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    • Nicoletta

      So I am about to start school in a few days and usually I would go to the new year dreading going back into routine and leaving the fun, relaxing holidays for boring school. So despite being told this before, as usual my deaf effect allows me to forget good tips or information a lot and needs constant reminders, and through discussion I was reminded to focus on “building the new world” in my life and in me.

      So I have decided to go into my school year with a better attitude and take on the tasks as they come, but keep in mind that I am doing this for the new world: to do school and try my best in it, because I know that I will eventually need to build my stable base for the future to also be able to support this life saving understanding. But also now through the understanding of the human condition, I am able to feel less overwhelmed by school and not get stressed so easily by the imposed ideals of school and needing to prove my self worth through test marks and leader roles etc. because I, and we all, are fundamentally good! and having this frame of mind, for the new world, is just a small reminder of this that we do need to get on with our jobs and school, but we can do these tasks without feeling like we need to prove ourselves each day, but know we are good and can do it by supporting the new world within and around us.

      By doing things for the new world, like going into school more enthusiastically my mood is changed from dread to enthusiasm and excitement because I know that what I am doing and the way I’m doing it… for the new world… allows me to get on with the necessary tasks in life but remain in a less stressed state of mind, and become less caught up in the old world and the stress that goes with it.

      By having this simple change of mind and applying meaning to my small tasks in life, including doing jobs around the house etc I can still remain calm and not get annoyed so easily because I know that this is just another step into building my soul and helping my journey of transformation.

      I may have repeated myself a bit but I’d love to hear some other peoples view on this and if you have other ways of changing your attitude or approach to school or work please share it :)

      Kind regards,
      Nicoletta :)

    • Roger

      Wow Nicoletta that was well said, I think you have a really clear view of how this information can turn your life around entirely with one decision … the decision to support it.

      Whilst I finished school a while ago I can relate to a lot your comments about it.

      I remember a couple of years ago making the same decision … basically to use this understanding of the Human Condition to approach life as best I can knowing that some how it will help support my transformation and the transformation of the world.

      Using this information gives those tasks in life like work for me, and school for you, meaning or purpose … as you said to create a ‘stable base … to be able to support this life saving understanding’.

      It could be something as simple as your enthusiasm inspiring other people or posting a comment like this so I can see I’m not the only person that is able to help by virtue of using / supporting this information and that taking us one step closer to a transformed world.

      I think you’re going to have an amazing year and I’ll look forward to following it if you post some comments about your journey.

    • Nicoletta

      Thanks Roger.
      Yep there’s definitely something amazing and powerful about supporting this movement and being able to do things with meaning.
      Just to think about a transformed world that we will live in and flourish in one day always gives me excitement and strength to continue supporting this and loving it

      Nicoletta :)

    • Carlos

      Very cool Nicoletta, and very inspiring. What a way to kick off the new year – by living for a new world!

    • marto

      loved reading your post Nicoletta! it’s really astonishing how much “mental junk” we carry around in our heads which causes us all kinds of angst and stress and is very preoccupying as you say. So how refreshing to read about how you’re calmly and steadily building your life around this truthful explanation of ourselves, and how much meaning there is for you in doing that. thanks for posting – it’s very helpful and inspiring. loved it!

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