Part 1

4-Minute Introduction


Part 1 ‘This is the most exciting moment in human history’


Jeremy Griffith presenting Introductory Talk, 2009


In recent times environmental issues have dominated our concerns, but we have only been focusing on the symptoms. To fix all the runaway problems we are surrounded within fact to stop the destruction of our world and the disintegration of society that is happening everywhere we lookwe have to fix the cause of the problems, which is us humans. We are the problem: our out-of-control egocentric, selfish, competitive and aggressive behaviour.

We are sometimes told that humans are wired this waycompetitive, aggressive and selfishbecause of our animal heritage: that we have savage animal instincts that make us fight and compete for food, shelter, territory and a mate. But that’s just the excuse we have had to use until we found the real reason for our divisive behaviour. For a start, it conveniently overlooks the fact that our human behaviour involves our unique fully conscious thinking mind. Descriptions of our behaviour, such as egocentric, arrogant, deluded, optimistic, pessimistic, artificial, hateful, mean, immoral, guilty, evil, depressed, inspired, psychotic, alienated, all imply a consciousness-derived, psychological dimension to our behaviour. And it overlooks the fact that we humans have altruistic, cooperative, loving moral instinctswhat we recognise as our ‘conscienceand these moral instincts in us are not derived from reciprocity, from situations where you only do something for others in return for a benefit from them, as evolutionary psychologists would have us believe. And nor are they derived from warring with other groups of humans as advocates of E.O. Wilson’s theory of Eusociality would argue. No, we have an unconditionally selfless, fully altruistic, truly loving, universally-considerate-of-others-not-competitive-with-other-groups, genuinely moral conscience. So yes, the real issuethe psychological problem in our thinking minds that we humans have suffered fromthat had to be addressed and solved in order to fix our divisive behaviour is the dilemma of our so-called human condition, the issue of our species’ ‘good-and-evil’-afflicted, less-than-ideal, imperfect, even ‘fallen’ or corrupted state or predicament. Why, when the ideals of life are so clearly to be cooperative, selfless and loving, are we so competitive, selfish and aggressive?

And the truth is, humans have always intuitively known that the real problem we have to understand about ourselves is the issue of the human conditionthe difficulty, however, has been that unable to explain the dark side of ourselves we have coped by living in almost complete denial of the issue, blocking it out of our mind, because to think about it was too depressing and, until now, an answerless and thus futile exercise. In fact, we only ever mentioned the term ‘human condition’ when we were being really profound, and even then it sent shivers down our spine.

I have used the phrase ‘until now’ because through the advances made in science it is now at last possible to overcome this impasse and make sense of this deepest and darkest, previously off-limits issue of the human condition. Yes, that greatest of all days in our human journey of conscious thought and enquiryin fact, the day that we have lived in hope and faith and trust would one day comewhen biology would finally be able to provide redeeming understanding of our less-than-ideal existence and allow us to at last explain the psychological origins of our species’ deeply troubled predicament or condition and by so doing ameliorate or heal that condition has now, and in the nick of time, arrived!

So while there has been much talk of the need to love each other and to love the environment, the real need on Earth has been to love the dark side of ourselves, to find the reconciling, redeeming and healing understanding of thatand it is precisely that all-important understanding of ourselves that is going to be presented here.

You are about to hear the explanation of the human condition and, as you will see, the answer is so redeeming and relieving that it TRANSFORMS us, and thus our worldhence our organisation’s name: the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT.

In summary, what is to be presented is the first-principle-based biological understanding that lifts the ancient debilitating, so-called ‘burden of guilt’ from our species’ shoulders and, by so doing, heals our troubled souls and sets us freeand this is not one of those mindless, dogma-based, ‘New Age’ false starts to a new world for humans that can’t and doesn’t last. This is the mindful understanding that alone could bring about the real and lasting repair of ourselves and our planet. We humans are conscious beings, we needed brain food not brain anaesthetic. We needed answers, especially the answer to the crux question of why we have been the way we have been, less-than-ideally behaved, and it is that answer of answers that will be presented here.

This is the most exciting moment in human history!


You are now invited to watch and/or read a more formal introduction to the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT, before the all-important liberating explanation of the human condition is presented in Part 3.