Addendum 1 – Humanity is coming home


Civilised freedom of expression and individualism, sustained by the incentives of materialism and capitalism, are what maintained humanity’s heroic search for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the psychologically rehabilitating understanding of the human condition, that now allows for humanity’s joyous return home to soundness.


A group of escatic people running down a road extending to the horizon over green hills toward a brilliant rising sun

Understanding leads to the utopia of the rehabilitation of humans



Whereas Marxism’s pseudo idealistic, dogmatic imposition of politically correct, cooperative and selfless behaviour that is supposed to bring about a better world actually stifled and oppressed the freedom of expression and individualism needed to find the psychologically rehabilitating understanding of the human condition, and so only led to terminal alienation and the homeless and lawless end of civilisation.


Drawing of people looting and burning a shop alongside the homeless and a long tent camp under the Golden Gate, San Franscisco California

Dogma leads to the dystopia of lawlessness, unbearable psychosis and homelessness



Having in the last century taken up the position at the forefront of humanity’s heroic search for knowledgebeing, as its national anthem says, ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’means the United States will also be suffering greatly from the psychological upset that that search produces, like countries that previously led that heroic search have already experienced in the ‘peaked to decadent’ cycle. And with mass communication being so powerful now, the whole world has been influenced by the United States’ great burst of creativity and the accompanying escalation in psychosis, which means that the world would follow what is happening in the United States if understanding of the human condition hadn’t been found. And what we see happening there, especially in states like California that are at the cutting edge of the United States’ ‘progress’, is the adoption of the most advanced forms of ‘makes-you-feel-good-but-is-actually-extremely-deluded-and-dangerous’ pseudo idealism to artificially relieve psychosis. The land of the free and brave is becoming the land of the psychologically exhausted where the jackboot of dogma is leading to a zombie world of soul-dead darkness and human extinction. The ‘love-in there in the streets of San Francisco, gentle people with flowers in their hair’ sung about only a short while ago in 1967 by Scott McKenzie has become the defiled streets of psychotic people with torture in their brains. ‘California dreamin’ (The Mamas & the Papas, 1965) is now California leavin’! San Francisco is being referred to as ‘Sanfransicko’, and being at the leading edge of where the rest of the world is heading, ‘SICK’ is what the whole human race is plunging towards! What a relief then that the rehabilitating, transforming understanding of the human condition has been found!


A group of menacing and demonic zombies approaching

Zombie street parades (see video in F. Essay 1), which have become
popular of late, are an exorcism, a letting out, of the truth that the
human race is entering the endgame state of terminal psychosis.



A former speaker of the US House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, spoke the truth about what has really been going on when he said about the Left that ‘these are people who need therapy. We try to deal with this as though it’s a political problem. It’s not. It’s a mental health problem. These people are crazy’ (Hannity, Fox News, 20 Dec. 2021). The irony is that what the Left are doing is therapy, they are trying to relieve themselves of extreme human-condition-stricken agony by finding causes that make them feel good about themselves. The problem is it’s dangerously dishonest artificial therapy, not the real ‘therapy’ that Gingrich is recognising they needwhich, mercifully, is now available.


The horrific levels of delusion and selfishness involved in the real-progress-towards-understanding-ending, civilisation-destroying culture of the PC, woke Left was captured by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world’s famous comments that ‘At its heart, wokeness is divisive and exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean [psychologically upset] people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue’ (2021), and the ‘Woke mind virus is the biggest threat to civilization’ (2022). We can only hope that Musk ends up buying Twitter! But, as I’ve carefully described in this book, the desperate need for artificial relief from the agony of the human condition has become so great that such extremely dangerous delusion has been necessary. The race between self-destruction and self-understanding had absolutely reached its end point! The philosopher Antonio Gramsci got it right when he wrote that ‘The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appears’ (Prison Notebooks, 1927-1937). The breakthrough of someone finally confronting the unconfrontable issue of the human condition and by so doing allowing to ‘be born’ the understanding of our corrupted condition has come not a moment too soon!


With regard to Musk’s SpaceX enterprise, I would like to say to Elon that the real frontier is not outer space but inner space, the issue of the human condition. Outer space was a necessary distracting escape, but the way forward now that understanding of the human condition has been found is back to our soul’s world of soundness, real togetherness and real happiness. Also, I would like to make the point about Elon’s brilliant technological innovations, and about the advances being made in Artificial Intelligence, which I know Elon is concerned about, that playing God with ever more sophisticated technology while we couldn’t even confront God (Integrative Meaning) and were living in complete denial of how psychotic we are, was a potentially very dangerous pursuit.


Finally, with regard to the finding of this human-race-saving understanding of the human condition occurring in Australiadue to its relative isolation from all the upset in the world, Australia really is the last bastion of the innocence needed to take up the role from the United States of continuing humanity’s heroic search for knowledge, and (with innocence in Australia, and time in general, rapidly running out) hopefully taking that search to its conclusion, as it in fact has. In chapter 9:11 of FREEDOM I have written at some length about this critical role of Australia. Most extraordinarily, I include in paragraphs 1265-1272 the Nobel Laureate Albert Camus’s 1940 essay The Almond Trees in which Camus all but says that first principle, reconciling biological explanation of the human condition will be found in Australia. He states that ‘men have never ceased to grow in the knowledge of their destiny’, which is to ‘overcome our condition’, ‘find those first few principles’ that will ‘stitch up what has been torn apart’. He then prophetically writes how we must not give in ‘to despair’, that despite ‘nations poisoned by the misery of this century…​[who have] utterly surrendered to that evil which Nietzsche called the spirit of heaviness [psychosis/​depression], and ‘the vastness of the undertaking’, ‘I turn towards those shining lands where so much strength is still untouched. I know them too well not to realize that they are the chosen lands where courage [to defy all the dishonest denial in the world] and contemplation [denial-free, honest thought] can live in harmony.’ I know that ‘through the virtue of its whiteness and sap, [its innocent soundness, it] stands up to all the winds from the sea [stands up to the immensely dishonest and deluded pseudo idealism in the world]. It is that which, in the winter for the world, will prepare the fruit [solve the human condition and bring humanity home to peace and sanity].’