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      Hi everyone,
      I thought this might be useful to add in this part of the Forum about ‘Discussing these understandings with family and friends’.
      I think THE Interview is a great introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation, and an effective road in to the information for people that are new to these ideas. It’s only an hour and there is so much that is covered in it. And the engagement with the interviewer Craig I think helps to flesh out the points that Jeremy makes.
      So that is my recommendation for helping in your discussions with family/friends.

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      I agree with that NikoN.
      The Human Condition isn’t an easy topic, most people have spent their lives trying to avoid it so its pretty tough for friends and family to grasp the logic being presented.
      I think The Interview was as clear and compact a presentation of this information about the human condition that I’ve ever seen, read or heard.

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