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Letter from a 16-year-old girl

‘Before stumbling upon Free: The End Of The Human Condition that was discreetly shoved in the back of the philosophy section, I was at the end of my road. I had experienced a year of complete and utter pain, confusion, anger and frustration. When I finally took the plunge to seek medical help (as I was suicidal), I was diagnosed with severe depression and put on medication. After reading your book (which I stayed up till 2am reading, I just couldn’t put it down), I have been one of the fastest recovering depressants around. No wonder why. If everyone knew your insights, so much would be resolved. The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your courage in publishing your sure-to-be controversial work, and for basically recovering and saving this 16 year old. Not only is your work the absolute truth and has restored my faith in humanity, it has given me inspiration to help others. I may seem young to know what I’m talking about but, well, I do. I have tested all your work and others and yours always held up.’ (Lisa Tassone, Brisbane, 4 Oct.1999)

Letter from a Social Worker

In a 1 Feb. 1989 letter to the WTM from social worker Gayle Walker.

Free: The End Of The Human Condition has been requested by the Aboriginal Prisoners in Brisbane (Boggo Rd) Prison so could you please send urgently.’

Response from a Reader

‘The words in your books have in my experience brought up emotional reactions in people and they reject the information, not able to get behind them and experience the profundity of where you are coming from...Your insights are so head on as to cripple some people.’ (Gary Clark BA BMus[Hons] in letter to Jeremy Griffith, Jan. 1993)

Undergraduate Student Comment

The University of New England, NSW, in 1995.

Don’t read that book because it’s true.

From the Album On The Road To Find Out

New Zealand musician Simon Mackintosh dedicated his 1999 album, On The Road To Find Out, to the work of the WTM. The following are lyrics from the track Finally The Truth Has Arrived. Copies of the CD have been made available to the WTM for sale.

Chorus: Finally the truth has arrived / That liberates all mankind / Finally the truth has arrived / That justifies all mankind. Verse 1: Listen to the story / And all will be revealed / All the truth you’ve ever known / Need no more be concealed. Verse 2: The story tells of anguish / It nullifies the blame / This story tells of courage / It makes sense of all the pain.’

OzSearch — Coolest Website for March 1999

Internet Search Engine OzSearch Cool Website Awards.

‘Category: Science: The Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA) Cool! — The Biological explanations of human nature, specifically biological explanation of the human condition and humans’ capacity for good and evil.’