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    • Vincent Vincent

      After years of explaining this to my parents I really thought they were getting somewhere and then my mother came out the other day (when we were having another healthy debate) with “oh but I thought you believed in God [fundamentalist/ God-in-the-clouds-God] … so not as much progress as I thought!

    • Stefan

      I can only read what you are writing, but it could be that your mother is getting somewhere. I mean, you say you are having healthy debates for years now and she still wants to talk about all of this with you. That’s a huge success in my eyes! Maybe the only problem is that you think that she thinks that god is in the clouds. But maybe that’s just the god she knows and that’s why she’s referring to him (and because she’s probably habituated to think of god as an old man in the clouds – I’ve been there too.) It could be that you’re projecting your own thinking onto her by assuming she’s fundamentalist when it comes to god (it’s even probable because we’re all doing it almost all of the time). I think you just need a bit more patience – with your mum and with yourself – to finally see the progress you would like to see. I’m very excited about this and it reminds me a lot of the conversations I’m having with my mum. I have to talk to her again this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

    • seamus

      It is a shock to think that this being we have all known about since childhood as God, is the integrative process. People put all their faith and love in their image of an old man in the clouds, and they think that loving all powerful old man if being replaced by a cold, physical process. But I think that conception of the integrative process betrays our alienation more than anything. While I dont imagine that the process is conscious like people imagine ‘God’ is, I have no doubt it is a billion times more awesome and powerful and beautiful (and present) than our poor alienated minds can comprehend!

    • Conrad

      And the other great thing is that the whole concept of god can now be reconciled with knowledge. “Faith and reason” can be reconciled. And the process of integrative meaning is so fundamental, so elemental to life, and it is present all around us and within us. So it is an all-powerful force that is essential to all living things. Sound familiar? But obviously now we can actually KNOW what is going on and actually understand the deep underlying force that is driving everything.

Viewing 3 reply threads