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The following is a sample of quotes that have been appearing on Facebook in response to readers discovering Jeremy Griffith’s latest book: ‘FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition’.

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This book is a true life changer and much needed mind opener

The best description of Christ I have ever read!

The ABSOLUTE SOLUTION to ending pain, suffering, selfishness, poverty, hate, war...

Comments by Adelric, USA:


Man, I’m learning so much from this book. It’s not the book itself that great but the message and compassionate study into things that us human beings refuse to talk about or legitimately diagnose. That’s why I’m been saying I highly recommended downloading or ordering this book. It will really transform the way you think about life and expose all the lies you were told growing up. This book hits hard in areas of truth that we are afraid to learn for ourselves.’ (<>)


‘Finishing up the last 2 chapters of this book; and I can’t thank Jeremy enough for his hard work and concern for a problem that has been unsolved since ancient times. This book is a true life changer and much needed mind opener.’ (<>)


I really recommend reading this book. Freedom: The End Of The Human Condition. Especially chapters 8 and 9 which are mind blowing and dead accurate.’ (<>)


‘Chapter 9 closes this book (Freedom: End Of HC), so I’m going to leave it up to you to discover chapter 9 yourself and do your own homework and analyzes; and as you read, get ready to have your mind blown. Incredible.’ (<>)




Comments by Michael, USA:


‘I did not need to be convinced. These truths are valid and make perfect sense. I understood from page one, word one. It is then [that] the uneasiness within is explained. And, it isn’t my fault! Or anyone elses!!!! That is freedom a clear path to healing. Finally.’ (<>.)




Comments by Diane, South Africa:


‘Wow, yippeeewe do have reason to be joyous…finally someone who could not only explain but prove what the “missing link” is. I actually feel saying “god” bless you, or universal blessings to you Jeremy is a major understatement. I’m afraid a simple but heart felt very big THANK YOU will have to suffice…I am most grateful to you and soon the entire world will be…I never thought that science, of all industries, would be the industry to produce a man, not just any man, but a kind caring loving biologist very thoughtful, selfless and much, much more, who would come up with the ABSOLUTE SOLUTION to ending pain, suffering, selfishness, poverty, hate, war etc.’ (<>)


A new dawn, a new day, my whole life back, in just one flash…Wow, I’m speechless. science and Jeremy’s soul combining to give us our so terribly needed missing knowledge, as well as the wonderful transformation that is now on offer…I now know what the issues are with others and can, for the very first time in my life, correctly perceive what the situation is. The definition that Jeremy provides us with for consciousness is just so apt…It took a very special person to…bring this all important message to us. All we have to do now is dump the baggage and support by living the message.’ (<>)




Comments by Jivka, Bulgaria:


This is the best description of Christ I have ever read! [response to FREEDOM ch 8:15] (<>)




Comments by Vasko, Australia:


[FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition is] hailed as the “holy grail” in human/biological/psychological understanding of the ‘human condition’ being held up as “the” long awaited answer and the most important information to emerge about humans on earth. So when one comes across hefty claims like these, obviously one is intrigued … I didn’t see it as a type of “woo woo” feel good notion of human compassion … it goes deeper into the guts of nature. There is also an interesting chapter on our struggle to understand, or to deny, the essential “ordering of matter in nature”, this is no “woo woo” inquiry into things, but questioning the essential scientific worldview we have not just about ourselves, but of the actual nature of matter and how things come to being in the universe… What’s radically different about this, is that it makes an explicit link between biological-psychological evolution, particularly insincts vs conscious thinking, and the answer it gives is radically different to anything so far. This idea or explanation has not been given so far, it is new. Although there have been many discussions about instinct vs conscious thought trying to understand them, the level of clarity about this has yet not be proposed this way … This is a radically new insight about this phenomenon.’ (<>)




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