The Denialators Perform At The Party To Celebrate The Court Of Appeal’s Momentous Judgment

In December 2010 The Denialators (the WTM’s rock band) performed at the party to celebrate the Court of Appeal’s vindication of Jeremy Griffith’s treatise on the origins of the human condition, which marked the end of 20 years of persecution. The party had a 1960s theme because the euphoria and idealism of the post-war 1960s generation was a time of exceptional freshness and inspired free thinking — as the words of so many of the songs from that era reveal. Bono of the rock band U2 described the 1960s as ‘the golden age of pop’, but it was more than just a golden age for music, it was a golden age of inspiration in general — humanity conquered outer space in the 1960s, getting to the moon, and now the inspiration from those times has led to the conquering of inner space, humanity has found the liberating understanding of the human condition.

To see more footage of The Denialators CLICK HERE.