Launch of our stunning, newly designed website and the new presentation of Freedom Book 1 & Book 2

We are very excited that our WTM website has some new features and additions including a beautifully designed new homepage, navigation bar and search facility!

New WTM Homepage

As part of this new design the Introductory Video Series and Jeremy Griffith’s definitive book FREEDOM have been split into two presentations. The first is presenting The Biological Explanation of the Human Condition and the second is presenting The Resulting Transformation of the Human Race. So FREEDOM is now presented as Freedom Book 1: The Biology and Freedom Book 2: The Transformation.

New Freedom Page

So go to and start exploring our many new and exciting features and additions. As it says on our homepage: ‘The human-race-transforming biological explanation of the human condition has finally arrived to drain away all the confusion, darkness and suffering from the world! This is the fabulous, dreamed-of dawn of humanity’s freedom from the agony of the human condition!’

WTM Admin

This Blog Post was written by WTM Admin on January 18, 2013


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