WTM FAQ 8.3  Is Jeremy Griffith’s explanation for male homosexuality true?


Full question:

“Is Jeremy Griffith’s explanation for homosexuality true? I am a homosexual man. I consider I had very loving parents and contrary to what Griffith says in chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM about upset being the cause of homosexuality, I believe I am quite innocent. I was especially loved by my mother, which I’ve heard is not uncommon for gay men. It’s not surprising to me that a quarter of gays that were interviewed in the research project cited in FREEDOM believed homosexuality was an emotional disorder [see paragraph 804] given how much prejudice, intolerance and discrimination we’ve had to endure. So in my view genetics can be a reason for homosexuality.”


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

As I explain in chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM, sex as we upset humans have been practising it is fundamentally about attacking innocence, and even though we have had to live in denial of that truth while we couldn’t explain and defend our upset condition, it is actually a reasonably obvious truth. It follows then that the more innocent a person, the more ‘attractive’ they are for sexual destruction, for ‘fucking’ as it’s been universally brutally, but honestly, described. And it follows from that that since women have been the main targets of the sexual destruction of our species’ innocent soul (because of their relative naivety about men’s impossibly difficult role of having to champion the ego over our instinctive self or soul), women are in general more sexually aware than men. There’s a quote in paragraph 802 of FREEDOM from Teiresias (the prophet mentioned in Homer’s Greek legend, The Odyssey) about thiswhen asked ‘whether the male or the female has most pleasure in intercourse’, he replied that ‘Of ten parts a man enjoys one only; but a woman’s sense enjoys all ten in full’. Since it hasn’t been their role to fight it, women have been less aware than men of the battle that our conscious self has had to wage to defeat the ignorant condemnation from our instinctive self or soul, but they have suffered very greatly from the upsetting effects of that battle, in particular they have been more exposed than men to sexual destruction of their innocent soul. (Some obvious evidence I give for this is that because there has been greater sexual selection in women for the more neotenous appearance of innocence, they have far less body hair than men.) And it follows from that that the less innocent/​less naïve/​more aware of the reality of the upset state of the human condition a man is, the more aware he will be that women are only the image of innocence and not really innocent, and therefore the more he will not find them attractive for sexual destruction, and the more he will be attracted to the last bastion of innocence amongst humans which is innocent young men. (With regard to homosexuality amongst women, in paragraphs 802804 of FREEDOM, which is where I explain homosexuality, I say that homosexuality amongst women results from their understandable disenchantment with men, some even taking up the male role because it can naively seem preferable to having to be an object of adoration and service.)

So if that’s all logical and true, then a homosexual man can’t be exceptionally innocent, rather he must be relatively upset. The difficulty is that it does take time to digest all this new understanding about our species’ corrupted condition; it takes time to recognise and then move past our old denials and dishonest, defensive excuses and start to allow the truth in of just how corrupted and soul-damaged everyone variously is. We have developed dishonest denials and supposed genes for every variety of human psychological upset, and those denials aren’t easily moved on from. As the saying goes, ‘denials fight back with a vengeance when faced with annihilation’. Without the truthful explanation of our species’ corrupted condition everyone has been using all manner of denial to protect themselves from feeling criticised as bad and unworthy for being upset/soul-corrupted, so adopting the truth does take time. And in the case of homosexuals, over the years I have talked with many, and almost always they initially reject what I’ve said here about homosexuality, determinedly claiming instead that they had a loving childhood and are therefore not relatively upset, but almost invariably over time they come to realise what I’ve said is true.

What’s so difficult to appreciate initially is just how sensitive our species’ original instinctive self or soul is, and therefore how easily it is hurt. In our alienated state we are so used to having a superficial interpretation of what a loving interaction is, but very often what superficially appears to be love can actually be a very insecure, manufactured, affected, artificial and superficial, and even conditional ‘love’. There are many overt and subtle ways the upset insecure adult world can psychologically hurt and damage the instinctive self or soul of an innocent child, and without knowing a person’s particular history and situation it’s not possible to know how a child’s soul might have been hurt enough for them to become homosexual. But just to put forward one possible scenario, when it comes to nurturing, upset, soul-corrupted, insecure mothers can feel a great need to overcompensate and manufacture a very smothering, doting ‘affection’ for their child, and since a child in its innocence can differentiate between real and manufactured love, this false, unnatural ‘love’ can hurt the child’s soul, even though when it looks back on its childhood it defensively believes it was exceptionally loved. Basically, this world we live in is so incredibly upset and our soul is so incredibly sensitive, there are any number of ways a boy’s soul can be hurt enough for him to become a homosexual.

Importantly, it has to be emphasised that upset is not a bad, evil, sinful state, but an immensely heroic condition, so it’s of no real significance how upset or innocent a human is. All humans are variously upset but all humans are equally good, worthwhile, meaningful and lovable, regardless of their sexuality, political persuasion, gender, race, age, etc. Truth comes to the world now and the terrible life humans have had to live in Plato’s dark cave of denial ends. Freedom from the human condition comes as the warm healing sun of understanding seeps into every cell of every body of every human. Peace on Earth at last!”