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  • erpa96


    I am a 22 year old male, part of the so called Z-Generation mentioned in Jeremy’s book, and I’ve always believed that something is fundamentally wrong with the human race, and spent my time trying to look for some answers. However little by little (in hindsight, I wasn’t aware of it at the time) I was hiding my upset below self-delusion and corruption by taking drugs, drinking, manipulating people, and generally being horrible.

    However after reading Freedom, I wholeheartedly believe this is the saving insight that can heal the world. It has been so redeeming for me, yet I find myself appalled every day by everything I see and everything I used to be, and I find it really hard to follow these ideals and implement them in my life given that I have no idea how to act ideally. Usually I wouldn’t post online but I can’t think of anywhere else I can find people who have gone through the same experiences that I have. The transformation from being almost blind to total transparency has really hit me with the ‘culture shock’ mentioned by such a massive paradigm shift.

    My family I can’t talk to regarding the issues discussed in the book, as they typically my parents take the topic as a condemnation of their lifestyle (being that we are a middle class highly artificial family with nice cars and expensive clothes), and believe that all I need is a good Job and to ‘grow out of’ my opinions. My younger sister is an early teenager who is lost in a virtual dream as so many are now, obsessed with social media and every latest trend.

    My friends are my main source of comfort, but being the generation I am I can’t help but feel that I don’t know the real person that I am talking to being that we are all so alienated, and it upsets me that friendships break over a minor squabble as I can now see is because we are so psychologically distressed. If I try and introduce them into the issue of the human condition I am labelled as ‘mad’ or it is denounced as me ‘posing’ and trying to pretend to be interesting.

    Basically I really would like to ask for some advice on how to manage the clarity that’s flooded in when everything and everyone seems so desperate and sad around me, I would really appreciate some guidance. This whole Transformed Lifeforce state seems crazily overwhelming and I’m pretty much lost trying to make the change, all I am doing is drifting away from everything I knew. I’ve been this way for about 3/4 of a year now after finishing the book in January. What do I do?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Tony M
    Tony M

    Dear erpa96,

    My name is Tony Miall and I am a founding member of the WTM. I hardly know where to begin other than to say I found your post incredibly moving and it resonated with me very deeply. When you look at the world honestly even just for a second it is so upsetting and such the complete opposite of the way we intuitively expected the world to be when we were young. And when we see this upset starting to emerge in ourselves it makes life almost unbearable, it’s just the most torturous place to have to live. And what’s worse are the self destructive ways you’ve described we use to cope with this horrific situation. Most people quite sensibly decide to completely walk away from thinking about the whole depressing subject and as your parents advised “get a job and grow out of it” but if you decide to keep investigating, it invariably leads to more confusion and angst.
    So absolutely yes, “fundamentally something is wrong with the human race” but thank goodness finally we have the answers that can heal that agonizing state. In terms of the advice you seek, while it’s immensely relieving to finally understand the cause of all the upset in humanity, you are right, it is also the ‘future shock’ that Jeremy talks about. So we need to be patient and give ourselves time to adjust to these understandings knowing that the truth is here at last. And the Transformed state will start to emerge as all the upset within us subsides and the beauty of what it really means to be a human fills us with an optimism that has never existed before. Taking up the Transformed State will be so much easier when these ideas are accepted and the momentum carries the day but it can be very lonely as you are experiencing when you have little support around you because of the deaf effect problem. We have found that interaction and fellowship with others who appreciate this information incredibly beneficial in this pioneering stage, so it’s great that you’ve reached out with your post . We offer video calls for anyone who’d like to have a more personal discussion so I’d be really happy to talk with you if that’s something you’d like to do and you can email me anytime at We also have small group discussions and some of the guys are around your age and encounter the same difficulties and so talking to them could help immeasurably, so that’s something to think about too.
    The wonderful thing is that your time spent searching for answers has not been in vain and we will do all we can to help anyone who wholeheartedly believes this is the saving insight that can heal the world because that is exactly what this information will do.

    All the best


  • Chris

    Hi Erpa,
    welcome to the forums :)
    Reading your post resonated with me so much, My Names Chris, I am also a 21 year old male, I have been actively looking into Jeremy’s insights for the last 3 years, and have experienced everything you mentioned above. Initially, the shock seems almost too much, I didnt know how to behave or what to do, as you mentioned, everyones behaviour was pissing me off, and more so my own behaviour was as well. I didnt know how to participate with family or friends, as everything they were doing seemed obsolete. The important thing was for me to take a step back, relax, spend time digesting the information and not overly confronting myself and not taking everything to literally. Just taking joy in the fact that I truely found the REAL answers about us humans!

    It took me some time, but eventually I learned and understood that, we are the accumulation of 2 million years of heroic and necessary egocentricity, alienation and denial, adapted and habituated, as we searched for understanding, namely of ourselves and the world. So of course we are not going to be ideal! and we shouldnt worry about it, at all. It couldnt have been any other way, and the awesome news is that everything you and I are today, is HEROIC and FUNDAMENTALLY GOOD, not bad, and thats what FREEDOM focuses on. Jeremy has mentioned before, which I often use to straighten my head when im getting caught up in my personal situation – “if you wrestling, you’re going about it the wrong way”.

    Remember FREEDOM is a compassionate understanding, that defends every single one of us and provides a fully accountable explanation, through the instinct and intellect explanation, everything we are today was heroic, and we had no other choice, it very well saved our lives. The opportunity for all humans now, is to love their corrupt reality as we now have the means to defend it rather than fear it, naturally this will take time, so be patient and slowly delve into as much of jeremy’s work (videos, essays, podcasts etc.) and let yourself absorb and get accustomed to “the light” as you walk out of plato’s cave, it does take time. What comes to mind is when Jeremy quotes psychoanalyst Carl Jung who said “wholeness for humans depends on our ability to love the dark side of ourselves”

    I can confidently say Im able to enjoy family and friends better then ever! because I dont have to get caught up in my own shit anymore, and more so I can start to love every un ideal aspect about them! rather than hate it, it makes them feel great to and more incline to listen to what I have to say. Slowly but surely, you will be able to compassionately understand the corrupt reality within yourself and the world, and then you never have to look at it again. You can begin to live free, because you can defend yourself and everyone around you as good through science, leaving the need to constantly be retaliatory, defensive and insecure behind (which will happen on its own, dont force it!)

    I hope this helps, I may have rambled a little but just wanted to share what came to mind,
    If you want to email or video call someone your age and discuss further just contact one of the admins who can give you my details and we can organise, but most importantly rest assured that it absolutely does get easier, as the logic gets stronger in your brain you will be able to relax and feel more reassured then ever before, just keep doing what you’re doing, you’ve already done an incredible job to come so far on your own.

  • erpa96

    Thanks to both of you, I think I just need more time to adjust to this way of living. Chris you have pretty much spelt out how I feel at the moment in your first paragraph.

    Every couple of weeks I feel like I drop another weight off me and become slightly more assured. However it just causes me to be more quiet and reserved, even mute in some situations, as if I don’t need to participate as I already ‘know’ and can deconstruct everything, sort of like a weird superiority complex. I’m just worried that I have lost my natural compassion as I’ve never experienced it. Is it possible to be past the tipping point after being so corrupt for my entire living memory?

    I guess I’ll come back to this/one of the admins in a few months and see if anything has changed. I appreciate the comments though.

  • Tony M
    Tony M

    Dear Erpa96,

    It’s wonderful that you’re feeling the weight drop off you and yes, it is incredible being able to understand the human condition and suddenly all our behavior becoming transparent. So the feelings you’re having are understandable as the information is SO liberating and empowering, it’s just that it takes time for it all to settle in. You don’t need to worry about having lost your natural compassion — remember that our sense of love, togetherness and empathy for one another has been with us for millions of years, much longer than we’ve been suffering from the human condition. That is our true and natural state and the truth is we all desperately want to get back there, and now we can, after some initial adjustment, so I’d say your feelings are just a result of a lot of adjusting and are completely natural. Chapter 9:9 in FREEDOM talks about how adopting the Transformed State is the answer to the difficulty of adjusting to the truth when we’re so upset/corrupted from the effects of the human condition and how it can quickly repairs us and the world. I can certainly relate to feeling very angry towards the world before I had this information, to the point of almost going out of my way to be offensive and antagonistic to get some sort of genuine response from people. So possibly this defiance/refusal to give in is quite strong in you. What comes to mind that may explain your situation is what Jeremy refers to as the ‘ship at sea’ strategy to life and it may give you some help in understanding your personal situation in the world a bit more. If you haven’t already read Freedom Essay 30 about Resignation it explains that some adolescents refuse to properly resign and take up the strategy of denial of the issue of the human condition that almost everybody else does. They courageously keep facing it, refuse to ‘pull into a port’, as it were, and escape the storms of confrontation with the real horror of the human condition, which does produce a torturous existence. The founders of WTM Austria and Zambia, Stefan and Franklin, are both ships at sea and Jeremy did a great talk with them explaining the unresigned position you can watch here: Jeremy elaborates more on the ship at sea position in his 2003 book A Species in Denial which you can read here if you’d like:
    I think the key is in what you said, that you just need more time to adjust to the enormity of the shock/change. It’s a common stage for people who can access this as deeply as you are for you to be feeling the things you are, when suddenly everything becomes transparent, but as you continue to ‘thaw out’ and relax in your new knowledge you will begin to see how it all works and what to do with it and the compassion this gives us will naturally come through in you, because this information does breathe life and love back into us all no matter how upset or corrupt we may be. The beauty of the transformed way of living is that it’s a universal solution, for everyone.
    Anyway erpa96 by all means take your time to keep reading and settling in and the offer of a call is always open.

    All the best,

  • Tommy

    Hi erpa96. Your post was deeply moving and I’m so glad you have reached out on this forum. I’m glad someone younger replied to your post as I’m female and a lot older than you but to a large extent this amazing information negates these gaps as we have all been suffering the same human condition and now all thankfully coming in from that cold, horrid ‘cave’/ denial-filled life. To be honest I wish I could give you a huge hug! But I know ultimately this information is that for us all, so redeeming and life-saving as you say, and finally we have safe and solid and loving ground to stand on and to begin to spread our wings. This information is the full truth about humans and it will spread across the globe like wildfire, there’s no doubt about that, but to begin with it does have a slow start. All new ideas do, but this one has a particularly slow start as it explains our own behaviour which is confronting, and our denial is thick, as you seem to be experiencing from those around you. From what you have written I think you are doing extraordinarily well managing everything and you just need to connect with others who are supporting this. The Transformed Lifeforce State is actually really simple and it is ultimately the most beautiful solution for humanity going forward. The fundamentals are that we know we, and the whole human race is finally biologically explained and defended and that knowledge turns everything around and ultimately puts us all in a very powerful position but, as you’ve said, that takes some time to adjust to. I’d really recommend signing up to the WTM mailing list on the homepage so you can receive the Freedom Essay series and any WTM Updates.

  • erpa96

    Hi Tommy,

    I’ve read all the Freedom Essays already and it’s been helpful re-reading essentially the same information in a different format, it’s covered some stuff that I didn’t realiseI missed. I’ve just been feeling that as valuable as this understanding is I’ve only been able to think clearly and thoughtfully when I’m alone, when I get to seeing other people I end up having the same small boring conversations going round in circles asking how days went and how jobs are as if I haven’t changed at all, and I’m not bold enough to live how I want to live. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m having trouble finding empathy and pushing myself forwards into the transformed way of living. I also don’t get how you can reign in your mind and ‘not overly confront everything’ when it’s all my mind revolves around.

    Maybe I’m just wallowing in my sadness too much, I kind of feel lost trying to express it.

    • Tommy

      I remember this frustration stage very clearly myself because everything is so stark and in your face when you start seeing through yourself and everyone around you and it consumes your mind as your saying. And I really relate to the frustration of just slotting into my old, habitual ‘strategy’ or ‘role’ around my family and friends. It was like an automatic response that I felt I had no control over and I would get so disappointed with myself.

      So it is hugely disorientating to start with but it does settle down I promise. And what I’ve learnt is to see when I’m pushing myself too hard and to instead do the opposite and use the compassionate defence for this messed up person that I’m seeing, and to take the pressure off trying to ‘get to’ the Transformed State and just accept where I’m up to in my journey with this, in this huge pioneering time that we’re in, where this is still so new to us and to the world.

      It helps to keep remembering the scale of change being introduced here which is so easy to underestimate, especially when you first come across this. It comes back to what you and Tony said, allowing time for your new understanding to sink in because in doing that you will become stronger in yourself and in applying it in situations where your old habituated behaviour and codependencies are triggered. And I have discovered time and time again the more I back off myself in that way and maybe step away from reading the information so intensely for a while, the more my subconscious can absorb and access the compassionate macro picture of humanity’s incredible, heroic journey and that my and everyone’s upset and baggage is such a meaningful part of that.

      So I agree, being patient with and relaxing in this digestion phase you’re in, like everyone’s been saying is a really helpful focus.

      Imagine when the whole world is living in total selfless support for this information and the glorious new world?! As I’ve read and heard many times on the WTM videos and material, the momentum of that will carry any frailty and insecurity we have and sweep them away into utter insignificance because what we are all apart of is just so astonishingly magnificent, this sun of understanding rising higher and higher! The reality is obviously we don’t have that momentum yet but it doesn’t mean that the new world is not as real as that right now, and we can build momentum amongst the few of us who do know the significance of this and I can’t tell you how much strength and inspiration that gives me. Like writing to you now fills me with so much joy. Maybe you’re not ready for more direct contact but maybe there are some videos which may provide more support. I’ve put a couple of links below which really help me in that way. Honestly erpa96 if you could only see how well you are doing, it’s so obvious from where I’m sitting and I hope you don’t mind me saying that I send heaps and heaps of love and new world joy to you!

      Part 2 of this talk
      This global transformation meeting

  • Chris

    Hey erpa,
    I couldn’t help but thing back to this post today, when I was reflecting on how much this understanding has helped me manage and live freely in my daily life, and not be overwhelmed by the tide of competitive, selfish and egocentric behaviour existing in the world thanks to Jeremy’s incredibly compassionate and liberating explanation.

    I thought i’d touch base and see how you have been going with your family & friends and if you are starting to get more comfortable with the initially very confronting and overwhelming but also liberating and exciting clarity that Jeremy provides to the human situation?

    would love to hear back, and very open to sharing more insight into my own experiences with managing this new understanding in my brain and still living in a world owned by resignation. I find myself getting better, bit by bit, at managing the old world and my old world resigned self, with the new world now available to us, without getting overwhelmed or overly pressuring myself, and I think this is just a natural adjustment over time we get used to “the light” in this case the truth, and erode our historical fear or “deaf effect” to the subject of the Human condition.

    Hope all is going well

    Chris :)

  • Ari

    Wow absolutely fascinating.

    Erpa, I’m so happy that you came across this information when you did.

    I’m a 48 year old male with a wife, 4 kids and a world of responsibility and I get completely lost in the artificial world of fame, fortune and glory.

    I hope you continue to stay connected to this material.

    You need to think of humanity as somewhat ‘sick’ or as Jeremy describes it, in a state of psychosis.

    The actions around us are a symptom of an illness that is now 1.5 million years old.

    It was as necessary as it was tragic – but here we all are the cross roads.

    You appear to be one of the very few people who are able to read and understand the material very quickly which is absolutely brilliant for you (and for others).

    We are all amazing, heroes of our time and through the WTM we can talk to each other and rejoice at the opportunity to steer the ship back on course.

    I loved your posts and hope to be able to read some more some time soon.

  • erpa96

    Thanks for all of your posts, and it is nice to read that people are still interested in this thread, so I thought I’d come back and let you all know how I have been progressing.

    I recently had a moment where everything sort of fell into place, and I’ll try to do it justice by putting into words so bear with me. This is essentially my own personal evidence of proof for Jeremy’s work which hadn’t really hit me til then.

    I was walking outside when someone exited a metal gate and it slammed shut, I reacted to this but a nearby duck didn’t. It sounds completely insignificant but it triggered a realisation that the evidence for the Human vs Animal conditions were right there before me. The very fact that I can perceive and understand events that are happening beyond and not directly to me is the evidence that I have the sort of ‘selfless’ thinking or orientation, ie care for the world around me, whereas the duck was completely ignorant to the sound as it was not related directly to it so therefore it was completely inconsequential to care about it, an example of limiting selfish orientations in animals.

    Once that had happened, following on I realised the orientations we possess is apparently a double edged sword because with the ability to see and process the world around me then subsequently I have the ability to affect it in the way I choose, which is basically gives rise to the Instinct vs Intellect upset. This is where I truly appreciated that the Human Condition understandings were gospel, as I finally saw that the Intellect was born from the Instinct as a tree is born from its roots, and never deserved to be alienated or suffer to begin with.

    At that point my mind had stopped being like a rotating gyroscope of aimlessly flashing colours and almost like a plug finally fitting a socket grasped that everything in humanity is right where it should be, and has always been, and the heaven we talk about in religion is just a state of mind.

    Bit of a strange roundabout way of finally getting what was right there in front of me, and again this is all Jeremy’s work taking effect, but I just wanted to share my personal journey. Since then things are looking up. Every penny that drops is eroding the entire edifice of denial I hadn’t even been aware I’d been practicing.

    Thanks again for all of your messages and I’d love to hear any one else’s epiphany moments if they would be willing!

    • Chris

      Hey! great to hear back from you. I’m glad to hear you’ve been managing well with this amazing understanding we now all have access to.

      Yeah I can relate to your epiphany moment, it really is true that after reading freedom an delving deeper into the explanation of the human condition that Jeremy presents, we really get our brain back! seemingly obvious and basic processes and cause and effect now becomes clear to us when for so long it wasn’t but it was also right in front of us the whole damn time! haha, which is what makes Jeremy’s explanations just so precious. They basically tell us all what we’ve known deep down and been feeling, but haven’t had the ability to logically and scientifically explain ourselves and our divisive behaviours.

      I often look at nature now and wonder how many millions of years the mountains have laid there, and the rivers have flown, ignorantly peaceful waiting for natures grand experiment, Humanity, to return home knowingly (conscious) for the first time. I have a vision of war heroes laughing and celebrating that they can just leave all the equipment and fighting behind them, and just never look back. Onward they (humanity) marches toward the sunshine and a genuinely available optimistic and exciting future.

      I have found personally since we last spoke, that discussion helps erode the historical fear and confrontation talking about the human condition does, as well as provide an immensely desired fellowship based off honesty that has been desperately sought for, for so long. Talking with others has helped me heal more than anything, talking on these forums, attending the weekly global waver meetings and the quarterly global transformation meetings has helped me immensely with relaxing with the information, living in support of it without overly confronting every aspect (although this one i am still working on haha) and becoming more secure in the information which is where my core being now resides so I no longer have to be consumed by my extremely insecure state.

      So that’s a little update on me mate, but so awesome to hear from you again and that the new world is becoming clearer as time passes. keep marching towards the sun! it only gets better and better! :)

  • Stefan

    Hi erpa96,

    your ‘epiphany moment’ kind of reminds me of an observation I’ve made some time ago when watching a spider. It must have been night because it was dark outside when I left our garage at my parent’s home and I accidentally destroyed a spider’s web, which I only noticed a moment later as the motion detector switched on the light and I could see what happened. I saw the spider falling on the ground and was a bit frightened at first but as I calmed down and watched the spider crawl up on the wooden fountain right outside our garage, I could see that it just started building a new web. That’s not really extraordinary, but I remember standing there and saying half to myself and half to the spider, ‘you have no idea what you’re doing, do you?’

    It was such an insignificant event but I suddenly realised that animals (apart from those that are on the verge of becoming fully conscious) have of course no idea what they’re doing. The spider doesn’t get anything and it obviously doesn’t know it’s a spider and it doesn’t know it’s building a web and neither does it know why it’s doing it. It doesn’t understand anything and it doesn’t think at all and yet it’s doing all these supposedly clever things like building webs for catching flies which almost propels one to think it’s doing so knowingly. But it doesn’t know anything and that made me think of Integrative Meaning and how this process of integrating matter was and still is responsible for all the diversity of life we see on planet earth and beyond. I don’t know, but it felt like I was talking to ‘God’ that day, as which we came to personify this integrative process because we were so afraid of its implications for us humans. And that made me then think of just how ‘good’ we humans must really be or how perfectly integrated we must have once been to become fully conscious in the first place. You’ve said somewhere in your comments up there that you’ve read all the Freedom Essays and since you seem to have a really good access to this information, I’m sure you know about all the impasses life had to overcome to reach full integration within a species which would then allow this species to develop full consciousness and how that’s the ultimate proof for our fundamental ‘goodness’ despite all these atrocities we had to commit on our necessary but upsetting search for knowledge.

    Anyway, it was great reading all the comments in this thread and I was very much inspired to share my own little story above too, even though I’m not sure if it’s really adding anything to the discussion. I guess, part of the reason I’m sharing it is to point out just how extraordinary the human race really is, being the first ones to become fully conscious and been given the task of championing the intellect. It’s sometimes easy to forgot just how wonderful and marvelous we humans really are when we get lost in thinking about how alienated we have become, and I always find it very useful to zoom out and look at the bigger picture because then we can not only see the heroism in our lives but also how extraordinary meaningful the human race really is and how realising that will just melt away ‘the entire edifice of denial’ we have had to practice and which you mention in your comment.

    So thank you very much for sharing your experience as it’s a great example for how these ‘epiphany moments’ can help cement in Jeremy’s explanations in a very personal way.

  • Nicoletta

    Hi Erpa,

    I have read this thread multiple times and I just love reading all the ‘epiphany moments’ everyone has had and everyones journey battling with this new found, liberating truth about ourselves. The way you have explained your ‘epiphany moment’ is just so moving.
    Because after you connect with the whole truth about us humans, being conscious beings, and the struggle between our instincts and intellect and understanding our good and seemingly bad behaviour, but now knowing wholeheartedly that we are fundamentally all GOOD everything just becomes so much clearer. I love how you wrote, “the Intellect was born from the Instinct as a tree is born from its roots” because we did develop conscious through our instincts to be loving, selfless and compassionate, through the process of love indoctrination, where our selfishness to reproduce developed a conscious brain through our seemingly selfless love towards our children. It’s just incredible to know that our instincts was always seen as the ‘baddy’, supposedly savage and our intellect was viewed as the good. Yet when we find this true understanding about humans, we know that our instincts were all-loving and cooperative and our intellect/conscious mind needed to experiment and defy our instinct to search for understanding of ourselves. But now we can understand and reconcile the to states and just live in support of this truth to help us get everyone else out of the old world and into the new!

    I rambled on a bit but here’s my experience with this information and understanding and how it changed my view of the world. When I first understood this information, I wouldn’t call it an epiphany in a way, but my mind just changed from only thinking about preoccupying myself with my technology etc. from actually appreciating the world around me. From going on long car drives and playing on my DS or distracting myself in other ways, I began to actually look outside the window and appreciate the nature around me, like the beautiful blue oceans and the tall, vibrant green trees and the sunshine. I could tell I just wanted more and more of this missed beauty. This just shows how we DO instinctively remember a time of a loving, cooperative and compassionate life and that we haven’t forgotten the beauty of our souls world.

    It’s amazing that through this understanding we can really get ourselves out of our little bubble, and truly open our eyes to the world around us. We could never do this prior to having this understanding because for example, nature was too confronting about our corrupted reality, but now we can appreciate the beauty in nature, because we know we are beautiful and wonderfully good beings too.
    As Stefan said: “It’s sometimes easy to forgot just how wonderful and marvellous we humans really are when we get lost in thinking about how alienated we have become”. And this is true, that now we can look at the heroism within us all humans and not feel bad about ourselves anymore and just focus on how amazing humans are and the impact we have all played in finally solving the human condition!

    It’s just awesome to hear, Erpa, that slowly your deaf effect is eroding and by just constantly supporting this information and knowing that it is true and reading or watching this content will just keep on eroding more denial that we don’t know we even have. And I still experience the deaf effect on many occasions, but I can see that i’m slowly shedding some layers of denial each time I am really wanting to read or listen to this information. And as everyone says: The more you love this information, the more it will love you back! I just love that because it’s especially an easy comparisons to the deaf effect. The more you read or watch or talk to people, the more you get out of it because the deaf effect is not so strongly in play within your mind.

    Anyway, It’s just been awesome to hear how you’ve been going with this Erpa and also everyone’s great replies which I’ve loved reading.
    Keep on going strong with this, and everyone is here to help and support you whenever you need!

    Lots of Love,

  • angelaryan38

    Hi erpa96,

    Thank you for sharing your epiphany moment. Reading this thread was exceptionally moving for me. Hearing your experience and reading others responses is so powerful. I can honestly say that this topic, the understandings of our Human Condition is so emotional and so earth shattering, because of its raw honesty about ourselves as humans. Most of the time, it usually makes me well up with tears of mostly joy, sometimes sadness, and varying degrees of the other 42 human emotions scientists have discovered :) But, I am so grateful that I found the understandings in Jeremy’s works and be able to discuss them with the WTM. I am so glad that I am alive today to witness this monumental moment in our earths history, where everyone in the world will soon begin to understand the truth about us! For me, this is exactly the time that the prophets in the bible’s gospels and in other sacred texts were all talking about. It is reminiscent of what the people in the 60s generation of ‘peace, love and happiness’ were beginning to understand before that movement ended.

    I am 44-years old, but I remember when I was 21 and how at that exact age, when I was studying at university in America and I felt I needed to go on a quest to find the REAL answers. But at this time, I didn’t really know where to start so I turned to the religion of my youth. I really loved learning the stories in the bible, going to church and learning about Jesus and I felt inspired by these teachings. I wanted to believe that this would save me and the world. I mean, it had to right? It’s the bloody bible. If this wasn’t the answer, then what the hell was? But, then again, there was something deep within me that just didn’t feel satisfied. What I was reading in the bible was, as we know, very very truthful, it just was not sticking in my mind enough to transform me in the way that I was hoping. I then started reading countless self-help, personal development, and other spiritual ‘new-age’ books. I even turned to yoga! But still, nothing. And by then, I was already giving up. In fact, I did give up and I said to the world, ‘fuck you then, if you want me to resign, I’ll do it!’ And I resigned. I no longer went searching for the answers in any spiritual way. I felt that to survive I had to turn to intellectualism. I went to university, became a lawyer, worked in government policy and became sadder and sadder and more depressed and anxious than ever. What’s worse is that I began hating myself and everyone else! Yes, I was truly depressed and deeply saddened.

    And then, I can’t even begin to describe how or why but just in the nick of time, whilst going about my normal day to day life, still living in a fog, learning how to adjust to an unjust and horrible world, I happened to stumbled across Jeremy Griffith’s ‘FREEDOM’ in an obscure little book shop in a little Victorian town in Australia. The book colours were BOLD, the claims on the front cover were even BOLDER. But, I was so intrigued that I bought it and read it in two weeks (a testament to how completely desperate I guess I was). And there, finally, THE ANSWERS!!! Beautifully presented by Jeremy! My life has not been the same since, and I have been loving the freedom and wisdom! I treat everyone now with so much respect and so much compassion!!! I love everyone! And it will be truly a wonderful day when the whole world understands this information. It’s great, it is literally earth shattering for me.

    I hope I didn’t just waffle on! But, please know that you are in such good hands by the members of the WTM!!

  • Ari

    I don’t know if this was an epiphany moment or not Erpa, but let me tell you what happened to me a couple of weeks ago.
    I was having a shit morning at work dealing with problem after problem and was feeling really down and out. Something got into my head and said get on the wtm website and read – so I did.
    I started reading one of the freedom essays and whatever it was that I was reading (I don’t even know) resonated so openly and strongly with me, that I knew I was reading the truth. The truth about us! The truth about life! The truth about everything!
    So I started giggling at my desk. Then I started laughing loudly and uncontrollably. This went on for 3 or 4 minutes and I couldn’t stop. I realised the magnitude of what I was reading
    I then went back into the resigned world and performed my functions and duties in a state of ecstacy.
    I’m a traditional masculine ‘Alpha male’ adult Father and husband who started giggling.
    For the first time in my life I felt connected to the truth.
    What else can I say. True story.
    Hope we can talk soon.

  • That was an awesome experience Ari.It is great how you could have resigned finally to reading an essay and at the end of it, your spirit was lifted up and you were able to complete the the duties you were expected to perform in a state of ecstacy.

    Francesca Schmidt.