we have found understanding of our conflicted and distressed human condition (see Video/​F. Essay 3), all the old retaliatory, defensive and insecure upset behaviours of anger, egocentricity and alienation that we had to employ to cope while we couldn’t defend ourselves with understanding are no longer needed. They are obsoleted, brought to an end. In fact, with this knowledge of the human condition now found, it would be an act of total irresponsibility, indeed madness, to continue down that old, insecure, defensive and destructive competitive, selfish and aggressive road. The truth is, there is nothing in the way now of every human taking up a magnificent, unburdened, human-condition-free, cooperative, selfless and loving transformed life!

Most significantly, this new Transformed Lifeforce State (TLS) and its way of living is fundamentally different to all the previous ways in which we abandoned our upset life and lived instead in accordance with more cooperative and selfless principles. As is described in F. Essay 35, there has been a progression of increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous ways of adopting a more cooperative and selfless way of livingfrom religion to socialism/​communism to New Ageism to feminism to environmentalism to politically correct post-modernism. And as has been explained in great depth throughout Video/​F. Essay 14 and F. Essays 34, 35 & 36, what was increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous about all these movements was that they weren’t just promoted as ways of restraining upset, but as actual solutions to the psychologically upset state of our human condition. As the Adam Stork story in Video/​F. Essay 3 is finally able to make clear, we humans had to be prepared to suffer becoming upset angry, egocentric and alienated while we searched for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating understanding of our ‘good and evil’ conflicted human condition. Therefore, dogmatic insistence on cooperative and selfless behaviour oppressed the freedom we needed to continue the upsetting search for knowledge. And to claim that dogmatic compliance with cooperative and selfless behaviour was the solution to upset behaviour was pseudo idealistic because real idealism depended on continuing the upsetting search for knowledge until we found the rehabilitating understanding of the human condition. Understanding not dogma was the answer; it was our species’ goal and destiny. However, once that relieving understanding of the human condition was found, as it now has been, this situation fundamentally changes. Suddenly it’s no longer pseudo idealistic to insist on cooperative and selfless behaviour, because the upsetting battle to find understanding of ourselves has been won. So while all previous forms of abandoning our upset life were fundamentally irresponsible and pseudo idealistic, abandoning our upset life is now not only legitimate, it is the only way to live. (As mentioned, Video/​F. Essay 14 and F. Essays 34, 35 & 36 explain the immense danger of left-wing dogma, with Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 36 in particular explaining how the legitimate transformation that understanding of the human condition makes possible is the only way to save Western civilisation, indeed save humanity. The differences between the Transformed Way of Living and all other previous ways of abandoning our upset life are also fully described in chapters 9:5 and 9:6 of FREEDOM.)

YES, THE IMMENSE EXCITEMENT AND RELIEF OF BEING EFFECTIVELY FREE OF THE HUMAN CONDITIONthe joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is comingCAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.

From being a human-condition oppressed and depressed alienated person, you and all other humans can now be TRANSFORMED into redeemed, liberated-from-the-human-condition, exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence, empowered, world-transforming LIFEFORCES. This exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence aspect is the ‘Life’ in ‘Lifeforce’, while the empowered, world-transforming aspect is the ‘force’ in ‘Lifeforce’, so LIFEFORCE covers both the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word. Such is the Transformed Lifeforce State or TLS!



The nine transcripts:



No. 1: ‘By focusing on the new world, the wrestle
within you just dies and dies and dies’ (Tony Gowing)


from 28 September 2017 Sydney WTM Transformation Meeting


Tony Gowing, 2017

Tony Gowing, 2017



Tony Gowing (talking on his phone while on an exercise run through the bush): When you focus on just stopping engaging in ‘the wrestle’ of the Mexican Standoff, it works to start with but it just doesn’t last. In my experience, the key to solving this particular problem is that you’ve got to live in and for the new world. You’ve got to learn that the wrestle, that embattled, resigned, competitive side of yourself, is there all the time and you’ve got to just accept that it’s there and be comfortable with it being there, because it’s all about just moving on and living on the other side of that hill [that Jeremy talks about in the second transformation video in this series on our Transformation page titled Jeremy’s Main Transformation talk]. And that means in every situation that you ever come across in your entire life that old way of living just stops, it’s about being able to say ‘I’m ending all this, ending how I used to treat this situation, and I’m going to treat it in a completely new way, in the new world way, and I’m living for the new world 100%, every second, every minute’. When they’re not in the Transformed State, people are inclined to misread what I have just said as a pressured situation that you’ve got to work really hard at, but when you understand and see clearly how big that wrestle is, you just work out after not very long that you’ve got to completely move past that wrestling part of yourself, change your entire life to really, really focusing on the new world, every second, and it just becomes second nature, and you don’t give a damn about all the old embattled, resigned, competitive, self-justification-preoccupied side of yourself anymore. And when you don’t give a damn about any of that stuff the wrestle just dies and dies and diesand the more you just care and live for this, the more you love this, the more secure you feel, which is the exact opposite of being insecure, which is where the wrestle comes from. Because I promise you, if you live for this, if you love this, if you think about it every minute of the day, you are king of the world, there is no negative whatsoever in what you’re doing, and you can just feel secure away from that confused messed up existence that was your childhood and your life up until now. And that’s the key for me, it’s so easy, but you’re not used to it, we’re just so habituated to that wrestle as everyone in these transformation meetings is saying, but the key is to get involved in something that loves this, no matter how big or small, because it just grows your life, and that is the only thing that will shrink that wrestle because you will just be feeling so much relief and satisfactionyou know that you can actually love yourself because you’re loving what you’re doing because it’s not for you, it’s for the world, and it’s the most special thing ever, and you’re doing the right thing, and nobody can say anything different.


Sam Belfield (said after this talk, but we’ll include it here): He thought what Tony said was massively profound and read out bits he wrote down, including ‘leave it back over the other side of the hill’, ‘you have to move past it’, ‘it becomes second nature’. Sam also went on to say what he took from what Tony was saying was that ‘the more you live for this, the more you love this, the more secure you feel and the more the wrestle just dies and dies and dies. You are just living over the hill, you are moving past it, and you are putting an end to the wrestle. That was absolutely fantastic, super profound and important.’


Tony (added at the time): Just to be able to laugh and be so happy at being able to leave all that crap behind is so good, and it’s so easy, and that’s what everybody misses about the Transformed State, that it’s so easy to leave all that agony and mess behind, and that’s what allows you to make such a huge change from such a big pile of mess, because you’re just leaving the pile of mess, and the pile of gold you start helping to shovel more on is just so good, so untouchable, it just transforms you from this crippled wreck of a unit to someone who can participate at the highest level in the world, and you just love that, and it looks after you. It’s so good. The comparison between the two sides of that hill is just so big. It’s so, so good; I can’t believe Jeremy and just how good that talk was [Jeremy’s Main Transformation talksee F. Essay 33] and just how much he has changed the whole world in an hour-and-a-half, God almighty he’s amazing.


Annie Williams (responded): One of best things about the transformation meetings we are having is it’s the future alive and happening where everyone is happy and participating and solving the world together, it’s so gorgeous.


Felicity Jackson: I so agree, Jeremy’s Main Transformation talk has just unlocked everyone and everything, it’s so amazing.



No. 2. ‘Our job is to fight the denial by loving the truth’ (Tony Gowing)


from 1 November 2017 Sydney WTM Transformation Meeting


Sam Belfield, 2017

Sam Belfield, 2017



Sam Belfield: These are the sort of things that are floating around in my mind, in and around reading Tony Gowing’s writing/transcripts and trying to think about it. Now that the human condition is solved and the battle to find understanding has been won, our worth has been established at the most fundamental level, we all can leave the upset world and return to being loving, cooperative and selfless. I just really like this saying in my mind of ‘getting my resigned upset self out of the equation, self is irrelevant’ and putting myself in a position that supports that frame of mind, and that’s not a ‘doing it despite myself’ or a discipline thing. I think if anything there is the ‘push’ and the ‘pull’ aspect to that in the sense that, if self is out of the equation then that’s when, at a personal level, you get that sense of peace and security. If you are living for self then you’re tempting fate to just end up back in the Mexican Standoff, in Plato’s cave of denial [see F. Essay 11]. And I’m asking myself, how cleanly do I want to try to live the implications of the information, where do I want to pitch it? The world is so out of time. Am I living like the human condition is solved and the suffering can stop right now? Is what I’m doing adding something? Is it taking the project forward? And then just making an observation to myself that it just makes sense to cut all that crap [living for self] away. You know, I’ve got some capability, it makes sense to put that to use. We need all the focus and momentum we can get. Living for self doesn’t add anything. I recall Tony [Gowing] saying, rather than wandering into some old world distraction, actually distract yourself with the new world and the information. And I really had no conception of what that meant at the time, but I feel like I can understand that more now.

The other point is that you can feel secure when you are adding to the project, that’s something that Tony [Gowing] talks a lot about, and I feel I can understand that. If I see myself coasting I have to ask myself is that really the way to live now? No, it’s deficient, that really is short of what it can be. It’s not a pressured thing, [I just ask myself] can I immerse myself in the tough problems? When you think about it, there’s so much you can do to help take the project forward. It’s just about presence of mind and perspective about what’s important, about being honest to the information. And just this point in my mind, I have been gifted so much from the information, what am I giving back? How am I acting so that everyone else can access that benefit as well? And then in my mind saying, ‘give that a go’. What I mean by ‘give that a go’ is cut away the now obsolete old world crap and add something to the new world. Why not really give that a go and see where it leads.

So yeah, that’s what’s floating around in my mind at the moment. Like I’m finding that very ultimate in the sense of actually trying to work out, not wrestling with my resigned self, just focusing forward and that idea of well, what are the ultimate implications of the information? It’s there in [Jeremy’s books] FREEDOM and Transform Your Life And Save The World (TYL); it’s like Jeremy talking about Bono and a ‘desert plain’ and an ego-less new world, free of egocentricity, free of self-interest [see par. 218 of FREEDOM]. I mean that is the implication of the information. The focus isn’t on self. The focus is on, certainly for our generation, supporting the information, that being the vehicle for the greater good. So yeah, I’m just finding that really helpful as something to focus forward on, and very aligning as well in terms of seeing other old world distractions come in, and I’m just finding that a very hard edge to really put everything in perspective, ‘Well why would you want to do that [old world distraction]? How does that add to the project? Where does that take me?’ I suppose it’s just a greater awareness of knowing that that’s a totally hollow reality, and it takes you away from all these things that you feel like you’ve discovered in terms of a sense of peace and relief, and also an excitement, when you can really get your head around it, of just getting self out of the equation. That’s the term I keep using, just how safe you are there and how good everything is. That’s probably it, that’s what I’m focusing on. That’s enough from me.


Tony Gowing: I only just got to hear the last bit of what Sam said but I thought it was awesome. For me that squaring yourself up against the truth, that to me is what removes self, or it helps me remove self. There are two sides to it for me. One is just how stuffed up I am as a resigned human born after 2 million years of the human conditionhow useless and ridiculous living out the resigned state is now, that helps me a lot. But also what I think about a lot is the reality of the situation in the world now. And that’s what progress is for this project if you like, it’s just that everybody lives in denial about the human condition, that it’s solved, that there’s a way out, everything. And even when you get into the information you’re still living in huge amounts of denial. So our job is to fight the denial by loving the truth. And you’ve got to love the truth by getting yourself out of the wrestling match, and that’s what allows you to support it without being too confronted. But it’s taking yourself to the reality of the absolute seriousness and the wonder of what’s going on.

I mean there’s heaps of things that you can think of but if you think about knowing Jeremy, Jesus Christ is the most famous man in history and there’s a building on every corner basically in three quarters of the world to revere this bloke and we’ve got somebody whose thinking is even more advanced than that bloke because with the benefit of science Jeremy has explained the human condition. And that’s how precious Jeremy is. Currently on Earth there is only one thing stopping us from all lying on the ground in the foetal position in terminal alienation and that is a scenario that is going to happen in not a very long time. Everyone will just be crying out in terror and absolute psychological agony (see F. Essay 55: End Game for the human race: The Millennials evidence the fast approaching death of the human race from terminal levels of psychosis, which only the redeeming understanding of the human conditionthat has finally been found but not yet widely implementedcan save us from). You know it’s easy to wander around the nice suburbs of Sydney and forget all that, especially when we’re in denial and we’ve trained ourselves not to think, but it’s thinking about those sorts of things. I mean let’s get our head right here, Jeremy is nearly 72. There’s one bloke on Earth who can see the truth properly. And, what do I want to do with my life? And it’s not about crippling yourself with pressure because, that’s the whole thing, you’ve got to get transformed, you’ve got to get self out of it and forget that. And once you get self out of it then you can take yourself to dealing with the reality of the world. And you’re just not going to sit around in cafes drinking coffee when you’ve got the decision between helping the only person who can save the world and not.

I know people sort of misread that as being hard teaching, or something that makes it pressured, but honestly it’s not about pressuring yourself. What moves this project forward is to get yourself into a position where you can remove self, live in support of the full truth, and living in support of the truth allows you to know what the truth is, and know where you’re heading. And when you can see how big this is, how important this is, what’s on the line here, how lucky we are to be one of these 50 odd people [in Sydney WTM’s founding group of supporters]. Like really stop and embed yourself in that truth of what we’re trying to do, and how much time we’ve got to do itthen you can both start to see the seriousness and you can also see the wonder of it. As in, on one level we might not pull it off [we might not save humanity from terminal psychosis and extinction] which is absolutely terrifying, but on another level we’re close to pulling it off which is absolutely exciting!

And so you do have both these levels to live off, and you’ve got to use all of that, the seriousness and urgency of this situation, and the wonder and the joy and the unbelievable position the human race is in to save itself, to beat all that blackness in your brain, the resigned blackout in your brain that wants to not think about this. It wants to think that it’s too hard, and you’re not very good at it anyway, and you’re tired, you know! That’s the whole point, when you take yourself to that level of the real truth about who this group of people are, the opportunity of the situation we are in, and that there is one denial-free/​unevasive thinker left on the planet, it just wipes you out thinking about that because I know I am just an absolute nothing without this understanding and how it can change everything. I’m just arms and legs, just a machine that can function to help Jeremy’s unresigned brain that can think and end the suffering on the planet, and I’m trying to get other brains in the world that can think more securely too. I’m just one stuffed up unit but I can think well enough to know what the real picture is, and I can see it crystal clearly. And it’s not hard to see that picture. It’s not hard to see how serious the situation is in the world, and how wonderful the opportunity we have is, once you forget about yourself.

All that happens is you get into that battle/wrestle of ‘What am I thinking about this? Oh it’s hard’, this and that, this and that. But you know there’s something so, so, so much bigger and better and way more profound, and it just smashes that crap. Anything you are doing for the new world is just paving gold. You know what I mean? Like there’s a lot of therapy when you get the TLS and learn about yourself and you feel the relief of having that weight off your shoulders and relief like that, but in actual fact what can happen is you can get back into ‘the wrestle’ of self. The whole idea of the TLS, and even these meetings, is just to remind everybody about how amazingly good this is, and how serious the situation the world is in, and how much we’ve got to help Jeremy.

I’m not criticising in any way whatsoever, because trying to wrangle with the resigned brain is an absolute complete mess and waste of time, and you’ve got to go through the wrestle a thousand times before you realise it’s pointless. But I’m just trying to say, ultimately, it is so clear that what’s stopping you from getting the TLS is ego, which is basically saying that your life’s got something better than this absolute glory. And that’s what stopping you, full stop. That is it in a sentence. That’s what stops you from getting the TLS. You are defended and there’s something so much bigger and better and more precious, more exciting, and more brilliant than you and all of the resigned lies that you can ever dream of, can even come close to. And when you’re thinking about how ridiculous that is, it becomes fun. It’s part of the excitement because it’s leaving that obsolete world behind, and when you get on the right side of this, that’s where it becomes such a positive, and that’s when it becomes so exciting, and that’s when it becomes just like a bone-rattling, unbelievably meaningful life because you can see just how meaningful it is. You can just fuck off the blacknessI’m saying blackness in terms of just the deadness and denial in your headbecause the sun’s coming up! You can see the whole horizon and it’s just awesome! And you’re not even in it! And that’s a good thing! You’re just heading towards it.

Anyway, I just think about how to wipe self, your resigned egocentric power and glory-seeking self, off the face of the Earth, and it’s really not hard. It’s a whole new world of wonder, and all you’ve got to do is just start. And it’s just the most magical place, the real world, and you know that that is on for us. I mean it’s just so, so good what we’re doing, what we’re all doing, where the human race is going. It’s so incredibly good. Honestly, it just makes you burst into tears just thinking about how good what we’re doing is. And just knowing that you’ve even stepped on a piece of gravel outside the gate of the Sydney WTM Centre, or any of our WTM Centres. It’s just amazing. It is just so amazingly good!


Sam Belfield: I just really agree with that and I totally agree that there is a way of accessing that. I’m able to reflect on my ability to think about that at the moment, and it’s not pressured, it’s not about crippling me, it’s not about making me feel confronted and cornered, actually I’m feeling inspired by that. I know in myself I can choose to get this new true perspective, it is actually just a factual, accurate assessment of the situation and the more you work on getting that perspective, the more you can see the contrast between what you’re thinking of doing in the old world and where you can live and what you can access now, and also, in truth, where it makes sense for you to live now.


This is a text from Susan Armstrong to Tony Gowing, which beautifully expresses all of our feelings: ‘I have been thinking of getting Pol [Polly Watson] some balloons after her final big exam today [after completing her midwifery course] but after last night’s “absolute majestical-ness” to quote Sal [Sally Edgar] it just had to happen just to generally celebrate!! God, Tone your TLS is more and more from heaven every day. You are lifting us all higher and wider and higher and wider which is cleaner and cleaner as Sammy [Belfield] says every second!! It’s just spectacular and fireworks and all the balloons and flowers and sunrises all put together at once!! Here we come over the rooftops [to quote Joel in par. 1259 of FREEDOM]!!!!’




No. 3. ‘The TLS is a choice, and it starts with applying yourself
to a simple decision to support this information’ (Tony Gowing)


from 8 November 2017 Sydney WTM Transformation Meeting


Jeremy Griffith, 2017

Jeremy Griffith, 2017



Sam Belfield: I’ve been thinking about the concept of choice, which again comes out of what Tony [Gowing] talks about of it being a choice. Having presence of mind or perspective (it’s not a disciplined thing) that choice just becomes clearer and simpler. Biggsy [John Biggs] talks about it being a choice too. When he got the TLS he said something like there is a part of yourself that actually knows what you are doing and is actually choosing to procrastinate/stay in the Mexican Standoff wrestling match. As Tony talks about, even when things line up in your mind and you take up the TLS, there are degrees to which you can choose to take this up, in terms of where you focus forward and actually how you make that choice every minute of every day. Do you sort of just coast along or pitch it as high as you can?

It really feels right to me that at a deeper level it is a choice. The summary is that if you’ve understood the information and you’re in the Mexican Standoff, then two things are happening: you are still basically in love with your resigned reality and you are choosing it over the information. It’s just that whole concept of it being a choice and that concept of presence of mind. We all know we are out of time and the world is in absolute desperate straits, sick as hell (again, see F. Essay 55: End Game for the human race), and the human race is incredibly lucky having this understanding of the human condition that is needed to end all that sickness. You can make a choice in your mind to actually elevate that starkness, that wonder and seriousness that Tony talks about. I really do like putting that concept of choice back onto myself, how do I want to live? And the point is that it’s not a passive thing, you don’t just float along, you can actually be the master of your own destiny if you want to. You can make mental choices, you can make a decision in your mind to wrap yourself up in the information, and it mightn’t come easily, and I’m not saying that I find it easy, but I know if I focus my mind I can actually visualise forward, and it might be quite clunky to start with in terms of ‘What is it going to be like in the future for young men growing up’, or whatever the example might be. It really changes your mental state. It does drag you forward and it does drag you past self, it’s all in that approach of constantly elevating the starkness of what is in front of you, and are you going to respond to that in a logical, sensible way?


Tony Gowing: I love that ‘choice’ stuff too. I absolutely think it’s a choice. It’s sort of a funny one because, it always occurs to me, if I was going to tell someone how to get the TLS, there’s a lot of technical bits and pieces you have got to fit together in your headlike you’ve got to leave your upset self behind and just live for the future and you’ve got to see yourself truthfully, and see your resigned state and all that and give it all up, and not try and re-work your resigned strategy to fit into the new world. There’s a lot that you’ve got to just work your head around in one sense to get the TLS. But it always occurs to me that what makes the bits, or what sort of forces, or is a conduit to get those bits to start actually moving around, is when you make the decision, ‘Right this information is true, therefore it’s the most important thing on the planet.’ Any resigned person can write that on their wall and say that’s the bottom line here, the world is stuffed, this information sorts everything out, and that makes it the most important thing. If that’s the base from which you live your life, if you say, ‘Well that’s the basis, what am I going to do about it?’, it sort of forces all the bits to start to become liquid if you like, because you’ve got to think, ‘Well I want to go and do X, but hang on a minute, how’s that going to save the world? How’s that going to help? Ah stuff that!’ And it starts to bring your life into focus which is sort of what needs to happen, ‘Hang on a minute, yes, I can start to see that I’m actually working against that bottom line that I’ve just written on my wall.’

It’s like when Connor [FitzGerald] says, ‘I was just black from being cornered by the Mexican Standoff or whatever, and sick of my resigned state, and I just needed to start doing practical things on the weekends to help’. Or Sam [Belfield] saying before he got transformed that he’s going to go to the weekly TLS meetings. It’s kind of like that’s the hardest decision in terms of that’s how you get the TLS because, ‘I’m bringing myself in contact with the information, it’s the most important thing on the planet, if I don’t feel like going to the meeting or going and helping out or whatever’, it’s just this stark obvious admission to yourself, ‘Oh, I’m actually resisting the truth, yeah, stuff that!’ And eventually you realise, ‘Well I can sit here and resist the implications of this information (if I am resisting), or I can just play along with this or I can do something more’, but it just becomes more and more obvious, because the more you look at this the more important it becomes, and the less important all the other bullshit that you’re thinking about doing or whatever else, becomes. So it just becomes easier and easier. If you don’t make the decision to go to the information, you will just wander around in a fog saying, ‘I’m doing the best I can’ and ‘Jeez, I tried to look at the TLS years ago and got really burnt’ or whatever, but actually it’s so easy. But you’ve got to do something to get your brain to actually think about the bits and pieces so they can just move themselves around and slot into place.

If you start making those decisions, well the first one is obviously that this is the most important thing on the planet, so the only thing that is going to save it, otherwise the world’s stuffed. Once you start with that, everything else has to fall into line, if you keep applying that one simple decision to your life diligently. And it might take you a while to work your way into that decision but actually it’s just so easy from there. I just really like that choice thing because even when you get the TLS you can choose how much you want to live for the information, and the more you live for it, the more you can see everything clearly, and the more you can see it even more clearly, the more you can be honest, the more you are defended, the more you can help, the more the world changes.




No. 4. ‘Throwing myself at the feet of the information…we can all live as purely as Tony Gowing in support of this information’ (Sam Belfield)


from 15 November 2017 Sydney WTM Transformation Meeting


Annie Williams, 2017

Annie Williams, 2017


Sam Belfield’s diary notes that he read out:


I can abandon/surrender/give up the battle to find understanding because it is the safe and responsible thing to do now the human condition is solved. I am a wreck having grown up without understanding. The outcomes are predictable. The information doesn’t leave me stranded. I am sick of surviving not livingthe old world is only about surviving. Square myself up against that truth. The world is out of time. I can be the change I want to see. So much respect for Annie [Williams], Weav [Genevieve Salter] and Prue [Watson], their honesty and bravery taking up the transformed state in the early days of our base group. Procrastination is just choosing to stay in the old world. I am not a victim, it’s actually my choice, and the old way can stop in an instant. While I focus on the habituation that is a cop out. You can choose to stop. As John [Biggs] says, ‘It’s [the choice is] right there in front of you.’ The resigned mind wants to complicate and obscure the simple picture. Living for my upset self is totally redundant now, there is only one thing to do. ‘Live here [in the new world] not there’, as Weav [Salter] has always said, end of story, no more complicated. (Dated 8/11/17)


Think about the way to live, to really live now that understanding is in the world. When some old world distraction catches me I am choosing to create confusion in my mind. Think about the simple statement Tony [Gowing] talks about writing on your bedroom wall: ‘commit to putting the project first and then think about living compliant with that’. That approach is what life is all about now, it’s about how clean I want to live that. That’s your [my] program for life. Filling my head space with the project. Doing something practical to take the project forward. That way of living is the ultimate tool for accessing peace, fulfillment, meaning and security. If you are feeling/living that then that totally trumps any attraction to some sort of old world reinforcementthere is no real, lasting meaning, security, sense of wholeness in the old world. You live off a different lifeforce now to nourish you. You just plug into a totally new form of sustenance and there is an inexhaustible tank of it, you can take as much as you want. The degree to which my ego/self is in the equation is the degree to which you cannot access this new sustenance. That’s why before you access the transformation you cannot see this alternate sustenance at all. It looks like a barren plain. You think to yourself ‘How the hell am I going to psychologically survive there?’ It doesn’t look like an attractive alternative to your ego castle. That’s why Tony [Gowing] says you have to get into this, it is so, so good, there is a never ending source of real nourishmentmore gold than you can believe. The transformation is not about self but the by-product is more reward for self than you could have imagined. (9/11/17)


Ask myself why am I doing this [some old world distraction]? Can I really justify doing that? Thinking about the old world is lost ground and lost time. The only thing that will stop the suffering on the planet is this information. Think about how can I help Jeremy. Think about the big and the small of what can I do to help him/the frontline. Is there something I can try and help with that would allow him to get back to the main job? Be accountable to myself, to the truth, to the importance of the information. It’s up to me to generate the perspective to make what I should do stunningly clear. This is not pressure. This is a head space where what you want to do is self-evident, obvious and you are massively motivated and inspired to live that. It’s all you want to do. Think about the cumulative effect over time of bringing forward each little contribution and choosing that and not some self-focused irrelevance. The outcome is huge.

One of the biggest contributions is implementing the implications of this information. Out of time. Think about James Moffett [founder of the South African WTM Centre] and the desperate situation South Africa is in. See the horror and thinness of the world to combat that fog out.

It is so easy to fog outit can happen in two seconds flat. You don’t see the implications of fog out. Engage in some old world banter and think ‘What is the harm?’, but it is actually bloody serious as I am reefing us backwards. Think about pruning all that denial-based deadness off me. That deadness is working against stopping the suffering. It is a vote to go back into the matrix of a world without understanding. It’s not leadership. Tony [Gowing] is setting the example and leaving us with nowhere to go but forward. We all know the way to live, it’s about walking the walk. It is not a process so much as perspective. It’s about getting fearless about pruning that deadness out. That is so good. I can see what Tony is doing and that is so inspirational and courageous, so much respect. But it’s not about standing back and saying ‘Go Tony!’ There is no reason why I can’t live that. All of us need to aspire to living that way. Part of me is still living the deadnessstill stuffing around. That deadness just feeds the old world and fundamentally works against humanity’s freedom. (11/11/17)


In so many ways the TLS comes down to practicals. What I am doing with my time is a reflection of my psychology. How does what I am doing help the frontline? Even though the TLS is driven by logic and not faith it helps me to think about what is involved in becoming a priest and the decision to serve God, to live in service to Christ. Think about cutting away that resigned shit in myself and throwing myself at the feet of the information. Be the change I want to see. So many ways big and small that I can help. There is an urgency. Be fearless and go straight at this. Be strong with self and say ‘I am not going to do that [old world thing].’ Be present and see what is actually in front of me. Help by putting momentum on this new side. Don’t invest anything by choice in the old world. I am going. I am going to try and live this, live 100% in support of this information. Tony has made the dash. He is living where I/we have to go. We are out of time. Focusing forward and getting perspective has the effect of leaving the deadness behind.

If I find myself wandering around in a daze lost in old world shit, and I’m not right there on the shoulder trying to help 100%, stop and ask myself why am I doing this because I don’t want to live like that any more. This is the only meaningful, sensible, logical thing to do. Think about the analogy of St Paul living the new all of the time [see chapter 9:8 of FREEDOM]. This is the only valid and urgently needed thing to do. Living that deadness is just another version of selfishness. Tony is living the new in a pure way. Engage and be there helping lift, I have some capacity, what am I doing with that? Run head long at this. If I want to be sincere in my love of people I care about, I will run to this. I will throw myself at the feet of the information in service. It is about how I live this. (12/11/17)


A quote from Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton: ‘I am a selfish and sinful man’ but I can live as free as a god if I live through the information. Cover my base super efficiently and then everything outside that is helping/paving the way for humanity. Eyeball the momentum that is against this new paradigm. See my potential to comfort and to coast: ‘Not that urgent, I just want to go over here and do this or that. What’s the big deal?’ If we all do that, the world’s stuffed. That is the big deal. As Tony says, ‘It stops now, how we treat every situation completely changes, it can stop right now.’

Quote from Bar of Shadow by van der Post: ‘humble enough to live the new meaning without [before] thinking it’. This deeply resonated. I don’t exactly know how it works. It’s the same principle, it is not a process so much as a decision. It’s the right thingjust dash. Don’t over thinkjust go. Someone/a group has to go, to do this. The middle ground is a fail. Be that change to inspire that change. One of the most direct ways to help the frontline is to try and live in support of this info as purely as I can. Follow Tony’s footsteps.

Think about the ‘wonder and seriousness’. It is not despite self. That’s the importance of wrapping self up in the future and that gives the perspective, sustains and motivates that. We just have to go, serve the greater good, realise Bono’s egoless high desert plain [see par. 218 of FREEDOM]. No jostling as Joel described it [see par. 1259 of FREEDOM]. No looking sideways. Dedicate life to live this purely. Throw myself at this. The project needs that momentum. I am going. (13/11/17)


Sally Edgar: THANK GOD, there is another way and it doesn’t have to just be, ‘it is what it is’, with this explanation of the human condition, we have the ultimate power to change our destiny…So WE CAN CHANGE our behaviour, we STOP living out our resigned state and instead, because we are the first to encounter this totally new scenario, we take up the TLS and become Lifeforces for getting this information to the futurethat becomes our new focus/​preoccupation. It replaces the old focus/​preoccupation of proving our self-worthand in doing so our worth is completely validated and no longer needs to be questioned, and our ‘self’ becomes 100% irrelevant and obsolete. It is not in the equation, it is not part of the New World where we live now, it has absolutely nothing to worry about at ALL! The days of just being and living a resigned existence are 100% over, full stop, end of that story and start of the New World story, DO NOT LOOK BACK, just keep marching straight forward like Dougy [Doug Lobban] says in his Affirmation, focused only on what you can do for the future.




No. 5. Tim Macartney-Snape’s breakthrough to the TLS


from a Sydney WTM gathering on 1 December 2017


Sam Belfield, Doug Lobban, Polly Watson, Tim Macartney-Snape (holding Jip), Annie WIlliams, Stacy Roger and Susan Armstrong

L to R: Sam Belfield, Doug Lobban, Polly Watson, Tim Macartney-Snape holding Jip,
Annie Williams, Stacy Rodger, Susan Armstrong. Sydney, 27 Dec. 2017


The following are informative comments about the TLS that were made during the time of WTM Patron Tim Macartney-Snape’s transformation in late 2017. During a discussion with Tim and some other Sydney WTM members on 1 December 2017 it became apparent that Tim had achieved the TLS. He had been working on becoming transformed for some time but that evening while sitting around a dining table after dinner Tim started talking from the transformed position. It was so wonderful everyone who was there burst out laughing with happiness for Tim. He was clearly so free of his ego it was amazingespecially since Tim has received so many accolades from the old ego-driven world (he is a twice honoured Order of Australia recipient and in 1984 was the first Australian to climb Mt Everest) that his attachment to that power and glory world was much stronger than most people’s attachment to it.

This is part of what Timmy said that evening: I can fully relate to how the ego finds itself so confronted it starts thinking there is a limitation in Jeremy’s thinking where he can’t see the world from the resigned position, and think you can get a huge win from covering that limitation. I’ve done that and have to stop myself from thinking like that. The trouble is you work out that, you know, it’s like I’ve got this stack of wood, or this tree trunk, that is full of termites, but you don’t want to admit it and you want to go off and craft it into a beautiful piece of furniture and everyone is telling you, ‘No, no it’s full of termites’ but you have invested all your life in this tree trunk so it’s very hard to turn around and say, ‘Well yes it is full of termites!’


Stacy Roger, Tim Macartney-Snape and Jeremy Griffith

1 Dec. 2017This is a photo of Stacy Rodger, Tim and Jeremy, and a typical example
of one of Jeremy’s humorous texts which he sent some of us that evening when it became
apparent Tim was in the TLS: “I was going to give Tim a kiss because, wait for it,
Tim has broken through, he really has, it’s just absolutely wonderful and you can actually
see it in Tim’s face, he’s free, but he said he’s not up to kissing yet!!!!”


The following morning (2 Dec. 2017) Annie Williams recorded this conversation with Tim, Stacy Rodger (Tim’s partner) and Susan Armstrong.


Tim: The mantra of the new world is ‘just put it all aside’, but the thing is you’ve got to understand enough of the information to be able to understand that you can put it aside. It’s not a matter of resolving anything, it’s a matter of understanding that we can just put it aside because that old egocentric battle to prove our worth is won and we humans are now defended at the fundamental level.


Sus: I really loved what Sam [Belfield] said a few weeks ago which is that when you are in your ego state you can’t see what’s on the other side of the hill [in Jeremy’s Main Transformation talkagain, see F. Essay 33] because it looks like such a barren, unsustaining plainbecause your ego is obviously still so big, because you are living through your ego, you are living through that framework, but when you let that go, ‘put it aside’ as you say Tim, everything starts to grow, and the more you put that aside the more it grows, your appreciation of what’s on the other side of that hill grows.


Tim: It’s actually a misunderstanding about what’s on the other side, because what’s on the other side is not actually the other side. It’s the real, whole world, but you have been living in a miniscule part of that whole, true world trying to prop up your egoand what stops you from seeing the value of this greater part of the whole is you’re too busy trying to prove your self-worth. It’s actually not really a matter of crossing sides, it’s just a matter of seeing more clearly once you have taken the blinkers off, or it’s more like a filter that you’ve got on your glasses and that filter is just looking for situations which will feed your search for self-affirmation to prop yourself up, the search for self-worth, so that filter necessarily blocks out or de-colours the wonder that is the whole. Even the most embattled human will access some of that whole world occasionally when they take drugs or they get a big win like climbing Everest, as I did. You can access it under these circumstances because the true world is actually there all the time. Climbing a mountain is a very good example because you get back off the mountain and everything is incredibly beautiful and you feel calm, you feel ego-satiated, you’re generous, but very quickly as you come back into the real world, or the so-called real world, your need for self-affirmation comes back because you don’t have the realisation that that is actually a sickness that is all explained, it’s all okay, you don’t have to do that anymore. There is nothing to feel bad, insecure, unworthy about. You just gather it all up and put it aside!


Tim Macartney-Snape after summiting Mount Everest from sea level, in 1990

In this photo of Tim in 1990 having just descended from summiting Mount Everest after becoming
the first person to climb it from sea level, you can see clearly the human-condition lifted, ecstatic
state Tim talked about in the above paragraph. You can also see the similarity of expression with
the two photos of Tim after he became transformed that are included in this presentation.


Sus: Timmy, that is just spectacular, absolutely beautiful.


Tim: It [my egocentricity/self-preoccupations] will keep coming back for sure but you know just like any good sheep dog you can round them all up and put them aside [laughter].


Sus: Yeah, you’ve got a good sheep dog now.


Tim: Well you have to keep at it.


Stace: Yeah.


Sus: Like Tone [Gowing] says, you just get used to it being there, that’s just a given, it’s that you don’t lose it but the more you embrace this new world and all the future and all the potential, the more that dies. So that’s our mantra: ‘We look after this and it looks after us’. Absolutely perfect Timmy.


Annie: They were lovely words so our new mantra is what, did you say?


Tim: ‘Just put the wrestle aside. We look after this information and it looks after us.’


Annie: I really like that because it is very matter of fact, there is no emotion or resentment or fear about our upset, like put it down or leave it behind, put it aside is completely accepting that upset is okay, there’s no shame, there’s no fear involved about it hurting the world.


Tim: It’s not a matter of leaving it behind because it is with you, it is there but just don’t indulge it because if you do indulge it then you just bring back all those problems, and the ego’s insatiable anyway.


Sus: Exactly, you’ve just saved a million humans.


Another clean transformed comment from Tim that he made on 11 December:


Tim: Don’t worry about me getting ahead of myself, because I do things in a measured way, and I’m aware that the old ways will come up, but I just reconnect with that lightness of living in an egotistical-free state of mind, not in the egotistical, search-for-affirmation state of mind, which is not a calm place but always on the hunt for a win.


Tony Gowing then commented about how the resigned competitive state is: ‘always wanting to get back in the game’, and that ‘It’s so dangerous that it’s much better to completely disconnect from it.’ Tony said that it was Annie who originally taught him to get involved in doing something practical and supportive for the project, and to ‘just keep it simple and live in support of the understanding so you don’t tempt the devil’.




No. 6. The following is another helpful description of the
Mexican Standoff and how to defeat it (Tony Gowing)


from correspondence Tony Gowing sent to
some of our members on 5 December 2017


Genevieve Salter presenting at the 2017 WTM Global Conference

Genevieve Salter, 2017


Tony Gowing wrote: I know what happens because it happened to me. One minute you are talking excitedly about this issue you have discovered called the human condition that everyone suffers from, and you are finding relief from finally being able to admit that you are a messed up resigned person but heroically good, and that you can leave all that upset behind, and what a relief and how exciting that all is. But then, some time later, as the reality of the human condition starts to show itself, you wake up squarely in the Mexican Standoff. You experience how people don’t want to talk about the human condition. You even start to become persecuted for talking about the subject. The bigger problem, however, is that you have actually subconsciously opened a door to something everyone who is resigned vowed never to open again. You start to reconnect with what the human condition really is, and that can be very confronting and destabilising. And that experience can make you want to reject and attack the information; basically make you want to retreat back into Plato’s cave of denial of the whole issue of the human condition.

And you don’t even know this is happening in you, you don’t know that this all-out war with the information has emerged in you. One part of you loves this information because you have seen how it can explain everything, and you know that it can and will transform the world, so you want to excitedly talk about it, and you want to support it, but, at the same time, there is another part of you that just can’t cope with the information, it’s just too confronting and exposing of your corrupted self, and too undermining and stifling of your egocentric way of validating yourself. It’s all just too truthful and exposing and destructive of the superficial and artificial life you have been living, and that part of yourself starts to boil with resentment and anger. You want to keep a lid on it because you know it is so unnecessary, wrong and destructive now, but that boiling just keeps growing. And where you get to is you just don’t want to be around the information for another second, but then again you know you can’t reject it. Well now you are squarely in the Mexican Standoff!

I want to stress that this is a very normal stage to go through prior to becoming transformedwhich is how you end this problem of the Mexican Standoff wrestling match. In fact, the Mexican Standoff is not that big an issue because it can be easily ended by taking up the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Livingbut you first need to realise what you are going through. It’s only if you remain unaware of what’s occurring in you that the problem can escalate and escalate and boil and boil, and if that is allowed to happen, that’s when you can even reach a situation where you start to attack the information with as many dishonest arguments as you can invent, and you can even want to attack the project and Jeremy by saying the WTM is a vile organisation and Jeremy is mad. Basically, you can become so distressed you don’t care that you’re attacking the future of the whole human racebecause this fully accountable, reconciling and transforming biological understanding of the human condition is THE ONLY thing that can save the human race from a fast approaching horrible, horrible death from terminal levels of psychosis! (see F. Essay 55: End Game for the human race)

This war in yourself starts out as just a bit of discomfort and you just ignore it, but once you are aware of it and you watch your behaviour really closely you see that you are starting to do things that are distancing you from confrontation with the information. You want to read books by other less confronting thinkers than Jeremy, even build them up in your mind as being more profound and important books than Jeremy’s, when the truth is none of them reach anywhere near to the bottom of the issue of the human condition like Jeremy’s books do. You want to talk to people who are interested in every subject there is as long as it’s not actually the subject of the human condition. You start to become annoyed by all the big claims like, ‘This is the book that saves the world’. And you start saying Jeremy’s books need to be re-written in a way that’s not so confronting. This particular response where you want to, in effect, ‘dumb down’ the information can even develop into a major complaint by you where you claim that because Jeremy’s not resigned he can’t relate to people who are resigned. In fact, this thinking can develop to the point where you decide that Jeremy has this ‘blind spot’ and ‘I’ll have to take over the project now and decide what’s best from here on’! We’ve seen this happen many times, and the cornered ego gets such a rush of relief from thinking it that it can’t see the obscenity of what it is doing. So that’s how extreme the Mexican Standoff can become!

So to summarise the situation about the Mexican Standoff. It just makes sense that when someone is able to access this information their resigned, cave-dwelling, egocentric, competitive, power and glory existence is going to suddenly find itself exposed, undermined and confronted by the truth. The truth unavoidably and necessarily exposes the lies. Obviously this clash is going to escalate, get worse and worse, and they are going to get into a Mexican Standoff where they either retreat back into the cave of denial and just ‘pocket the win’ of having insight into the human condition and go on an even more power and glory-seeking ego trip, or they leave the old way of living behind and become transformed and live in support of the information without overly confronting it so it doesn’t become too exposing and confronting. Chapters 9:4 and 9:7 of FREEDOM are particularly important in explaining how to live with the arrival of this all-relieving but at the same time all-exposing truth day, exposure day, so-called ‘Judgment Day’ explanation of the human condition.

The thing is the more you become cornered the more that cornered state will show up in all kinds of wayswhich are not easy to be aware of unless you are helped to realise what is happening in you so you can understand the situation and not be an unaware victim of it but rather an aware master of what’s happening in you. And the way to be a master rather than a victim of it is to become a transformed supporter of the information while avoiding studying and confronting the information more than your level of soundness of self can cope with. The more you see and understand what’s happening in you, the more the cornered reaction will lose its power, and the more you will want to be, and be able to be, a transformed supporter of the only thing that can save the human race from a fast approaching horrible, horrible death from terminal psychosis.


I should clarify two things.

Firstly in regard to the seeming hubris of calling ourselves the World Transformation Movement, and to promoting such big claims as ‘This is the book that saves the world’ and ‘This understanding ends all prejudices, like racism, forever’, WTM FAQ 1.9 explains about such claims that “while they warrant utter scepticism and suspicion of delusion, hubris or over-promise, the amazing fact is that they all withstand scrutiny; a person can begin reading the book and the more they read into it the more they will realise the claims being made are actually true. So while these seemingly outrageous claims do attract extreme scepticism, they are actually true, and therefore should be stated. You don’t hide something preciousin this case the understanding needed to save the world from fast approaching terminal distress and dysfunctionunder a bed; no you put it on a pedestal where it belongs. Certainly, what appears to be outrageously dishonest claims can initially be off-putting, but in time they become appreciated for their forthright honesty in indicating where the solution to our problems lies.

To elaborate on what has just been said, this comment about not putting an illuminating lamp under a bed but on its pedestal is actually a comment Christ made when he was accused of deluded hubris, which was: ‘Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand?’ (Mark 4:21). It is necessary to say the truth about how important this information really isespecially since it is bringing relieving understanding to the most important yet most denied subject of all of the human condition. Since it’s well known that denials fight back with a vengeance when faced with annihilation, and the human condition is the most denied of all subjects, it follows that the inevitable ‘vengeance’ against having the human condition exposed has to be met by extremely strong counter resistance or the ‘vengeance’ will win out. That counter resistance begins with unequivocal defence of how important these understandings of the human condition really are. Socrates was given the option of either recanting his honest wordsin particular his assertion that we have to face not avoid the issue of the human condition when he said ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’, and ‘the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance’or being put to death, but because he didn’t bow to his persecutors and accepted death, that act of defiance set the stage for the great flowering of Western civilisation. The truth about the human condition has to be stood solidly up, put squarely on its ‘stand’, otherwise it will get smashed out of existence. Christ understood this principle. He knew that all his denial-free, human-condition-confronting-not-avoiding honest words about human life were going to meet extreme resistance and that he would have to totally defy that resistance and stand by the importance of his human-condition-exposing honesty even though the persecution was going to be so great it would mean his crucifixion (F. Essay 39 has a wonderful description of the life of Christ and its importance). That defence by him of truth against denial created Christianity, the most followed faith in the world. The WTM is not about creating a faith, but about ending the need for faith, belief and dogma, but the human-condition-confronting-not-avoiding nature of our work requires the same need for firm defiance of denial. Socrates didn’t bend to his persecutors who wanted to reimpose denial, and Christ didn’t bend to his persecutors who wanted to reimpose denial, and we in the WTM mustn’t bend to those who want to reimpose denial on us.

We are forever being told to ‘dumb it down’, make what is presented less confronting, basically take Jeremy’s writing back into the cave of denial where everyone is living, but we mustn’t do that. This has to be the denial-free liberating truth that it is, because, as Christ also said, only ‘the truth will set you free’ (John 8:32). So our website, and its contents, has to be the uncompromised and uncorrupted, but completely compassionate, first-principle-based, biological truth that it is. We can certainly make the access presentations, such as our advertisements and promotional material, not so forthright, truthful and confronting, but watering down, or dumbing down, our main presentation is not an option. Just as Christ was the uncorrupted embodiment of the truth, we have to be the uncorrupted understanding of the truth, because then what we’re presenting will be the sanctuary of sanity it is in a world of madness that everyone will come to treasure and wrap their arms lovingly around because it’s saving their life and the human race and the world. Sure, people will initially be hugely sceptical and deaf, but we mustn’t bend to that scepticism and deafnessand we haven’t bent and, like Socrates and Christ, we were also horribly persecuted, in effect killed/​crucified, for being so truthful and ended up successfully fighting the then biggest defamation action in Australia’s history against our persecutors. So we walk confidently and authoritatively through all the outrageously dishonest and vengeful accusations swirling around us, and by doing that, in time, the truth catches up with the lie, and everyone treasures the safe haven of truth that we have defended in the rapidly increasing sea of madness everywhere else on planet Earth.”


Secondly, in regard to Jeremy having a ‘blind spot’ because he’s not resigned. As just explained, Jeremy has always understood that his human-condition-confronting-not-avoiding truth has to be a sanctuary of sanity in a world of madness, and therefore that despite all the attacks upon his work, he must never allow it to be diluted or compromised in any way. And I tell you, when you do eventually end your codependence to the resigned world and truly fall in love with the utter, utter magnificence of this information, you actually see how incredibly precious the truth of it is, and, on the other hand, just how mean/​selfish/​egocentric the resigned state isin fact, how absolutely murderously addicted the egocentric state is to getting personal wins as its only thought process. Everybody I have ever seen come across this information goes through a time when they think Jeremy doesn’t really know what he’s doing, basically thinking, ‘Good on Jeremy for solving the human condition, but he just doesn’t really know how to get this to resigned humans so I’ll have to be the conduit between the truth and resigned humans and Jeremy should just let me take it from here.’ People endlessly egocentrically back themselves and they don’t even know they are doing it. We humans are just so, so, so arrogant. The truth is Jeremy is always looking for anything and anybody who can help with this all-important project, and he always gives everyone endless encouragement to help with the thinking about how to get this information to the world. I work with him every day and I can tell you that he is an incredibly lateral, free, open and effective thinker. Every day working with him and seeing what his mind can do, it’s just miracle after miraclewell they are not miracles because they are explainable, but they are very, very extraordinary. Don’t forget, to find all these amazing insights into every aspect of the human condition Jeremy had to be free of ego or prejudice, free of any distorting influence, because if he had any he wouldn’t have got through to the truth the way he constantly does and has. He is just incredibly tolerant and free-thinking, and, it follows, also quick to see if something is going off track. Basically, the resigned egocentric brain doesn’t appreciate all this, and even projects itself by thinking Jeremy is egotistically competing with them for wins and egocentrically oppressing them, when that’s the complete opposite of the truth. Jeremy’s brain is so far in front of our resigned dishonest brains; honestly light years, galaxies, etc, etc ahead; and he IS totally selflessly just trying to stop the suffering in the world, and help you to help him stop it. The longer you’re around this information the deeper will be your appreciation of Jeremy’s mind, and I’m telling you that appreciation will eventually go so deep it will be beyond your powers of belief. Write that up on the wall somewhere and come back in a year’s time and read it and you’ll see how true it is. My point is that when you see how arrogant and mean the resigned state is and how beautiful, loving, helpful, clean-thinking, free and selfless the truly unresigned mind is, you simply will never, ever, ever sell it out or try to exploit itor even make silly depreciating jokes about that mind, as I’ve seen people defensively do on occasions.




No. 7. ‘Love the truth like you love the most beautiful thing
you have ever seen in the entire world’ (Tony Gowing)


from 27 December 2017 Transformation Meeting


Image of a very small girl with arms raised standing in front of a massive rising sun.

Genevieve Salter’s famous painting illustrating the awesome wonder and power
of the dawning of the light of understanding of the human condition


James West: Sometimes when I try to help someone, I ask them, ‘Where are you at in your wrestle? Are you over it, or do you still need a bit more? Are you done yet? Because you’re not going to get transformed until you are fed up with all your wrestling!’


Tony Gowing: Yes I agree, you’ve got to picture the two worlds [the human-condition-embattled old world and the human-condition-explained new world] outside of yourself, because it’s either that you’re going to look after and fight for one or look after and fight for the other, and they’re just totally, totally incompatible. The point is, whatever you do you are still the same absolutely stuffed up, egocentric, selfish, resigned maniac, and you always will be. Once you resign you are a mess and there’s no going back and doing lots and lots and lots of therapy so you can undo all that mess, that’s for future generations, and so it’s just a case of which world and its state of mind are you going to fight for and look after and cultivate.

It’s not a question of trying to find a way for the two worlds to live together, it’s just a question of there are two paths. One path, your resigned power and glory egocentric path, leads to devastation and destruction of every single person, including you and Jeremy, it just tears everything you love apart. And the other path is just loving the truth like you love the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in the entire world. It’s just one or the other.

Even when I hear people talking in our transformation meetings about deferring to ‘your sensible self’, it starts to worry me because you are only sensibleand I mean thisonly sensible when you are only thinking about this project. You and your resigned self will stuff it up every time if you let any of it in, and you don’t even know that you’re letting it in, that’s the problem. It’s only when you clasp the new world in your hands right in front of you and just look after it, and just focus on that and give yourself to that, and leave that other side alone, that it works. It’s got to be that clean a break. It’s got to be that strong in yourself. You’ve got to know this.

When everybody talks about making the decision to become transformed, the thing we’ve all got to realise is that we are really only making 10% of that decision. There’s another 90% to go of actually making the decision to really love this. That’s how strong your attachment to the fabulous new potential deserves to be and needs to be. You’ve got to realise, like really realise, because I totally agree with Westy [James West], that the starting position in helping someone get to the TLS is, ‘How sick of your now completely obsoleted and defunct old egocentric world are you? Do you realise that it’s killing the world? How much do you realise you’re living in the old world and how much are you prepared to feed that?’ It’s just got to be, ‘I want to run 10 marathons a day to get the hell away from anything to do with my now completely obsoleted, useless and dead, power and glory preoccupied self, and I just want to do anything I can, all day, all night, to totally and utterly protect this new world’, every day. And it’s not just about, ‘Oh I feel good, I feel like I’m looking after the new world today’, you’ve got to make movements, take initiatives to help the project, because the more movement/initiative you make then you’ll really be making decisions, then you’re really making a change from a world that is so drenched in self. We’ve got to get to a position where there is only one position, where that resigned way of living your life is just unacceptable, because we’ve got the explanation of the human condition that obsoletes that way of living. It’s not about crippling ourselves with pressure and responsibility to do this, it’s about the wonderful opportunity to do this and be free of the whole horror of the human condition. It’s about the opportunity to move onto the fabulous new world that’s on offer nowand to get the hell away from appeasing yourself, appeasing your resigned state, appeasing the old world. And that’s what Jeremy is doing endlessly, that’s why I just think, ‘Stuff everything else, just listen to Jeremy. Listen to what he says, and do what he does, all night and all day because he knows how to love this.’ I don’t really know how to love this because I’m a resigned maniac. I don’t know any bloody thing because I’m such a resigned mess, but I can do practical things and I do know enough to know about my ego and how insatiable it is, and I know that Jeremy is not like that, not one bit, never, ever. It’s sort of got to get to that point where you come out the other side of that pointless wrestling match, where the excitement is what is carrying the day all the time, because the excitement will keep pushing you through all this, and seeing how that works, seeing how living through the new world pushes through each decision. So you’re constantly saying to yourself, ‘No that’s old world, that’s crap, that’s ego, that’s stuffed. Just love this. Just look after this. That shit is over. Look after this. Yes, holy cow, this is good!’


Annie Williams: Personally, I don’t feel criticised or pressured by that, I just feel guided and inspired, Tone. Like you say, they are all stages we have to go through but we have to work at it, we have to stay together, help each other, we are helping each other stay as clean as we can at any given point. That’s what you’re doing and that’s what we want from you. We want you to keep talking, we want you to keep guiding us and inspiring us, and I think I’m speaking for everyone saying that [everyone at the meeting voices their agreement]. The 18 December 2017 update [which is the material in numbers 1 to 4 of this presentation] was just so full of that forward scout position of yours, ‘the seriousness and the wonder’, and if we keep striving for that and keep pruning ourselves, as Sam talks about, ‘cutting off the deadness’, and keeping ourselves as clean as we can and as true to our vision as we can, then that’s our job. That’s the beautiful fellowship that we have and we can be as honest as we can about ourselves and be as open as we can to the fellowship and to the incredible opportunity we have to save the world. It is in our hands. I’m always so thankful when you talk, Tone.




No. 8. More about the seriousness of the
end play state of the world (Tony Gowing)


from 10 November 2017 discussion


2017 WTM Global Conference Attendees

‘The rising sun’a gathering of some of our WTM members in Sydney 2017


Tony Gowing: The key to Transformation is to have a really, really, really, really huge conversation with yourself about the resigned state because it’s all ‘shits and giggles’ and you can make light of it, but I can’t overstate how destructive the resigned state is and you’ve got to know that in yourself. I don’t think anybody on Earth really understands how perilous the situation in the world is, except for Jeremy. Jeremy is 71 years old and there is only one place that will not let the truth disappear, there’s only one truly unresigned thinker on Earth at this moment and if he isn’t here all this world-saving truth he has brought to light can all disappear. And every other selfish maniac, and I mean selfish maniacbecause you have to feel that in yourself, this is you, it is youwill let this die. This capacity to be completely uncaring and selfish is in all of us, and it’s really serious this situation the world is in (see F. Essay 55: End Game for the human race).

You can flip into a supportive frame of mind and you can be positive and you can pile in with support, but you can hear it in people’s voices that they’re not really getting it, that the resigned person in them is just laughing at all of this, it just does not give a damn. You’ve got to understand that the world will die, you’ve got to take yourself to that. The world will die. You’ve got to get the most horrible image in your brain of how much pain children are in now, let alone in five or ten years, and that’s in you, you’ve got to see that because that is what we have to stop. Until you get serious about that you can just sort of fiddle your way along the path and hide out and try and explain a few things away. But it’s so important to me that you have to sit down and agree with, know, how screwed up and obsoleted the resigned state now is, and that it’s in you, and you are perpetuating it, and it’s got to stop. It’s got to stop and the only way it stops is, as James Moffett [of the South African WTM Centre] said, ‘It stops with me’, he’s going to stop it in himself.

I just think, am I going to take that machine gun nest out, or hide in the bushes? It’s just accepting that in yourself, it’s accepting that what’s going on now is not right and then you can move on. It’s not right, it’s going to kill the world. It’s going to let Jeremy and the truth disappear from the planet and not give a damn. It’s really serious and you’ve got to hear that, you’ve got to accept it. Nothing else matters. It is so serious.

I don’t want to take the conversation backwards because I so agree with everything being said [in our transformation meetings] but for me that is the bottom line in everything that I think about, because I don’t know yet how the world is going to exist without Jeremy Griffith. We need a lot more truth, and a lot more strength and a lot more Transformation. We need help, and it’s really serious. You’ve got to get serious. Everybody has to get serious. I’m just saying that because once you take yourself there, all the rest of the crap you’re dealing with pales into insignificance. It is easy to flip it around and you don’t have to feel overly confronted and pressured and all the rest of it, but you have got to have a serious conversation with yourself to stop the crap of the resigned position. It’s got to stop.


Sam Belfield: I reckon that’s spot on Tone, I really agree with that and everything you just said applies to me.




No. 9. ‘We will be totally at home wherever we go and
be in love with everyone and everything’ (Tony Gowing)


After reading the above presentations Tony wanted
to add these concluding remarks4 January 2018


Tony Gowing and Tim Watson

Founding WTM Members Tony Gowing and Tim Watson, Dec. 2017


Tony Gowing: The more I think about it, the more I think that the emphasis really should be on the redundancy of the old resigned world. There is this wonderful new, fully explained world based on love and nurturing and peace and happiness. This fabulous new world is all here and its time is now. The thing that our alienated resigned brains, which constitutes a blackness in our heads, just won’t allow us to see and feel is just how different and how unfathomably good the transformation of the world and our personal lives is.

What I am noticing is how we keep trying to live off how glorious the redeeming understanding we now have of our resigned upset state isthat we are really hurt and traumatised and crazy and egocentric, but we are the heroes of the story of life on Earth. And that is all completely fine and true, but staying in that mindset where we are focused on the fact that we are messes but heroes actually perpetuates the old world. Sure you are being honest about your upset, and you are even saying that you want this transformation to take place in the world, and that you love the information, and that it loves and looks after your upsetbut at that point you still have further to go. You actually have to transform your life, not just understand how the transformation works and feel the relief of the vision of a transformed world.

It’s this actual Transformation of your life that is the key to experiencing real happiness, love, security and peace in your life, and it is that incredible experience that actually produces the momentum that will make the Transformed Way of Living go viral and sweep the world.

It is this absolutely wonderful change in people’s lives and the way they live and act that is the key to the ‘Joel effect’ described in par. 1259 of FREEDOM: ‘Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was of old nor ever will be in ages to come…​Before them the land is like the garden of Eden, behind them, a desert wastenothing escapes them. They have the appearance of horses; they gallop along like cavalry. With a noise like that of chariots…​like a mighty army drawn up for battle. At the sight of them, nations are in anguish; every face turns pale. [The reconciling truth is shockingly confronting and exposing at first, but those who have progressed past the shock stage are overwhelmed with excitement about being transformed and having the capacity to end human suffering and the devastation happening on Earth.] They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers. They all march in line, not swerving from their course. They do not jostle each other [Joel 2][and] In that day the mountains will drip new wine, and the hills will flow with milk; all the ravines…​will run with water…​Their bloodguilt, which I [Integrative Meaning] have not pardoned, I will pardon [understanding of the human condition will have been found] [Joel 3].’

Yes, it is the complete change in the way people go about their lives, the ‘tsunami of love’ as Sam Akritidis [co-founder of the Melbourne WTM Centre] so wonderfully described it, that creates the great ‘change of heart’ in people everywhere that Sir James Darling said had to happen on Earth (see par. 1220 of FREEDOM).

What I’m talking about is the Transformation of our lives at the most fundamental, all-encompassing level. The Transformation is not just the relief that you aren’t a horror, messed-up, angry human that doesn’t understand the world and inflicts all kinds of upset all over the place, but that you have actually entered an absolutely gloriously wonderful existence! The actual Transformation is stopping carrying out all the upset behaviour and starting to carry out new world selfless behaviour. No more are there grey areas in our lives, there is cooperative, loving, helpful, open, happy, strong, centred, secure, generous behaviour and then there is divisive, selfish, needy, insecure, unhappy behaviour. In our resigned states we live 100% selfishly, that is our starting point, but now there is no excuse for it, it just perpetuates unhappiness and hurt for yourself and the world, and you have to know that if you don’t want to give up the selfish behaviour today, you are holding back the tide of peace and love from sweeping the world, and you are holding on to remnants of the old world unhappiness and selfishness inside yourself, and projecting it on the world. There really is nothing positive about it. We have to become masters at giving ourselves to the new world, and the more we do that the more it grows and the better everything is.

What I have been describing is obviously the ultimate Transformed State, because you have to progress through many steps of understanding the information, and seeing all the upset in yourself, and finding relief from having the human condition at last understood and solved, etc, etc, before you get to this ultimate state, but the point I am making is that it won’t be long before everyone will move on from any talk at all about the upset in themselves, in others and in the world. (Jeremy talks about this important point of getting the truth up and then moving on in par. 1190 of FREEDOM.) There won’t be any need to talk about it, or dwell on it, because living selfishly is so meaningless now, it is just so obsolete when looked at from the new unconditionally loving, everyone-is-equally-good-and-worthy, cooperative, soul-resuscitating world. We really won’t have any interest at all in the old, bewildered and insecure, resigned, upset world once our long repressed, inner true self or soul starts to come back to life and latches on to all the selfless magnificence of the new world.

Underneath all the resigned bluff and madness we have lived with such self-hatred and insecurity that just being able to visualise this wonderful new unconditionally selfless and loving new world will bring enormous relief, hope and happinessbut imagine how incandescently brilliant it feels to be able to actually start PARTICIPATING in that world. There is such a difference between understanding that this dreamed of, all-loving new world is possible and actually living and contributing as one tiny part of it. It’s not possible to heal all the upset in ourselves and in the human race straight away, that will take a number of generations, however, it is entirely possible to behave and live selflessly straight away, and to love ourselves for doing that.

You see, once you REALLY give up on your resigned self and REALLY give yourself to the new world everything starts to flow into place. Integrative Meaning will flow through the nervous system of every single human right from the top of our heads through the soles of our feet and into the earth. Our conscious mind or head and our original unconditionally loving instinctive self or soul will be integrated for the first time and our whole bodies will start to work properly at last. We will feel completely energised, completely free. We will be able to feel and connect with each other, and we will be able to feel and connect with nature; basically we will be at one with the world. We will no longer be like aliens on planet Earth as we have felt we are for so long. We will be totally at home wherever we go and be in love with everyone and everything. It will be ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.