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  • Leslie

    I intellectually understand the human condition but have not yet been transformed.
    Do I have to explain it to my instinctive mind to stop the criticism? If so how do I do that?
    Thanking you.

  • Chris

    Hi Leslie,
    a very late reply, people must have not seen your comment but incase you check back heres what’s worked for me!

    Since we have habituation to resigned behaviors and denial based thinking, it takes a lot of time and practice to slowly rewire the brain to thinking effectively and honestly about the world. For me, the more I reinforce understanding in my life, live the new world and all of Jeremy’s incredible insights and explanations, the more my brain knows its safe to go there and begins to access the “Freedom” that follows. Transformation can be the simplest things like going for a walk to a park because you know the natural world wants you to be healthy and happy, or sitting down and observing a tree for the first time to see how orderly it is arranged in nature, or even making your bed because you want to begin to build an orderly and calm environment in your mind and the state of your room reflects that.

    The most important thing is not to dogmatically impose restrictions upon yourself, but instead lead the natural transformation that living through the now found liberating understanding of the human condition provides. Have honest chats with yourself, analyse the world around you and ponder explanations for it, basically just live the new world as much as you can, because the more you do, the more the insecure power fame fortune and glory seeking (old world) will lose its grip on you and the more transformed you’ll become.

    all the best!

  • Tommy

    Chris I just think that was such a fantastic reply to Leslie! I agree completely! Your last line, ‘basically just live the new world as much as you can, because the more you do, the more the insecure power fame fortune and glory seeking (old world) will lose its grip on you and the more transformed you’ll become’ is gold! Keep it coming! Also just thought you might want to read through the thread where Leslie also posted this at the time, and also for others that come across this:


  • Elise

    Thank you Chris, that was such a brilliant response to Leslie’s very important question, and one that I can relate to too. From my experience I really have to be diligent about remembering the truth about humans, about me, all the time. My denial is so great and the world around me so reinforcing of just getting on with life without understanding, that it’s easy to slide back in to denial. But when I stay immersed in the information by reading Jeremy Griffith’s books or essays, or watching the videos on the website, my huge wall of denial starts to get pulled down again and I access the amazing courageous story of humanity, and also am reminded of the truth about our resigned selfish egocentric existence. With the full explanation of why that has happened I don’t need to be defensive or insecure about that, I can embrace my ‘upset’ and the preoccupation that goes with defending it can subside. That has been my first experience at transformation. The second experience is then actually proactively getting involved in living like the human condition is solved and getting excited about the future for humanity now that this information is available. When I can get my mind into the new world mindset I just want to do everything I can to help and promote this information in any small way that I can. It feels so amazing to be doing something so meaningful and thats when I really get a feeling of transformation and I feel so free and excited, and all the things in my life that aren’t part of this become less and less important. So I just do everything I can to stay connected to that which helps transform me and the world which is such a thrill!!

  • DaveH

    To try and understand the practicalities of applying a transformed way of life to everyday situations…

    How would the Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson lawnmower example play out if Ned was instead a Transformed individual instead of a Religious one?


  • Susy

    Good question Dave. It’s important to emphasise straight up that there are obviously immense differences between religion and the transformed state and Jeremy outlines them in an important chapter in ‘Freedom’, chapter 9.5. I’ve actually recently re-read the whole of Chap 9 again and remembered that Jeremy does follow on with the Simpsons analogy there which I’ve just found, see paras 1203 to 1205. Obviously worth reading in full but to quote one part, ‘So, if we return to the Homer and Ned example and imagine that Ned has taken up the new Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living, Homer would have no grounds to criticise him. With the battle to find knowledge, ultimately the understanding of the human condition, now won, there is no longer any good reason to keep living out the battle. In this scenario, the tables are turned: Ned would be in the position to censure Homer.’ And further in paras 1213-1214 which crucially empasises that the transformed state is free of the dishonesty and delusion that Ned/religions still had which drove Homer so crazy with frustration.
    So when you absorb both those parts it then is a completely different scenario that would play out between Ned and Homer. If Ned had the transformed state he would for example: biologically understand himself and the world and the whole journey humanity has been on; and know he is fundamentally good and not bad, no longer has to be preoccupied proving himself, wrongly using the ‘high moral ground’ to justify himself, in fact he knows he is redeemed and defended and heroic; he could be honest about his upset and have no need to delude himself or be insecure about his fundamental goodness or otherwise; he would know in fact that the whole human condition is solved and the battle to find knowledge is won; that everyone now abandons that battle and it’s no longer weak to do so but the strong thing to do; and he would be filled with joy and optimism and purpose and meaning about what supporting this understanding brings about in himself and the whole world. He wouldn’t be psychologically in a war with himself or with anyone else anymore, but just emanating honesty and freedom, genuine generosity and compassion and understanding. So in the example of the Simpsons I’m not sure how it would ultimately play out, but something like, if Homer knows all those things now too, he would also take up the transformed state and live for this information and the amazing future it brings about, and despite their differences they would be reconciled and have immense understanding and love for each other’s positions, and to give each other time to focus on other ways to help humanity, maybe take it in turns to mow both lawns together!

  • DaveH

    Thanks Susi, I should have explained my question better, my bad!

    In the Ned and Homer situation, with Ned being Transformed, he is aware of the problems that Homer is suffering, and yet Homer has still damaged his lawn mower. How would this situation be resolved?

    As I see it, Ned has two options: a) he ignores the problem and buys himself a new lawn mower; b) he admonishes Homer in some way and forces Homer to pay him back for the damage (which we know Homer is never going to do, leaving Ned with a ‘how to get my money back scenario’ and a likely court case).

    As Jeremy used this example, I’m simply using it to relate a very likely physical-life scenario, and one that will be common (i.e. a transformed generous person being dispositioned by a denialler) during the ‘transition’ period. Should transitioned beings accept this or fight it?

    (If both Ned and Homer were already transformed, I would expect Homer to have immediately offered to pay for the damage without further ado.)

    Cheers, Dave. 🌿

  • Susy

    Of course there’s gong to be a transition period but being able to understand the human condition and have compassion for our divisive behaviour dosen’t mean we necessarily condone it and managing it will be part of that transition. There’ll be many transition situations like this but the priority is to focus on getting the truth up and accepted because once it is these problems will be able to be very easily and quickly solved as Jeremy explains in chap 9.9 of ‘Freedom’, ‘How the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living will quickly repair the world’.

  • DaveH

    [Please delete this if it appears twice. My post disappeared after I edited some grammar so maybe it went’ to moderation!]

    I agree that the priority is on getting the truth of FREEDOM accepted, but taking that approach looks like a catch-22 situation to me Susy… we’re not discussing these transition situations because they will be ‘easily’ solved once people are transformed, but people won’t be transformed until they’ve accepted the new lifeforce way of living.

    In my experiences, people don’t work very well this way, they (we) need examples of what we are working towards in order to generate the motivation to put the effort in to achieving it. It’s a case of showing and telling, which is the most effective way to encourage people to understand a TLWoL. (Yes, this may be a ‘resigned’ approach to learning, but we are trying to help resigned individuals to live the new world and need to apply the better ‘resigned’ methods to introduce the new world so that people can relate.)

    In Section 4:2 of FREEDOM Expanded Book 2 Jeremy writes: “surely there has been enough accountable argument put forward, and evidence presented, and marvellously supportive and illustrative quotes given, to reveal that the existing paradigm that the human race has been living in is shot through with falseness, dishonesty and denial, while, by comparison, the new paradigm that is being introduced is extremely accountable, honest, profound and clean”.

    I don’t question or have any issue with the above quote and the explanations presented by Jeremy are extremely profound and clean, but Leslie’s question above (and my one regarding the Ned/Homer situation) is about practical applications of the new paradigm so that we can begin applying new thinking to existing situations.

    In Chris’s reply to Leslie he says, “just live the new world” which isn’t an answer as Leslie is asking ‘How to’ live that world. Similarly in my example, ‘how’ would we live that Ned/Homer situation. Hopefully this topic will continue and contain many examples of how to apply a transformed attitude to daily situations, but I hope we progress beyond just ‘try it and see’ — we still don’t have an answer for poor Ned who has achieved Transformation but doesn’t know what to do about Homer ;-)

  • DaveH

    In continuation of my above comment but on a slightly different aspect of helping people live a ‘transitional’ Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living…

    Answering multiple ‘How to’ questions for never-ending situational examples is possibly not where we need to expend effort right now, but we still need to provide motivational examples of what life after Transformation could be like. How do we do that?

    For many years I have investigated and contemplated how a post-commercialistic society could function. The Zeitgeist Movement (amongst others) have also attempted to expound on what a new society could be like ( but they don’t as yet have the benefit of Jeremy’s Human Condition explanation for the cause of the problem.

    However, the cause of the problem is not really relevant because ‘resigned’ individuals don’t know the truth of the Human Condition yet, so trying to get them to read about a problem they don’t know exists is always going to be problematic. ‘Resigned’ people want to know what we’re trying to achieve before deciding to investigate further. Therefore, by providing How To examples (or a model) on how life post-transformation will be like, we can stimulate peoples interest enough to put the time and effort into understanding the truth of the Human Condition. The model will also continue to be the motivating factor to overcome the deaf-effect and persevere in creating a Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living.

    So, just some of my thoughts on ‘how to’. If any of what I have said shows my misunderstandings or ‘resigned’ attitude then please correct me – my intention is to help people/myself see more clearly how they/I can relate to a transformed lifestyle.

    Cheers, Dave.