Please note that Jeremy Griffith’s 2016 book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition is the definitive presentation of his breakthrough biological treatise on the human condition, and both it and Transform Your Life And Save The World, are the recommended access to these understandings that save the world. Jeremy Griffith’s book Freedom Expanded presents the expanded, comprehensive account of his insights, which means it will eventually incorporate the content of all his books and writings, including the publication below.

Beyond The Human Condition

by Jeremy Griffith, published 1991


Jeremy Griffith’s second book elaborates on the biology presented in his 1988 book, Free: The End Of The Human Condition.

  • It introduces simple illustrations and analogies to convey the core concepts.
  • It examines issues such as Science & Religion, Politics, and Psychiatry.


By twice honoured Order of Australia recipient and renowned mountaineer, Tim Macartney-Snape AM OAM.



In October 1989 review copies of a booklet titled Reconciliation, which was an early version of Beyond The Human Condition, were sent to virtually all science journals around the world; over 800 were sent in total.

Reviewers include Emeritus Professor of Biology and Templeton Prize winner Charles Birch, and Emeritus Professor of Zoology and theologian John Morton.


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Beyond Media Release

Publication details

203 pages • paperback • 135 x 210mm • text plus 12 pages of colour photographs, 16 pages of black and white photographs and 20 pages of cartoons, illustrations and charts

ISBN 0-646-03994-6 • Index