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Freedom: Expanded Book 1

Part 2

The World Transformation Movement


Part 2:1 Introduction, by Tim Macartney-Snape AM OAM

Tim Macartney-Snape

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My name is Tim Macartney-Snape and I would like to introduce to you this presentation by my very close friend and fellow Patron of the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT, Jeremy Griffith. Jeremy is an Australian biologist and the author of many books and publications about the human condition.

The issue of the human condition, which is humans’ capacity for what has been called ‘good’ and ‘evil’, is really the agonising core issue that we humans have needed to understand about our behaviourand it is that all-important biological understanding of the human condition, which the discoveries of science have at last made possible, that Jeremy will be presenting here today. The ability to understand this essential aspect of ourselves is what makes the TRANSFORMATION of humans possible, and with that TRANSFORMATION of ourselves comes the TRANSFORMATION of our worldhence the name of the organisation that has been established to support and promote these understandings: the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT.

What you are about to hear is nothing less than the culminating insight of all human enquiry into the nature of our world and our place in it.

As Jeremy has said, the eternal hope, faith, trust and indeed belief of the human race has been that one day the all-clarifying, reconciling, healing and TRANSFORMING explanation of human nature would finally be found, freeing humans at last of their insecure, troubled, good-and-evil-afflicted so-called human condition. And as incredible as it is, it is that greatest of all breakthroughs that has finally been achieved. It is this dreamed of explanation that you are about to hear!

And it comes not a moment too soon, for only the clarifying, dignifying and redeeming biological understanding of the dilemma of the human conditionthe understanding of our species’ extraordinary capacity for so-called ‘good and evil’, the understanding of why we humans have been so competitive, aggressive and selfish when the ideals are so clearly to be cooperative, loving and selflesscould heal the underlying insecurity of that condition, and by so doing bring an end to all the devastation, distress and suffering in the world.

Indeed, the great Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961, who early in his career had been a follower of the founder of psychoanalysis, the Austrian Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), was forever saying that ‘wholeness for humans depended on the ability to own their own shadow’ because he recognised that only understanding of our species’ dark, human-condition-afflicted state could reconcile and relieve the guilt and resulting psychosis of that situation and make us ‘whole’ again.

Similarly, the ancients had emblazoned across their temples the words ‘Man, know thyself’ because again it was only understanding of the psychological reason for why we humans have not been ideally behaved that could heal that condition.

So, knowledge, specifically self-knowledge, is what the human race has been tirelessly working towards since the dawn of consciousness in the hope that some day, some where, some time someone standing completely upright would truthfully and boldly walk right through the middle of all the confusion and seeming madness of our human situation and make sense of it alland again, amazing as it is, that is what has happened. On the shoulders of all the eons of human enquiry and effort (and indeed benefiting from the courageous efforts of all humans who have ever lived) Jeremy has done just that. That day of days, that greatest of all breakthroughs has at last arrived! That holy grail of the human journey of finding first principle-based, biological understanding of the human condition has finally been found. Ameliorating or healing understanding of ourselves is now here.

From a situation of bewildering confusion and darkness about what it is to be human we have broken through to a world drenched in the light of relieving understanding. The dawn of enlightenment has arrived; the sun is finally coming up to drain away all the darkness from our lives. This is the most amazing moment.