A bit of FREEDOM everyday helps the future in every way

I read a bit of Jeremy Griffith’s book FREEDOM everyday. It’s centering, calming and incredibly exciting and I learn from it all the time. I’m reminded that there is an explanation for everything. Yes everything! And this reminds me that my life is just a small part of a huge and all-encompassing picture, part of humanity’s journey and our collective search for knowledge. Suddenly, my self-preoccupations start to fall away as I begin to access the real world that’s before me on the pages. But it’s not daunting, it’s liberating. It’s such a discovery, it’s a manual of sorts. From explaining the madness and upset (anger, egocentricity and alienation) in me and my life and in the world – to explaining the goodness, courage and sensitivity of nature and the human spirit – this book joins the dots. So my day is filled and fulfilled. The suffering, caused as a result of the human condition, stops now. Our existence is fully and compassionately explained therefore leaving no doubt of our worthiness. What a wonderful title for the greatest book on the entire planet, because humans are free and there is freedom for all.

The Part I’m currently reading is from Freedom: Expanded Book 1: The Biology titled Moses, Christ and Plato. It’s a fascinating read to say the least. These are the true ‘Three Wise Men’ I think. They were the exceptional denial free thinking prophets who curbed the increasing levels of upset caused as humanity’s corrupting search for knowledge progressed. Each influencing the wellbeing of the world on such a grand scale, you get the feeling that we would have been truly stuffed without their incredible vision and life long efforts.

Jeremy begins by explaining the four main strategies humans developed to contain the increasing levels of upset brought on by the human condition and then describes how Moses, Christ and Plato influenced those strategies by providing civilisations with ‘order’, ‘realignment’ and ‘orientation’ as ways to live and cope with life until the full explanation of the human condition was found. But it doesn’t end there! He then goes on to explain why these men were able to do that, defining and demystifying in extraordinary depth the lives of these prophets, how they lived and what they endured. This full and completely demystifying truth makes what they achieved even more incredible and as I said an absolutely fascinating read.

And it doesn’t matter what bit of FREEDOM  I read, if it’s about gifted humans who made one heck of a contribution, or about how upset we’ve become, the whole story of life on Earth has been written truthfully and everyone’s efforts have been heroic, and I’m left feeling orientated and aligned, my heart thumping with excitement knowing the future is now looking absolutely fabulous.

The final two paragraphs from Moses, Christ, and Plato give just a small example of what I have been attempting to convey:


“With understanding of the human condition we can now appreciate that every human who has ever lived and therefore every civilisation that has ever existed contributed fully to the journey to our species’ final liberation from the horror of the human condition. Some individuals, generations, races and civilisations were more innocent than others and could make exceptional contributions from that position, but being more innocent only meant that they had not yet participated in the great battle to defeat ignorance which humanity as a whole was waging. With understanding of the human condition we can know that no one is inferior or superior, only differently exhausted from their different position in the great battle that humanity as a whole has been waging. In fact the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ disappear from the conceptualisation of ourselves and therefore from our languages. With understanding of the human condition we can know that all humans are equally wonderful beings–and since we all, humanity as a whole, won the great battle against ignorance and finally championed nature’s greatest invention, the fully conscious mind, it follows that humanity as a whole is the absolute hero of the story of life on Earth. Humanity achieved the greatest success imaginable. This is the end of all doubt and uncertainty about our species’ worthiness, in fact this is the time for the most wonderful celebration the world has ever seen!”


Happy reading!


This Blog Post was written by Felicity on July 20, 2013


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