WTM FAQ 1.27  Why doesn’t the WTM focus on trying to reach children and adolescents in order to gain a foothold of appreciation for this information?


Jeremy Griffith’s response:

Obviously it is not appropriate for the WTM to approach children without their parent/s having an appreciation of our information, and we can’t save young adolescents from Resignation (see Freedom Essay 30 for an explanation of the psychological process of Resignation) because adolescents have an innate disbelief that adults will tell them any truthso the breakout of truth about the human condition has to begin with adults. And in any case, the world is already approaching terminal levels of alienation, so there’s not enough time left for a fresh generation to emerge and adopt the truth; and further still, the new generations are by and large growing up too alienated to hear the truth about the human condition (see Freedom Essay 55). So, as is explained in Freedom Essay 59, our focus has to mostly be on those over 35 years of age in 2018 to adopt the truth and from there take it to all other age groups. And, as I’ve regularly said (see for example Freedom Essay 62), to help members of that older age group overcome their ‘deaf effect’, we have to get exceptional thought leaders from amongst that age group to come out and tell everyone how all-important our information is (Video/​Freedom Essay 11 explains humans’ historic fear of the human condition and resulting inability to take in or ‘hear’ what is being said on the subject). That’s the game plan that we are steadily working our way towards the fulfilment of.