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    • RayA

      Hi WTM community,
      I was recently reading Nelson Mandela’s biography and a quote resonated with me:

      “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

      Here Mandela alludes to the truth that our innate nature is that of love and cooperation, which Jeremy explains throughout his work. It’s just that – again as Jeremy explains – we are alienated from this truth, detached from being able to see it. We are forced to resign to a competitive, mean, ruthless dead world. We toughen up or get exploited. We are deep in our “protective” caves, a cesspit of darkness and loneliness.

      But the more I immerse in FREEDOM, the more I see the awakening from our chrysalis is imminent. All we need to do is immerse in the truth contained in FREEDOM and allow it to liberate us to our true potential. Love DOES come more naturally – it’s the theme of existence – and there’s a good reason why we’ve been suppressing it. But it’s time for the real transformation of ourselves and each other.

      Thanks for reading, Ray ☀️

    • Nicoletta

      Wow Ray!! That was wonderful and you nailed that.

      You described it so simply. We are just so separated from our soul, and alienated from the truth that we have never been able to acknowledge our loving and cooperative nature that we all have within us.

      Because of our deaf effect we are unable to see the truth behind our loving souls world, yet now with Jeremy Griffith solving the human condition, we are able to see that we are all amazingly good human beings and all that competitive, aggressive behaviour we have manifested was necessary to continue the search for understanding of ourselves.

      And now that the battle is finally over and obsoleted, we can just let go of our resigned world and move on to living out our loving and cooperative self by transforming ourselves and everyone around us as you mentioned. Just stay connected as you said, to the truth that the WTM and Jeremy has so fortunately saved us with and we are leading the right path to saving ourselves and the whole world around us.

      I love this quote from FREEDOM and I might mention it here, that the best way to move on and keep supporting this project and building the new world is to simply join the “Sunshine army on the Sunshine pathway to the world of sunshine”.
      Understanding is our new weapon that we will provide to the world to liberate all humans from the cave of darkness into the world of sunshine and love.

      Thank you Ray for your lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it.

      Love to everyone :)

    • Prudie

      That was so beautiful to read – thank you Nicoletta for posting such an authentic, heart felt response – nothing like the power of this information to evoke deep feelings of relief and purpose!

      As Ray said ‘It’s time for the real transformation of ourselves and each other’ and you responded so perfectly with ‘Understanding is our new weapon that we will provide to the world to liberate all humans from the cave of darkness into the world of sunshine and love’. Loved that so much – thank you!

    • RayA

      Wonderful words nicoletta and Prudie, I loved reading your replies.

      I too love that quote from FREEDOM (to simply join the “Sunshine army on the Sunshine pathway to the world of sunshine”) – it is so simple and it instantly fills me with hope and excitement for the way forward for me personally, and us all collectively, arm in arm (AT LAST!!) as we intuitively know we can.

      I happened to receive the essay title ‘Jeremy on how to become transformed!’ last week and it is such a helpful piece (more understanding to liberate us!!☀️☀️). Jeremy outlines how we get stuck between understanding that this information is true (and that it explains and defends us), to living in a free and transformed state. I won’t try to paraphrase but I really like the analogy he uses of walking over a hill from your resigned mess and never looking back, “you just leave that whole war alone and you go and live in another place.”

      For anyone else reading this thread I highly recommend checking out that essay

      What I have learnt so far is that this information does indeed liberate our true potential, but there’s some steps along the way, and the more I read and listen, the more these steps are covered, explained in a compassionate and instructive way. Thank you Jeremy and the WTM for making all of this possible. Truly incredible!

    • Zia

      Wow this thread is absolutely wonderful and so inspiring to read, so full of the potential of this information and I couldn’t agree more RayA in thanking Jeremy and the WTM for making this possible.

      I loved what you wrote on this thread Nicoletta, “And now that the battle is finally over and obsoleted, we can just let go of our resigned world and move on to living out our loving and cooperative self by transforming ourselves and everyone around us as you mentioned. Just stay connected as you said, to the truth that the WTM and Jeremy has so fortunately saved us with and we are leading the right path to saving ourselves and the whole world around us”.

      And RayA, I’ve been reading the essay you mentioned Freedom Essay 33 ‘Jeremy on how to become transformed’ and yes it’s truly the most incredible document. To have presented so clearly how this transformation is possible and how to become transformed is so invaluable for us all and the world. Our manual for how we can live now, rather than in “total preoccupation with trying to validate ourselves” we can go and live in a place that’s free of the battle, “you’re not only free of it, you go and live for the project, live for getting this information to the world, and that sustains you, that’s what you live off in this fabulous state free of that egocentric existence.”

      I really love these words of Jeremy’s from the presentation:

      “We can invest our trust in this information, we know it’s true and it will save the world if we just look after it. It’s the most wonderfully satisfying existence.”

      And from WTM member Tony Gowing’s descriptions of the Transformed State:

      “The real Freedom from the Transformed State comes from living for the wonderful, magical, sparkling, incandescent future that is now available.”

      We are so, so, so, so lucky are to have come across this world saving information!!! How thrilling to be able to participate in helping this reach future generations and to live in support of the new world. It’s just breathtaking.

    • nicoletta

      Hi Zia,

      This is a wonderful time for us all, to be able to access this incredible understanding of ourselves and the world right now, it is such an absolute blessing. We are so fortunate to have Jeremy and the WTM in our lifetime. How crazy does that sound. But it may be crazy but its so important to stay connected as much as we can to this information, because thats what’s going to help us, make us feel again and be able to live out our cooperative self because we understand we are fundamentally good so we can give up on having to get frustrated in proving our worth.

      This is the magic of being able to transform ourselves and the world. We can just “invest our truth in this information” because “we know its true” and as Jeremy continues to say, “If we look after it,” it will look after us!! Living for the project and with this understanding does give us “the most wonderfully satisfying existence” because we are given a purpose again. A real, meaningful purpose to life and that is the real specialty of this :)

      Zia, you are just so so right by saying “we are so lucky to have come across this world saving information” and the thrill from being able to save “future generations and live in support of the new world” is just so exactly right! It’s the truth and we all know it!

      It’s very exciting now that we have access to this and we are the ones who have to help build the new world. We are all the sunshine army to help free everyone from the exhausting battle into “this fabulous state free of that egocentric existence”

      Thanks both Zia and Ray for suggesting Essay 33! it really is a fantastic read or watch and the quotes you added Zia are perfect! Go Jeremy, Go WTM and Go everyone!
      My favourite song to listen to is “Let’s Go” by the Denialators!!
      “Let’s go, let’s go, scream and shout / We humans now know what we’re all about / Let’s go, let’s go, we’ve broken through / Our lives have meaning, and we all know what to do”
      Here is the link to the lyrics (as well as the other Denialators song: “The doors wide open”)
      Here is the video link:

      Reading these posts again this morning has lifted my spirits again and allowed me to see my silly little problems as truly obsolete now. If we can love this information, it will allow us to love ourselves again which is how we are going to spread our love to save the whole human race!

      Thank you all for posting to this thread! Beautiful messages that are so important for everyone to read :)))

      Lots of Love
      Nicoletta :D

    • RayA

      Hi everyone! Zia and Nicoletta, I loved reading your replies, and yes those songs sure do capture the excitement and enthusiasm we can live with now!! Thank you for the links 😄
      I was thinking about what stops us from living “our true potential” when we know the truth of this information, and what came to mind was habituation. We are so habituated to living a resigned and compromised state. It’s what we know and are comfortable with, and like smoking or some other destructive habit, whilst we know it’s bad for us, we think it makes us feel good. But it’s an illusion! Unhappiness / emptiness / loneliness / despondency reign supreme.
      I got to: there is always a choice. We are conscious beings, we are aware now with this information. We know our history, we know the source of our upset, we can understand and empathise with everyone’s positions, we know what is stopping us from living a loving and cooperative free state, we know we can live an amazingly free and excited existence. It’s just about making that choice – walking over that hill and never looking back – it’s all in Essay 33.
      Lots of love Ray

    • Elise

      Loved reading this thread, and along the lines that you wrote of Nicoletta when you said ‘Because of our deaf effect we are unable to see the truth behind our loving souls world’, I have been thinking about how fearful we are of the truth of who we really are ever since we resigned and made the fundamental decision to never look at that again because before we had understanding of why we weren’t ideal, it was too confronting to admit how angry, egocentric and alienated we were when the ideals of life are to be cooperative and loving. So it is fearful going near the subject again until we are sure that it is safe, which it now is, and it’s gloriously freeing to be able to admit who we really are and totally understand and love our alienation and be proud of what we became in order to survive the human condition before understanding arrived. When I first came across this information I thought I was very aware of myself, so there were no ‘scary’ revelations to expect, however what I discovered is that I was actually very unaware and in denial of my ‘human condition’. With the dignifying and redeeming understanding of why I resigned to a life of selfishness I could then begin to see this in myself. I can remember initially feeling deeply fraudulent and bereft about what I discovered about myself, and even perhaps mourning the person I thought I was and had tried so hard to convince myself and everybody else that I was. But when I was feeling like this I wasn’t embracing the full truth about the human story which is so courageous and inspiring. I suppose from experience it’s a process of understanding and digesting the information to get to that point where we really know we are fundamentally good, and we are historically completely fearful because the truth has never been available before, so there are some challenges along the way. This chapter about Resignation in Freedom explains it beautifully Anyway all this absorption and acceptance leads to “the liberation of our true potential” I couldn’t agree more and bring it on!!

    • RayA

      Hi everyone, just touching base as it’s been a while.
      I’ve started discussing Freedom with a friend and have used some of your comments about what this understanding makes possible, so thanks again for sharing! I really enjoyed revisiting all your comments again. ☀️☀️☀️
      And sorry, I missed your comment @Elise when you put it up. Thanks for sharing your experience with such honesty. And I agree, getting to the point where you really know in your bones that we are fundamentally good, and that we’ve been completely shut-off and fearful of the truth about about condition, is so critical to one’s understanding and progression to our real potential.

    • Linda Susan

      Hello RayA

      Just thinking of the philosophical argument of Freedom and Determinism.
      It is a dreadful condition to be immersed in when a conditioned state of mind and behavior prolongs our imprisonment.
      The Freedom comes at a very high cost for so many people.
      I suppose I am thinking of my own struggles. I fear for all who take this journey into truth because it can be a hell of a time.
      How many people will survive the odyssey? How many people will even attempt to initiate the process? And that perilous journey is the only Rite of Passage that can release us from our bondage. It’s in all the myths, all the religions, all the philosophies and not Jeremy Griffith’s book has cracked the code and deciphered the meaning. This significance is immense.
      I remember reading – in one night – out of desperation, John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. I thought it was a fantastic read. It is a sort of Mr. Men series of books – all the trials and tribulations of the wandering, searching soul.
      Of course, like Dante’s Divine Comedy, it is a Christian quest to attain the truth of the celestial mountain.
      when I think of all these quests I’m reminded of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and so many other Christian allegories of the heart’s desire.
      What is wonderful is that science, without any kind of material reductionism can reveal the truth of the quest – The Heroes Journey.
      I am thrilled about all that because of love the poetry of our being human. The vast literature of despair, hope, faith, death and resurrection/the dying of the ego the resurrection of a new ego, then a series of death/resurrection experiences until the human heart finds its’ home in the full unfolding of scientific/poetic truth. A wonderful reconciliation.

    • RayA

      Hi Linda, thanks so much for your contribution.
      Yes it is indeed a dreadful predicament when “a conditioned state of mind and behavior prolongs our imprisonment”. That’s a good description of the human race in its current stalled psychotic state.
      As you say, the great religions, mythologies and philosophies were all searching and trying to explain the same thing, which is what Jeremy Griffith has been able to do. It is indeed immensely significant and absolutely incredible.
      What struck me was your comments “The Freedom comes at a very high cost for so many people…I fear for all who take this journey into truth because it can be a hell of a time” – this was indeed true for me. I was desperately searching for some meaning to it all and truth and had basically given up, so I was so excited and relieved – all sorts of emotions really – when I finally found this explanation by Jeremy Griffith. I wrote a poem about it elsewhere in the forum describing this time.
      The incredible thing is that the “very high cost” and “hell of time” can now cease as this information gets out to the world. That’s the most important thing in my eyes. People are desperate for the truth. And we haven’t given up. It’s the most remarkable and heroic story, the story of humanity, that can ever be imagined.
      I’ll just add that staying plugged in to the developments of the W.T.M. cgnituinely fills me with hope and optimism as the world goes from a somewhat deterministic situation to true freedom. ☀️☀️

    • Milly

      Thank you so much everyone for this thread. It has been such a thoughtful and inspiring read. I really appreciated your words Ray A when you wrote ‘It’s the most remarkable and heroic story, the story of humanity, that can ever be imagined’. I couldn’t agree more and understanding our story brings so much love and compassion to the world and to ourselves. Understanding really does change everything.To know that there is a solution to all the pain and suffering in the world is just so exciting and relieving.
      As Tony Gowing describes in Freedom Essay 32:
      “It is the complete 100 percent turn around in any and every dire situation the world is now in—as Jeremy has often said, “one minute the world is hurtling on a one-way track to destruction, the next minute there is so much love and freedom that every problem and difficulty is solved”.”
      Freedom essay 32 goes on to say:
      ‘Yes, the gateway is wide open and sunlight is now streaming into our world. We can all break out of our chrysalis, our human-condition-afflicted straitjacket, where we have been constrained, letting the wings of our great potential unfold in the sunshine of relieving understanding to reveal the fabulously beautiful creatures we really are.’
      Isn’t that just too wonderful. It really is the liberation of our true potential as the title of this thread states.

    • Nicoletta

      Thats just wonderful Milly. Now we truly can bask in the relieving sunlight that this understanding brings to us. We are all Heroes as humans and we can now heal all that pain and suffering with this all important, all relieving understanding about humans. All that must-prove-our-worth egocentric and competitive behaviour can now subside and we can TRULY live free of that burden to prove ourselves 24/7. Just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted for all humans, yet we have been fighting through this battle for over 2 million years. When you just look at that scale, humans ARE an incredibly resilient species. So exactly as you say, we can now be genuinely excited for what the future holds with this new found solution to all the world’s suffering and look forward to a time of love and true joy.

      We are in the time of love and freedom for the world as you quoted and it’s only going to keep getting better, and humans ARE at the turning point now. The eleventh hour is soon to end and we are going to create a new paradise where there is no clock ticking to an end, but a full lifetime of a new beginning for humanity. And we are the lucky humans to help support the WTM and humanity in achieving this wonder.

      I look at the sunlight with completely different eyes now. We have always known the sun brings energy, but thinking about the power of the sun, through creating life and radiating energy is just beautiful. Sunlight brings happiness and optimism. No wonder the light and the sun always represented truth and a new world in all the prophecies and philosophy. It fills my day with energy to move forward and live FREE!

      The time has finally come to fill ourselves with the “sunshine of relieving understanding” brought by the explanation of our human condition. We are wonderful creatures and we can now grow to our full potential with our newfound life. We can now open our curtains and begin to see the light outside the dark room we’ve all been living in. Our time for sleeping is over. Our time for living has only begun.

      Thanks Milly again for your you reply. It inspired me to write and writing is just so therapeutic and I really live and feel the truth in my words as I’m writing them!! I am so excited now because I can hear the new world drums beating to the rhythm of my soul.

      Have a great New World Day :)

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