8. The development of truthless Postmodern Deconstructionism and Political Correctness


So while the levels of alienation among those born after 1982 had become so extreme that any engagement with deeper meaningful thinking had become virtually impossible, those born in the decades leading up to that time were also approaching these extreme levels of alienation, and being so alienated and insecure about their extreme level of upset, a form of pure ‘idealism’ had to be developed for those born during those years and beyond where any confrontation with the, by now, extremely confronting and depressing moral dilemma of the human condition was totally avoided. This need for a totally guiltless, non-confronting form of deluded ‘idealism’ that enables a person to feel they are doing good and are an upset-free, ‘I don’t suffer from the human condition’, good person was met by the development of the POLITICALLY CORRECT MOVEMENT and its intellectual equivalent, the POSTMODERN DECONSTRUCTIONIST MOVEMENT. These were pure forms of pseudo idealistic dogma that fabricated, demanded and imposed equality in complete denial of the reality of the underlying issue of the reasons for the different levels of alienation between individuals, sexes, ages, generations, races and cultures. For example, the politically correct argue that the children’s nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep is racist and must instead be recited as ‘Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep’! (The Telegraph, 24 Jan. 2008.)


Three flights of stairs drawn so as to create an optical illusion of a continous and endless loop



Postmodernism has been described by a journalist as ‘a bewilderingly complex school of continental philosophy, or pseudo-philosophy’ of ‘intellectual assumptions[that] truth is a matter of opinion, there is no real world outside of language and hence no facts independent of our descriptions of them’ (Luke Slattery, The Australian, 23 Jul. 2005). While language is artificial it nevertheless models a real world, so to say that just because language is artificial there can be no universal truths is ridiculous, but when the need to escape the truth becomes desperate, any excuse will do; just baffle the world, and yourself, with intellectual baloney. In his 2001 book, The Liar’s Tale: A History of Falsehood, Jeremy Campbell described ‘postmodern theory’ as having elevated ‘lying to the status of an art and neutralised untruth’. It ‘neutralised untruth’ because by denying the existence of the whole issue of humans’ variously upset state it made any discussion of such differences impossible.


Book cover of ‘The Closing of the American Mind’ with a light bulb on a black background



In his insightfully titled 1987 book, The Closing of the American Mind, the political scientist Allan Bloom wrote of the devastating effects of teaching the extremely dishonest, pseudo idealistic postmodern, deconstructionist thinking in universitiesas summarised in this book review: ‘we are producing a race of moral illiterates, who have never asked the great questions of good and evil, or truth and beauty, who have indeed no idea that such questions even could be asked…​As Mr Bloom says…“deprived of literary guidance they [students] no longer have any image of a perfect soul, and hence do not long to have one. They do not even imagine that there is such a thing”…​If the classics are studied at all in the universities they are studied as curiosities in the humanities departments, not as vital centres of the liberal tradition, and not as texts offering profound insight into the human condition’ (Greg Sheridan, ‘The Closing of Our Minds’, The Australian, 25 Jul. 1987). Of course, the whole point of the postmodern, politically correct culture was to avoid ‘the great questions’ about our species’ all-loving and all-sensitive, original instinctive self or ‘soul’ and what has happened to it, namely the question of our self-corruption and resulting denial/​alienation/​psychosis, the issue of ‘good and evil’, ‘the human condition’, ‘truth’.


Yes, the determined denial of humans’ variously immensely corrupted condition in the politically correct, postmodern, deconstruction movements meant that instead of persevering with humanity’s heroic search for knowledge and finding the true instinct vs intellect explanation of the human condition that actually reconciles and thus ‘deconstructs’ the good versus evil dialectic and, by so doing, takes humanity beyond or ‘post’ the existing upset, ‘modern’, human-condition-denying, dishonest, unreconciled world to a human-condition-understood-and-ameliorated, upset-free, ‘correct’ one where everyone lives cooperatively and lovingly, as these movements in effect claimed they were doing, they were leading humanity further away from that solution and ideal state.


For immensely upset humans, however, the limitation of politically correct, postmodern deconstructionist movements was that the focus was very much on relieving yourself of the guilt of your corrupted condition by, in the extreme, eliminating the whole idea of truth. What was needed was a program that focused more on the progression of the whole human race towards a more ideal statea feel-good, virtue-signalling philosophy that contrived a way (because it couldn’t be achieved honestly by facing the truth of our corrupted condition and by so doing actually solving that condition with redeeming understanding) to transport the human race from its competitive and aggressive state to a more just and ‘equitable’ world where all humans lived cooperatively, selflessly and lovingly.


Basically, because the upsetting battle to find understanding of ourselves had all become too unbearable, there was a shift from just wanting personal guilt-free relief to wanting to create a whole new world; to ‘reset’ the whole foundations of society. ‘Enough suffering, let’s just get out of the horror world we live in and create a new happy and loving world, let’s fake it to make it’ was the thinking. As we will see, while Marxism had largely been avoided because we intuitively knew it oppressed the freedom humans needed to search for knowledge, this great need for a philosophy that took the whole human race to a more cooperative and loving state led to the resurrection of Marxism’s dogmatic imposition of cooperative and loving behaviour.


What was actually subconsciously ‘decided’ was that the upset in yourself and in the world had become so great that, even if it was fraudulently achieved, the dream that all humans have held deep within them that one day a new world free of our competitive and aggressive human condition would be possible simply had to be implemented. That is essentially what happenedit was subconsciously decided that the great goal of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry of bringing an end to the corrupted state of the human condition and our return to idyllic Eden had to be faked. But, as we will see, what was manufactured was so utterly dishonest and deluded it was taking humanity straight to extinction! This fraudulent, outrageously dishonest, incredibly dangerous contrivance is CRITICAL THEORYwith its offshoots of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Critical Gender Theory, and their manifestations of ‘Identity Politics’, ‘Woke’ ideology, ‘Cancel Culture’, and the ‘Great Reset’ of society.


Before explaining Critical Theory, the progression of the biological arguments that eventually led to the resurgence of Marxism needs to be described.