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**** NEWS FLASH ****


The ‘Freedom Essay’ series has been
with the addition of new,
critically important essays, a podcast facility, and much more!


Biologist Jeremy Griffith’s Freedom Essay series has been re-launched to reflect significant additions to pre-existing essays, and the release of critically important new material. The more significant of these new essays can be accessed right herethe first of these, Video/​F. Essay 4, is being described as ‘such an important addition to the WTM website that it could be the game-changer for the whole project of bringing these crucial insights to the world’.


Thumbnail of Video/Freedom Essay 4: The ‘instinct vs intellect’ treatise is obvious - short
Thumbnail for Video/Freedom Essay 10: What exactly is the human condition?


Thumbnail for Freedom Essay 11: The difficulty of reading FREEDOM and the solution
Thumbnail for Freedom Essay 13: The WTM Deaf Effect Course


Thumbnail for Freedom Essay 14: Savage instinct excuse leads to human extinction
Thumbnail for Freedom Essay 57: Magnificence of the Transformed State - Video 1


Another change you will find is that the Freedom Essays (which can be accessed on our homepage at are now grouped into the following helpful categories:


The introduction to the explanation & resolution of the human condition

The main books

The other key biological explanations

Men and women reconciled

The end of racism

The psychological event of Resignation

Your transformation

The end of politics

Religion deciphered

The meaning of art and culture

Some background about FREEDOM’s author, biologist Jeremy Griffith; and

Will we, the human race, fail to survive as a species, or do we make it?


Podcast icon


And, finally, we are thrilled to announce that the Freedom Essays will be available as podcasts very soon! The essays have been narrated by Tim Macartney-Snape AM OAM, Founding Director and Patron of the World Transformation Movement, and the first Australian to climb Mt Everest, and will very soon be available to be listened to, or downloaded as an audio file, by clicking on the ‘listen’ icon at the top of each essay.


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To transition you to the new sequence we will simply send you to the Freedom Essay in the new sequence that corresponds to where you were up to in the old sequence, but not before sending you any new, or significantly altered, essays that have been inserted prior to that point in your journey. (To see a comparison chart between the old and new order of Freedom Essays, click here.)


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Please Note, if you are online you can read, print, download or listen to (as a podcast) any of the following Freedom Essays by clicking on them, or you can find them all at




These essays were composed in 2017-2018 by Jeremy Griffith, Damon Isherwood,
Fiona Cullen-Ward & Brony FitzGerald at the Sydney WTM Centre.



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