The excitement is here waiting for us right now!

I have investigated and verified the truth of Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition that is presented in his numerous books and introductory videos. I know that the human condition is solved. I know that Jeremy’s explanation does set the world free and that the world can now be transformed into the most wonderful place that I or anyone can possibly imagine. I have many times really connected with the explosive excitement that is now possible for all humans through the Transformed Lifeforce State. The Transformed State is the logical and all-meaningful way to live with this new knowledge about humans. Until we had the first principle biological understanding of the human condition humans had no choice but to live in denial of itlive in denial of our immensely upset state. So the great question is once understanding is found, which it now is, how do we cope with the confrontation of our upset and embattled state it necessarily brings. The brilliantly simple and immediately effective answer is the Transformed Lifeforce State, to quote Freedom: Expanded Book 2, Section 1:9: ‘The reality is we are not going to be able to heal all the upset within us straight away, despite having the means, the compassionate understanding to do so. In fact, it will naturally take a number of generations for all the upset inside humans to be ameliorated or healed, and to eventually subside, through the understanding of the human condition that is now available. However, with the upset state of the human condition now explained and defended we no longer have to live those upsets out. What we can do straight away is leave all our upsets behind as dealt with, the effect of which will be to be immediately free of the upset state of the human condition.’)

For those of you who haven’t [yet] felt the excitement of the Transformed State (that is fully explained in Freedom: Expanded Book 2)this is my best attempt at explaining it: It’s like winning the World Cup after scoring the winning points right on the final buzzer; it’s like falling into the deepest and most enthralling first love imaginable; it’s like being eight years old again and being an hour or two into a fully fledged adventure to catch frogs in your local creek with your best mate; it’s like coming home after some massive natural disaster and finding all your family alive and well; it’s like being drunk for the first time in your life and your favourite song comes on and you dance with the most carefree and excited freedom that you have ever felt; it’s like waking up from that dream where everything has gone completely and utterly wrong and finding out that none of it actually happened and everything is okayYES! It’s like all of those tiny moments in your life combined!!!

The excitement of the Transformed State

Moments that you may have felt briefly but that you have never quite forgotten. The unbelievable feeling of ecstasy, relief or simple freedom when you were able to forget about the struggles of life living under the duress of the human condition for that split second. And with this knowledge now available, that feeling lasts for the rest of your life and the rest of the planet’s life. It’s not just one of those tiny one-off moments that you start to wonder if what you felt was real at all. Honestly, what is hereright nowis so wonderful, so utterly downright brilliant, so completely fulfilling, so real, so inclusive of everythingit’s just so good! Really, there’s no real words to explain what is coming and just how that makes you feel, because nothing like this has ever come before in history. There is no example or feeling or experience that can hold a flame near any of what is happening and is about to happen right now for everyone on Earth. The excitement and freedom is totally measureless on any old world scale because never before have humans been able to understand the human journey and all it has entailed and reconcile our immensely upset and destructive resigned selves with the cooperative and loving ideals of life. The Holy Grail is finally found and at last we can live in understanding and love of ourselves and all life. Just watch the membership video or read it at and you will be bolting to the Transformed Way of Living! To quote, ‘Love has come to the world in its absolute purest form, namely as relieving understanding. We humans are free now of the agony of the human condition. Everyone in every situation and predicament can now rise up as radiant new beings from their corpse-like state. A great rising up of humans will now occur across the world. Everyone is now able to come back to life–to wake up from a human-condition-afflicted torpor and look outwards and see each other and the world for the first time, and move across and help each other, and do anything and everything that needs doing to end the suffering and pain that plagues this planet.’

I want the whole world to know about these ideas right now! I want the transformation of the whole world to take place. I want the suffering to stop. I want all children to be told the truth. I want the denial and obscenity that exists everywhere in the world now to end. I want all the despicable acts of egocentric madness to be gone forever. And mostly, I want the warmth of the truth which has finally arrived to light up the entire world in an instant. As the Jesuit priest, scientist and philosopher Teilhard de Chardin said, ‘The Truth has to only appear once...for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’ (Let Me Explain, 1966; trs René Hague & others, 1970, p.159 of 189).

Sure, what’s coming is a huge change. The explanation of the human condition changes our lives both individually and collectively, immeasurably. And change for humans is always incredibly difficult. But anybody who knows that this information is the truth about humans, that it does shed light on and indeed solve our fundamental human psychological predicament and does alleviate and ameliorate all our insecurities, anger and madness, knows at the very least intellectually, even if they haven’t experienced the clarity and freedom of the Transformed Lifeforce State yet, just how exciting understanding the human condition is. I can live that excitement right now and it’s actually my excitement that will allow the excitement to grow in others. I don’t have to wait for the rest of the world to get excited so I can join in. The obscenity only stops when I stop being obscene, and the only real way to stop being obscene is supporting these compassionate understandings that deal with, heal and ultimately end our human-condition-afflicted, psychological upset that is the cause of all our obscene behaviour on an entire species scale. What an absolutely all-powerful solution to human suffering is that and how thrilling is it that each of us can instantly be part of that solution by the one simple and beautiful decision to live in support of the truthful explanation of the human conditionto take up the Transformed Lifeforce State.

Supporting these explanations is about supporting something that is real and solid, and something that ends the meaninglessness of our lives. It brings a completely meaningful purpose to life and finally gives us insight into what we humans have been, and in fact should be striving to achieve in the brief time that the planet is entrusted to our generation. Our forebears have played their roles. They stumbled around in a relatively ignorant, unknowing state for two million years, heroically searching for and ultimately finding these answers. Now we are the first generation in all of history that don’t have to live in that depressing, maddening darkness anymore. Let’s Rock, Let’s Go! Let’s live the excitement and freedom right now. Let’s not live a second longer in the denial and fear ridden and driven world that has had to exist up until now. Let’s blast off into the sunshine of knowledge about ourselves and kiss pain and agony goodbye forever. Let’s ‘slow dance to breakfast’ every single morning for the rest of our lives. Let’s skip in the daisies, dance like Michael Jackson, party like there’s no tomorrow. I wasn’t waiting for the sun like Jim Morrison was, I had no idea that the sun existed, but now it’s here I’m going to absolutely bask myself in it!

'I had no idea that the sun existed, but now it’s here I’m going to absolutely bask myself in it!'
Tony Gowing

This Blog Post was written by Tony Gowing on February 3, 2014


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