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    • rex

      Hello, As requested I completed a survey to “improve our service to you”. In the survey I was frank and polite about my experience and offered ways that this could be improved. On pressing the send key a message appeared saying “Forbidden – sender blacklisted”. I wonder if this is an automatic response from an automated system that only allows positive views past, or a conscious decision, or hopefully a mistake. Can you enlighten me on why I might be getting such a message as obviously I have managed to log in and post this query. Best wishes, Rex

    • Susan

      Dear Rex, We are very sorry that you had trouble submitting your Survey. We have looked into it and our Spam software incorrectly identified you as Spam based on your email address which does happen occasionally. This has been rectified, and we have now received your survey and we thank you very much for your feedback Rex. Our sincere apologies again and our very best wishes to you, Susan

Viewing 1 reply thread