An exciting new and revised video series
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This blog post was written by WTM Admin on 22 December 2016


Back in November a powerful new video series was added to the top of our homepage. This video series has now been further refined and made even more accessible and helpful to viewers.

The new video series includes the addition of a fabulous new 8 minute video by Tony Gowing titled ‘The transformation of the human race!’. This new video explains the wonderful transforming effect of these understandings on both the individual and the wider world.


The full video series includes:


  • Video 1. Why understanding the human condition solves everything (5 min)
  • Video 2. The false savage instincts excuse (4 min)
  • Video 3. The biological explanation of the human condition (10 min)
  • Video 4. The transformation of the human race!! (8 min)
  • Video 5. About the human condition (13 min)
  • Video 6. The biology (8 min)
  • Video 7. Introductory talk (59 min)


Transcripts of this video series are also available, along with the ability to download the videos for offline viewing. So we hope you enjoy this wonderful ‘Christmas feast’ of human-condition solving, relieving and transforming viewing!

Access the videos and transcripts here

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WTM Admin

This Blog Post was written by WTM Admin on December 22, 2016


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