Transcript of Christoph & Birthe Zehntner’s
WTM Switzerland Centre video


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Christoph and Birthe Zehntner, WTM Switzerland Centre


Christoph Zehntner: Hi, I’m Christoph. We are from Switzerland. I’m 73 years old [at time of filming].


Birthe Zehntner: Hi, I’m Birthe. I was born and grew up in Denmark and was educated as a medical lab technician in Denmark.


Christoph: It’s a great opportunity, and a pleasure for us to be able to open a Swiss Centre; we want to have discussions with our people in Switzerland.

This is the book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, from Jeremy Griffith. If everybody reads this book, all problems are solved; everybody gets freeyou can’t help it! If nobody has any problems, then the world has no problems!

I started looking at the videos on the website [] and I got hooked. I found out that there is a lot of knowledge there; there is a huge amount of information on the website; and I soon found out that what it presents is true. And so as a result I found Jeremy’s book FREEDOM and I bought it, and I just began to read it and I nearly couldn’t stop! It’s very thrilling. It’s fascinating how simple and easy it is. Of course, you have to ‘get it’, but once you have it, it’s really amazing.

When I read FREEDOM I found out that all issues are actually solvedyes, really, really! You just read and find out that Jeremy’s always talking about you, and you get answers without asking! So it’s really fascinating! And what also fascinates me very much is all the links Jeremy makes; he understands so much of everything, and he can link it together. It’s absolutely consistent in everything. I made so many notes in the book that Birthe didn’t want to read my book, so we bought another oneshe needs her own! [laughter]


Birthe: He nearly never stopped, he was always reading [and saying], ‘Oh, this is so good and so interesting!’ He was totally absorbed. It has really changed him; yes, for us, since he’s read FREEDOM he has somehow come to peace with himself. And that’s what everyone in the family feels too. So yes, I think he’s more insightful now! [laughter] He has realised that [insightful peace] now, or is living that [insightful peace] now, I think.

Of course, I have also read a lot of books and I think the book from Jeremy Griffith on the human condition is kind of the frosting on the cake. It’s kind of a culmination of all that I have learned until now.


Christoph: I think Jeremy deserves a Nobel prize, and I would say there should be three Nobel prizes given to him, because it would be a wake-up call for the whole world when they see a person getting three Nobel prizes! So the first prize is the Peace prize, of course, because it’s clear that the world will be at peace after all humans have become free of the human condition. And the next prize is the prize in physiology or medicine, because Jeremy has shown how the human species developed from our ape ancestors and how consciousness came to man. The third prize is for physics, because Jeremy has shown how the development of the order of matter corresponds to Negative Entropy; and how it means Integrative Meaning is actually the concept of ‘God’. And so Jeremy makes a bridge between physics and religions. So it is really worthwhile to award him with these prizes.


Christoph and Birthe: Goodbye!