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    Below are a few of my online responses to people, where I tried to connect what they said(which I didn’t copy) with the WTM.
    I’ve got some responses, but haven’t kept track, as I’m currently just making this stuff up as I go…
    Give some feedback, contribute how you’ve shared, I just remembered to copy my responses talking to people online or commenting on a post they made and put them in a folder. Whenever I remember, I’ll continue to collect and post my stuff, if nothing else, just to see how repetitive I am.:) —————–

    Ha! Me too! Freedom is a good way of putting it.:) So many people skip Galt’s Speech, it can be confronting… Which is good, acknowledging what is, is freedom. Freedom from denial.:) There is another book of Reason, that produces an even greater freedom effect than A.S., it’s not a novel, but, to me has many similarities to Galt’s Speech and goes deeper than the “inverted morality” as the cause of this mess we find ourselves in. A biologist has explained the human condition, which gives rise to Ayn Rand’s “inverted morality” and explains it in rational, logical terms. This book is titled FREEDOM, by Jeremy Griffith. The website has a bunch of short or long videos. I recommend watching at least through the section where Jeremy Griffith uses migrating birds as an analogy to illustrate what we humans have been through since acquiring the ability to think. The website:


    That still perpetuates the same ol’ war. This biologist had discovered an explanation for all the bullshit that is the human condition, it’s worth a look:

    This is a step up for most people, however, it’s still a way to have the last word and feel righteous about it… That’s all I meant by the same ol’ war…


    That’s Great! I feel it, like an experience.:) Sir, I would like to introduce you to an idea. A biologist has explained “the human condition”, it’s scientific, logical and rational, just like a real explanation should be. I think you will find this will dovetail in with your thoughts on awareness and evolution, there are short videos for an introduction to the book:


    You are, however, a man of influence and apparently a man of reason.
    I’m 52 years old and I’ve been looking for a answer/ solution to the human condition we find ourselves in since I was a kid, I even tried religion for a week or so, but, I only have faith in things that are real.
    What ever you are up to, I’m sure it’s important and so the only reason I intrude on your time is I’ve found something solid, the only cost, is the time it takes to understand this explanation of the way we humans are. It’s the real shit man. If you take the time to really get this logical idea, you may feel physical sensations, may laugh out loud, while crying, ha! No shit!/ It lays everything bare… Enough said, they give away their book online and have some corny videos too, here:

    I don’t go for politics either way, hypocrisy is rampant wherever you look. Politics is a schism within a schism, which is, the outward expression of the schism inside each of us. Any real change has to come from inside the individual and satisfy that individual’s mind that the Creator gave them. (no invisible man in the sky required.:)) If you can get through the Deaf Effect, or are one of the 10% that don’t experience it, these people have scientifically explained the divide within us and with that understanding, the divide disappears, no shit! Check it out:


    It is, but in most people there is a divide. A divide that keeps most people at war within themselves.
    Thank you for what you do, you may find what what this organization has, to be of immense value to you, it is science, so no belief is needed.


  • Zzantor

    I had to laugh at one of my friends comments about my happiness, “As long as it’s not manic”, ha! I, at one point, had considered that possibility and I suppose time will tell, but, I know this is more than a mood, because I still have bad moods, ha! It’s like waves on the ocean surface, what matter is that to the whole ocean? I didn’t come up with that analogy, but, it fits.
    As part of my thank you, that also fulfills my purpose…
    I found SOMETHING. If you take the time to read some of the materiel, watch some of the short videos and actually use your critical thinking ability, to put the ideas to the test. I know you will be interested! We’re Home dude!!!:)


    Religion is a refuge from the upset in the world, it’s good, but, the underlying cause of the upset remains un explained, until now! A logical biological explanation for the way we humans are, by its very nature liberates and redeems how we feel inside, just by understanding it…
    Nothing for sale on this website!

    This understanding unites: ! A logical biological explanation for the way we humans are, by its very nature liberates and redeems how we feel inside, just by understanding it…
    Nothing for sale on this website
    Yeah, I stumbled on this awhile ago and everything is different! I’m free! Ha! nothing like sounding like a kook, but, there really is no other way to say it. This Explanation about the human condition melted away my guilt, alienation, my selfishness of all things, ha! I thought selfishness was the natural order of things! Of course, a person has to spend the time and energy to understand what’s being presented, but, anyone can understand it and that is why, in part, it’s so powerful, it’s universal.
    Resignation is the worst thing any of us go through, it’s so painful in fact, maybe 2% of adults can even go there mentally and remember when they killed off the kid they are, in order to become an adult. The human condition ; love-hate, cruelty-mercy, kindness-indifference, and all the rest of the contradictions we adults have normalized. I suggest with the rise of technology and the availability of information, none of which explains the human condition, just descriptions of it and various coping mechanisms. The hope of reconciling this mess we’re all in, that every person wrestles with during resignation, is looking pretty hopeless.

    Wanted to suggest that there is an answer and it’s logical and rational, at least that’s what I’ve concluded. There’s videos and a free book, nothing for sale on this website.:

  • Sam

    Haha Zzantor, I too can relate to the ‘manic’ happiness when I first came across the liberating understanding of the human condition. It is the most wonderful experience one can ever imagine…and I still have wonderous happiness 12.5yrs later.

    When I shared these insights around in the beginning, everyone thought I’d gone loopy :)…I was obviously totally naive to the extent of the deaf effect I suffered from and those around me would have inhibiting them…but one things for sure, these science based understanding’s stand the test of time…over a decade later and my friends and family are now used to me and these insights, many have walked closer and closer and are starting to appreciate the significance and nature of them, albeit at differing degrees…the deaf effect is real and from experience you’ll need to exhibit a lot of patience and respect to others and the deaf effect part of the problem…but your love of the information does have a profound healing loving impact on you and in turn everyone around you…if you manage it properly….nothing is more dearly needed now for the world than this Instinct vs Intellect explanation addressing the source of our collective psychosis, and you’ll have the ability to help so many people now…we all have the ability to properly help eachother now and fix our world.
    What an incredible moment in history this really is…once people snap out of there collective unreality, and taste the human condition free world now made possible, the biggest party in history will break out for sure.

  • Chris

    Really liked some of those responses, i have also been thinking about doing the same thing as there are plenty of forums and other discussion platforms to help spread awareness of jeremy’s worldwide liberating insights.

    I also agree with sam having experienced it my self and with others, the deaf effect is strong and patience and respect is often what someone needs to help over come it.

  • Zzantor

    The Deaf Effect… nothing like having a mighty dragon to slay… if only it was that easy…
    I noticed something two days ago when I tried to share my experience of EMDR Therapy with a friend. Briefly, EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a way of removing or discharging the effects of trauma for an individual. The results I had were beyond my wildest dreams, but, I was also willing to re experience(in my mind) my trauma as part of the EMDR process.
    My friend(s) have had terrible childhoods, full of abuse and trauma, far worse than I, so, having discovered this “miracle” cure(results vary), I wanted to share it. I’ve already shared about my experience with a few people in my life, as a matter of fact, it and the WTM seem to be my favorite subjects lately.:)

    I noticed, that with my friend, it was really difficult to steer the conversation where it needed to go, to address the subject of personal trauma(s)(just mine to start with). My friend can talk about his past traumas, but, remotely, held at a mental arms length, something out there and allowed just a glance(do you know what I mean…?). I tried to bring the conversation back time and time again, just to distinguish in my friends mind, what I was actually talking about and where I had to mentally go in order to do this work. He would come up with things like; “I let all that stuff go, otherwise, it hurts and upsets too much and there is no fixing the past”, or, like I, used to be proud of how well I could kill off a part of me that was hurting… AKA denial…

    Self denial is a survival technique, we can’t stand the pain of the trauma, which lives in the present, not the past!!! Trauma memories are different than regular memories, they don’t get integrated, they serve as a sort of alarm the body has, to protect itself from whatever situation happening again, the body remains alert, as if no time has passed since the original trauma. The fight or flight mechanism gets activated when conditions(real or imagined) similar to the original trauma occur. And you wonder why no one will recall resignation two days after they’ve gone through it? There is a wall of fear that comes up, it can be likened to the flaming sword that guards the entrance to the Garden of Eden… Ha!
    How does this relate to the Deaf Effect we experience? I suggest that resignation is the worst trauma anyone goes through. Resignation is humanity’s common trauma.
    As I understand it, trauma can be nearly anything where we experience helplessness, or there’s nothing we could have done, or, nothing we did do, we had no choice, but to take it… That is what distinguishes trauma.
    Just by the maturation of our brains, we find ourselves in a traumatic situation, ie; coming to terms with the insanity of the human condition and where and how the individual(us) fits in. We have no choice, but, to accept the unacceptable. I would say that thing is to kill off the child within, with denial…

    The cool thing(Yes!) and I suppose the point I’m getting to, is, if it’s true that resignation is trauma, we can understand the mechanics of it and understand what gives rise to the deaf effect, understand where it comes from, it’s source, what it actually is…
    When I read about the deaf effect, it’s a kind of mystery that we talk about and have given a name and descriptors, but, it’s much like talking about the human condition without Jeremy’s Explanation… If resignation is trauma, then we have something concrete to work with…. Pardon me if this distinction has already been made.:)
    This explains why the deaf effect is so stubborn too. Even if a person WANTS to participate in an activity that stimulates a past trauma, that person will experience a fear, like a wall, similar to the fear that one feels when losing their balance on the edge of a cliff, no-one, except in extraordinary situations, can stand that fear. It’s the amygdala’s response: fight or flight. When you discovered fire, there’s no reward that could get you to experience fire again… am I right?

  • Zzantor

    Right on target! The thought of entering “The Human Condition Park” is awful. Those that do make it(all of us reading this), have gone through trauma. Trauma imposed on us by a need to integrate into society and belong. So, the CONDITIONS of the Resignation Trauma are, self reflection about the human condition… Imagine the symptoms of PTSD applied to self reflection… No, I think I will just avoid thinking on that subject. Avoid books, people, conversations, anything that starts that “alarm”, I generate the deaf effect, to protect me from that alarm. I don’t question, I just stop and go the other way(mentally in this case). It’s what you’re supposed to do when those feelings come up. Probably an ancient genetically based survival system, a system to make sure we don’t have a repeat, life endangering experience. Only that, resignation doesn’t endanger our life(in general), but trauma is trauma and the “alarm” that it sounds will bring anyone to their knees! What incentive do I have to brave this terrible storm that apparently only I experience? All I see is a group of people that say they’re Free, but, religions have been saying that since long before I was born… I’m just playing devils advocate, cuz, I got it:), I’m just imagining what someone else might think.
    Resignation is trauma and it’s effects are in direct opposition to “know thyself”…
    Doing a Butterfly Hug when that “alarm” begins to sound, greatly reduces the feelings of panic, allowing the integration of these memories and discharging the upset they contain… just saying.:)
    We may not be able to defeat the deaf effect, but, perhaps we can find a short-cut through it…:)