Transcript of Annette Williamsen’s video on why she started the WTM Canada West Coast Centre


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Annette Williamson speaking to camera


Welcome to the World Transformation Movement Canada West Coast Centre! My name is Annette Williamsen and I look forward to meeting you. I’m so pleased to be founding the first of what I’m sure will be a number of WTM Centres in Canada. In November 2018 I embarked on a powerful and illuminating journey of understanding when I read Jeremy Griffith’s books FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, A Species In Denial, Transform Your Life And Save The World and Beyond The Human Conditionand I started watching the Introductory Videos on the WTM website. They all presented me with such profound clarity that I was eager to engage with others who were discovering Jeremy’s insights. I contacted the WTM to ask if there was a group of supporters in my area and from there began the process of founding the Canada West Coast Centre.

I grew up in the wilderness along British Columbia’s coast along the inside passage. We were self-sustaining, living off the land close to nature. I was brought up with a religious background but was seeking for deeper truths. I was home-schooled and felt very blessed. But as I got older I needed to understand life beyond what faith could offer and so I embarked on a quest for truth. I studied Greek and Hebrew, trying desperately to unravel the metaphors and stories. Clinging to values and morals, yet never satisfied. I read history books and scientific literature in search of answers but none of them could complete the picture. Until I read Jeremy’s book FREEDOM!

It was in reading FREEDOM that for me, with its biological explanation that provided the missing link, it just connected all the dots. The clarity for me was so profound. It is the biological explanation of the human condition that removes the fear, takes it awaywe don’t have to live there anymore. So please read the literature, watch the videos, see what this man has to say. I guarantee you it will not be a waste of your time. It has been a truly relieving, refreshing, immense, and all-encompassing journey for me! One that I’ve shared with my beautiful 14-year-old daughter as she listens to the information and asks me questions that I can now answer, and with my partner who shares my thirst for understanding. It has enriched our relationships immeasurably.

Becoming a member of the WTM has given me a great sense of global community and global family. It’s like becoming a part of this wonderful group of people who are all focussed on this one thing, which is humanity and human goodness, even though we’re half-way around the world, we can reach out and have open and honest discussions. And to feel safe in asking any question; I think that’s the beauty of the WTMthe openness and willingness, and I want to come alongside you and help; help humankind; help mankind be kinder and gentler and recognize that we are all intrinsically good people. We don’t need to live in fear anymore.

So it’s with tremendous enthusiasm that I’m starting the WTM Centre here on the West Coast to share this transforming knowledge in our part of the world as we dance out of Plato’s Cave together. So my fellow Canadians, I cannot encourage you more to take a look at this amazing information on the WTM’s website at www.humancondition.comand please get in touch with me if you have any questions, or just to say hello. I especially encourage you to watch the introductory videos and read the most astonishing book on the planet, FREEDOM, as I can assure you ignorance is not bliss but FREEDOM isso Let’s GO!