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    • Dave

      Thanks so much for the new videos of Jeremey discussing psychology and the book for kids. Seeing it is much more powerful for me than reading it in Freedom. There is so much to take in here and I can see it how it bring so much healing. Wow! this is now very personal, and hurts a bit to see the little kid in me looking up for my own help/parenting, but I can see how it gives me a great path forward to transformation.

      I have little grandkids, 2 one year olds and one 3 year old. It’s hard to bear the thought of what they will go through. Any tips for what I/grandpa can do to help/nuture these innocent, loving ones will be greatly appreciated. Having this knoweldge gives me some responsility to help my grandkid.

      Having this knowldge/understanding also makes me think about what I could have done for own kids as they were growing up. My wife and I tried to be home as much as possible, and when my wife starting working I starting working from home as much as possible. We also saved up our vacation time and would take month long trips to the beach, which was probably one of the best things we ever did for the kids. I’m glad we did what we could, but I’m sure we could have done a lot more.

      I am getting way too persoanl here, but thakns again for Jeremy and the videos.

    • Roger

      Hi Dave,

      I think the critical issue or the over all element is just making the understanding available. It has been the lack of understanding, that created the Human Condition, that was so damaging and leaving us with the insecurity about whether we were good or bad.

      Allowing children to grow up understanding why the world around them is so upset and so offensive to their idealistic world, then helping them understand that upset in themselves as they approach resignation is the best we can do … I’m not the master of parenting but I suspect that is the greatest contribution we can make toward the growth of a secure young person … that will reduce the upset / hurt / anger / insecurity and desperation in their personal lives and for humanity over a few generations.

      Its a double edged sword discovering the importance of nurturing and our inability to provide an unlimited amount of it, but I think its important to remember that’s why Jeremy made the point so clearly that no humans can nurture their young, with the preoccupation of the Human Condition, as we all did pre prior to it some 2 million years ago. So doing everything that you could when you raised your children is all you could hope to do despite it’s imperfections.

      It’s about the future now …..

    • Dave

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks for the reply and insight and relief about my kids and grandkids. I plan to do what I can. My wife is, of course, a real natural at nuture and together maybe we can help the kids along the way.


Viewing 2 reply threads