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  • lindelof

    Throughout history civilizations have declared wars for valuables, land and most of all resources. Even now in the 21st century dominant super power states are invading foreign lands for resources, profit for oil and weapon companies. And the population in these powerful nations are being fed by propaganda by the media against these “rogue nations” belief and their way of life as savages.

    These so called noble nations want to impose their imperfect laws to the rest of the world. And if these “rogue states” don’t follow these powerful nations laws or support them, then they either get sanctioned or bombed.

    wars will exist till then end of times. I’m not religious. But what some monotheistic religions say is true. example in Islam even the angels questioned why God would want to create humans who will spoil the earth and commit all kinds of atrocities.

    Humans are a unique species indeed. As the most intelligent species in the planet we should have avoided wars but instead our brains are used to create sophisticated weapons to murder innocent people and destroying the earth’s natural habitat.

    popular Science fiction always depicts overpopulation and earth being barren and lifeless due to humans and then humans building spaceship to find and colonize other habitable worlds. To me it sounds like we are trying to escape from our own mess. Before we start thinking about living in outer space maybe we should think about how to make this planet safe to live. Since it is the only planet we have to call home.

  • DaveH

    You can reword this question as, “Can ‘X’ ever completely cease to exist?”, and replace X with a myriad of upsets humans perform against each other daily, and yes the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living can eradicate these upsets.

    What you’re talking about here though isn’t ‘war’ but ‘fear’ based on false information given to us by a biased media influenced by big business. The scaremongering tells us that resources are short, which creates fear, which leads to aggression.

    Living within a Transformed society would eradicate the scaremongering lies and allow us to live with true knowledge of the resources available. By living and working in a transformed, nurturing, honest society we would naturally make an accurate catalogue of available resources in order to work collaboratively on creating beneficial progress for us all not just for the few.

  • RayA

    You’ve described the horror of our currnet situation fairly accurately indeed @lindelof!!

    But I agree with @daveh that everything changes when the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living is adopted. The insecurities and defences that old behaviour was once based upon has been addressed and resolved at the core level and is thus now made redunadant/obsolete. It’s a whole new paradigm. It takes some time to realise this – but when you do you see that all the horror of our current situation really can be resolved and a whole new existence made possible.

    Always an interesting and thought provoking discussion!!

  • Mike

    Within the physical realm, I think not. Can we venture within to the barely explored terrain of our minds and connect with the source energy where pure potentiality originates..I believe we can live in total peace and harmony with each other as we are absolutely connected, connected to everything, to the life force life of all living things. The wars in our minds and being prisoners of our thoughts project and manifest physical wars, the death of the physical and possibly the death of our psyche, the choice is ours as we have been given free will.