Death by Dogma:


The biological reason why the
Left is leading us to extinction,
and the solution


1. Summary


The Left’s dogmatic insistence that everyone behave in a cooperative and loving way makes its advocates feel good but it oppresses and stifles the freedom of expression and individualism needed to find knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, the redeeming understanding of the human condition that actually brings about a cooperative and loving world. Dogma is not the cure, it’s the poison because it blocks the search for the rehabilitating understanding of ourselves that’s needed to actually save the world. George Orwell’s famous prediction that ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face [the human mind] for ever’ was about to come true but, mercifully, science has finally made it possible to explain the human condition and so save us from this makes-you-feel-good-but-is-actually-horrifically-selfish-and-deluded left-wing threat of the Death by Dogma extinction of our species! (Note, a powerful, slightly longer, illustrated summary of this book can also be found in Addendum 1 at the end of the book.)


2. Introduction


To present the biological explanation for why the left-wing’s postmodern, deconstructed, politically correct, Marxist, woke, critical theory culture is rapidly leading to our species’ extinction, and not to utopia as its supporters delude themselves it will, I first need to briefly summarise what I explain in THE Interview (TI) at www.humancondition.com. TI has proved to be such a good introduction to the explanation of the human condition that it is the ideal starting point for any analysis of the human conditionand why it needs to be listened to or read before reading this book Death by Dogma. Indeed, Professor Harry Prosen, the former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, described TI as ‘the most important interview of all time because it turns all the conventional knowledge about human existence on its head with its recognition of the original cooperative and loving innocence of our species’.


Yes, being able to at last explain the good reason why we corrupted our species’ original all-loving and all-sensitive, innocent instinctive self or soul (which is essentially what TI presents) gives us the ability to at last admit that our species was once innocent, cooperative and loving, and what this does is bring about such a fundamental change in all our thinking that virtually all our knowledge has to be re-presented in a whole new way. Basically, all the dishonest denial the human race has been employing to cope with the until now unbearable truth of our corrupted, ‘fallen’, good-and-evil-afflicted condition goes, and since that denial has been central to all our thinking, all our thinking suddenly changes. As we are about to see, a whole new truthful reconciled, redeemed and rehabilitated world suddenly opens up, and everything about our existence becomes clear.