From Self Pre-occupation to Transformation

One of the truly wonderful and transforming discoveries that we make as we digest this explanation of the human condition is the freedom that is unlocked as the burden of the once necessary preoccupation with ourselves lifts from our psyche. Yes! This explanation of the human conditionthis full and stunningly compassionate defence for our upset, messed-up, world-destroying, non-empathetic, un-feeling, utterly-crazy, power-fame-fortune-and-glory-addicted state, allows us for the first time to be truly able to free ourselves from the shackles of this horrifically torturous unknowing state that we have all lived in while there hasn’t been any explanation of ourselves and our behaviour. As Jeremy explains in Freedom: Expanded Book 1;


“So at last we humans are now able to understand that greatest of all paradoxes of how we could be good when, by all appearances, we seem to be bad, evil, guilty, sinful, defiling, undeserving, worthless creatures. In fact, we can see now that we fully conscious humans are not just good, we are the absolute heroes of the story of life on Earth for having endured so much unjust criticism for so long before we were able to prevail over that criticism and explain why it wasn’t deserved.

We can now understand why our intellect, surely the culminating achievement of the grand experiment in nature that we call life, also appeared to be the most destructive, even evil, force to have ever appeared on Earth. Our previous inability to explain this dichotomy, to explain all the corrupting and destructive repercussions of being–supposedly–the most brilliant, fully conscious, highly intelligent, super-smart, rational animal on the planet, has meant that we humans have been extremely insecure and defensive about our supposedly brilliant intelligence.”

The Liberation and Transformation of the Human Race through the Breakthrough Biological Explanation of the Human Condition

It’s true, most humans living under the duress of the human condition have necessarily resigned themselves to living 100% of the time consumed and preoccupied with trying to validate their worthwe have had to get up each day and say ‘Yes I am a fundamentally good human’ and go out and prove it to ourselves and the world in whatever way we could. We all may express this differently depending on our ‘personality’ or as Jeremy has explained now, depending on our various levels of upset, but regardless of how we all ‘live it out’ at base what is consuming our minds all day every day is our insecurity about our fundamental goodness and the need to relieve this by trying to prove we are good through competition and ego wins, insatiably hunting for some relief from the dilemma of the human condition.

I know from my own experience with this explanation of the human condition that growing up without understanding has personally left me such an insecure and, by extension, defensive personit can initially be incredibly confronting and exposing to see the self-centeredness in our own behaviour and what goes on in a resigned mind for the first time. For example; if I am honest, not very far beneath my confident and secure-appearing exterior, I can get incredibly insecure about what other people think of me, I want to be liked to validate myself, to feel good about myself, or to show that ‘yeah I am a good bloke’ or good person. And with that insecurity of self I can spend my whole life pre-occupied about what people think of me. Positioning things to appear how I want people to perceive me and behave in a certain way to get the particular reaction I want so it reinforces what people like  about me. In effect my whole being becomes co-dependent to, and a victim of what other people think. My life becomes imprisoned within the confines of needing this reinforcementdriven by insecurity and consumed with pre-occupation.

What a way we have had to live! But we have had no choice, because without explanation of the dilemma of the human condition our whole lives have needed to be consumed with validating our worth so humanity could keep searching for the answers. As Jeremy compassionately enunciates in Freedom: Expanded Book 1;


“The American lyricist Joe Darion encapsulated this great paradox of the human condition in his 1965 song, The Impossible Dream (which featured in the musical The Man of La Mancha), when he wrote that we had to be prepared ‘to march into hell for a heavenly cause’; we had to lose ourselves, suffer self-corruption, in order to find ourselves. Upset was the price of our heroic search for knowledge.”


BUT!; what is possible now with this reconciling understanding of the dilemma of our human condition, with our fundamental worth explained, is that not only does it give us the ability to understand ourselves and why we are so upset, defensive, insecure and preoccupied, but, as Jeremy explains, it means that our ‘heroic search for knowledge’, for self-knowledge is over! So we can all be free of the all-consuming pre-occupation with having to prove our worth and we can live a truly meaningful and fulfilled life free of the imprisonment and ‘noise’ of the human-condition-afflicted resigned mind. (See here for an explanation of ‘Resignation’ the most important psychological event in our lives currently that is never acknowledged or talked about.)

The difference to our lives, in fact the transformation that is possible now with the human condition solved is incredibly liberating. The freedom of not having to be preoccupied with myself all day, of not having to worry about what people are thinking about me all the time, and of not walking around insecure in self all of the time is immense to say the least. It liberates us all from the small world of our resigned lives and opens up this extraordinary new, honest and incredibly meaningful and exciting human-condition-free paradigm where we can live and work for a world free of all the pain and suffering and destruction of the human condition.

As Jeremy describes in Freedom: Expanded Book 2 ;


“All our egocentric embattled posturing to get a win out of life, all our strategising every minute of every day to try to find a way to compensate for feeling inadequate or imperfect or bad about ourselves, suddenly ends. The reality is that because we have had to live in such deep denial of the human condition it is initially hard to see just how terrible life under the duress of the human condition has been. It is hard to see how our lives have been completely governed by insecurity, confusion, guilt, doubt, fear and extreme self-preoccupation. To make our lives bearable we have had to put on a brave face and delude ourselves that we were happy, however, all the suffering that was really going on in our lives is now over. We are TRANSFORMED from what was, in truth, a deeply preoccupied, lonely, troubled and upset human-condition-afflicted, virtually dead state to a state free of all that. We leave the dark cave of denial and delusion where we have been hiding to escape the unbearable glare of the truth about our seemingly imperfect condition. Excitement and meaning, based on liberating, truthful, honest understanding of ourselves and our world, is what sustains us now.”


The great exodus from the darkness and pain is on! With this full defence I/we can for the first time safely admit to and leave the human-condition-riddled, destructive, insecure world behind as explained, understood and defended. I/we can shake hands with it as it were and simply now live in support of this new potential that is possible nowday to day living in the knowledge that it’s all over in me and in the world. Just read Section 4 in Freedom: Expanded Book 2 and you will see the truly fabulous way we can live now, to quote, ‘We can all wake up now; we can all break out of our chrysalis, our human-condition-afflicted straitjacket, where we have been constrained, letting the wings of our great potential unfold in the sunshine of relieving understanding to reveal the fabulously beautiful creatures we really are.’ What an incredible journey humanity has been on and with the battle now won peace on earth is truly possible!

Anthony L

This Blog Post was written by Anthony L on October 17, 2013


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