Video and additional content of FREEDOM Launch now available!


Exciting News!! The full video presentation and additional content from the launch of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition — at the Royal Geographical Society in London earlier this month — is now available on our homepage to watch and read.


Watch the main video in which author and biologist Jeremy Griffith presents the all-exciting and all-important explanation of the human condition contained in FREEDOM. He begins this presentation by thanking Tim Macartney Snape (who welcomed the audience at the launch) for his wonderful support in bringing these answers to the world and thanks Sir Bob Geldof for his extraordinary honesty in describing the plight of the world — an honesty that Jeremy describes as being “like the coming of the summer rains that water the parched Earth!”


Jeremy then explains how “All the ailments the world suffers from are symptoms of the deeper issue of the human condition. Which means that to fix the world we have to fix the human condition, and that’s what ‘FREEDOM’ does. It solves the underlying, real issue that’s been crippling the human race.”


FREEDOM...solves the underlying, real issue that's been crippling the human race. (Biologist Jeremy Griffith)

Access the video, transcript and further details of the launch here.


Video of launch of FREEDOM at RGS, London

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