We had to discover why we have such a capacity for violence and hatred as well as for love and kindness

(This article first appeared at on 15 April 2013)


Gemma's Story

AVAAZ is such an incredible organisation. It unites people all over the world and gives them a voice to speak out for injustices committed at home or abroad that individually we would only be able to silently weep about. For me personally, it also cements my understanding that we are indeed a worthwhile species. That human’s instinctive orientation is one of love and cooperation not of war and destruction. If it weren’t then why would this organisation have so many members from many different cultures, languages and religions who share the same goal for love, equality and peace?

However, to truly know ourselves we had to discover why we have such a capacity for violence and hatred as well as for love and kindness. We needed to really look at the great tragedies that are happening all around the world and realise that they are all man made. From environmental pollution, to war to child abuse, their causes are all psychological. So what happened to us as a species that resulted in this psychosis? What happened that made our hypocritical nature, or the human condition, that allows us to send money to victims of conflict on one hand, while we argue with our neighbours or partners with the other? 

Thankfully, the Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith has solved the problem. He has used science to explain how we really are a good and heroic species and that the human condition is the inevitable result of the development of consciousness in our species. He also explains that now, through the understanding of the human condition, we can be free of it. Imagine a world where instead of trying to continuously prove our worth and accumulate wealth we put that energy into really helping others and fixing this planet. A world where all the scientists used their skills where it really matters like developing sustainable agriculture and technologies, and curing diseases instead of in the beauty industry and in creating weapons. How quickly would our lives and the planet improve?! 

Such a world is possible. Are you sceptical? You should be. This is a biological explanation and you should thoroughly investigate it and examine the evidence Griffith presents. His books and introductory videos are freely available on the World Transformation website. If you can disprove it then fine, leave it. But if the explanation makes sense to you and the evidence irrefutable then it could be life and world changing. Check it out at


This Blog Post was written by Gemma on April 17, 2013


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