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  • RayA

    Hi WTM community,
    I was recently reading Nelson Mandela’s biography and a quote resonated with me:

    “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

    Here Mandela alludes to the truth that our innate nature is that of love and cooperation, which Jeremy explains throughout his work. It’s just that – again as Jeremy explains – we are alienated from this truth, detached from being able to see it. We are forced to resign to a competitive, mean, ruthless dead world. We toughen up or get exploited. We are deep in our “protective” caves, a cesspit of darkness and loneliness.

    But the more I immerse in FREEDOM, the more I see the awakening from our chrysalis is imminent. All we need to do is immerse in the truth contained in FREEDOM and allow it to liberate us to our true potential. Love DOES come more naturally – it’s the theme of existence – and there’s a good reason why we’ve been suppressing it. But it’s time for the real transformation of ourselves and each other.

    Thanks for reading, Ray ☀️

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  • nicoletta

    Wow Ray!! That was wonderful and you nailed that.

    You described it so simply. We are just so separated from our soul, and alienated from the truth that we have never been able to acknowledge our loving and cooperative nature that we all have within us.

    Because of our deaf effect we are unable to see the truth behind our loving souls world, yet now with Jeremy Griffith solving the human condition, we are able to see that we are all amazingly good human beings and all that competitive, aggressive behaviour we have manifested was necessary to continue the search for understanding of ourselves.

    And now that the battle is finally over and obsoleted, we can just let go of our resigned world and move on to living out our loving and cooperative self by transforming ourselves and everyone around us as you mentioned. Just stay connected as you said, to the truth that the WTM and Jeremy has so fortunately saved us with and we are leading the right path to saving ourselves and the whole world around us.

    I love this quote from FREEDOM and I might mention it here, that the best way to move on and keep supporting this project and building the new world is to simply join the “Sunshine army on the Sunshine pathway to the world of sunshine”.
    Understanding is our new weapon that we will provide to the world to liberate all humans from the cave of darkness into the world of sunshine and love.

    Thank you Ray for your lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it.

    Love to everyone :)

  • Prudie

    That was so beautiful to read – thank you Nicoletta for posting such an authentic, heart felt response – nothing like the power of this information to evoke deep feelings of relief and purpose!

    As Ray said ‘It’s time for the real transformation of ourselves and each other’ and you responded so perfectly with ‘Understanding is our new weapon that we will provide to the world to liberate all humans from the cave of darkness into the world of sunshine and love’. Loved that so much – thank you!

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  • RayA

    Wonderful words nicoletta and Prudie, I loved reading your replies.

    I too love that quote from FREEDOM (to simply join the “Sunshine army on the Sunshine pathway to the world of sunshine”) – it is so simple and it instantly fills me with hope and excitement for the way forward for me personally, and us all collectively, arm in arm (AT LAST!!) as we intuitively know we can.

    I happened to receive the essay title ‘Jeremy on how to become transformed!’ last week and it is such a helpful piece (more understanding to liberate us!!☀️☀️). Jeremy outlines how we get stuck between understanding that this information is true (and that it explains and defends us), to living in a free and transformed state. I won’t try to paraphrase but I really like the analogy he uses of walking over a hill from your resigned mess and never looking back, “you just leave that whole war alone and you go and live in another place.”

    For anyone else reading this thread I highly recommend checking out that essay

    What I have learnt so far is that this information does indeed liberate our true potential, but there’s some steps along the way, and the more I read and listen, the more these steps are covered, explained in a compassionate and instructive way. Thank you Jeremy and the WTM for making all of this possible. Truly incredible!

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