What is it like to live with this all-exciting truth about the Human Condition?

From my experience having the explanation of the human condition in your life is like having a patient, loving, strong parent looking after you. It’s trustable, it’s authoritative, it has your interests at heart. It has the whole world’s interests at heart for that matter. As we can now understand, humanity’s journey up until now has had no overviewing explanation available to mediate the conflict between our insecure intellect in the presence of our ideal-behaviour-demanding instincts. It is this overviewing explanation of the human condition that we have been searching for and has now finally been found. It is what we needed in our adolescence when we asked; but who am I; why am I not ideally behaved? But because we had to grow up in the dark with no explanation of why the world was the way it was, we picked up a whole heap of psychotic and neurotic baggage, which of course is obsolete and must be left behind now that it is explained and dealt withand thank God it can be because it is the source of so much destruction of our worn out planet and ourselves.

At one stage or another whilst growing up all of us have thrown a tantrum, kicked and flailed, punched the air, screamed at the heavens and dished out the silent treatment to our parents. And our relationship with this information and the confrontation that facing so much truth so quickly can produce can generate similar responses from us in the early stages. But like a tolerant parent, this information will absorb all that and still be thererational, fair, steady, benevolent. That is as long as it is sufficiently supported to survive its pioneering stages.

For those for whom the enormity of this moment is dawning on them, the excitement of it and the beginnings of trepidation about the implications of such a change, I want to reassure youthat’s good, that’s what should be happening. There is so much to adjust to. There’s so much to do and nothing is more important or exciting or worthwhile than on this front. One stage of the process of digesting this change is utter terror at the prospect of confrontation with such a naked truth about ourselves and all the delusions we’ve become attached to. But there is explanation and help available about this. The compassionate truth will guide you through it and look after your journey like a wise parent. So when you see the truth, try to fight it as little as possible, yes there’s nakedness, but let’s allow ourselves to usher in the light and get out of this now redundant hell hole which is life under the duress of the Human Condition. Let’s Go!

The Transformed Lifeforce State

For more information about what it’s like to live with this all-exciting truth about the human condition see Freedom: Expanded Book 2: The Transformation.

Section 1 – Introduction and Question and Answers (particularly Section 1:8 onwards)

Section 2 – The Transformation of the Human Race (amazing analysis by Jeremy Griffith)

Section 3 – Affirmations of the Transformed Lifeforce State

Section 4 – Membership Videos (an absolutely wonderful peek inside the dawning New World)


All these sections are also available as Video presentations.

James W

This Blog Post was written by James W on June 3, 2013


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