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      Hi everyone, I just completed my response to Videos 1–4, and to Video 14 for the World in Crisis. And as my topic thread: Language: The Beam in Humanity’s Eye demonstrates I offer what appears, at first sight, a blasphemy. As Jeremy points out though, all great truths begin with blasphemy. And the great lesson of history shows us that the blasphemy of true wisdom is rejected generation upon generation. Put on trial and crucified. And although this essay will most likely appear to be a blasphemy it is offered in the hope that the WTM community might come to realize that humanity’s alienated state of existence is even more profound than we know. I believe the community’s view of alienation is 100% correct, but I think it runs deeper than people realize because we are not just deaf, we are blind.


      Please consider the possibility that the Greek classical period of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle laid the foundations of Western philosophical thought and raised the possibility of democracy. Understood the human condition so well through the initiation rituals of the mystery schools of that age. They followed the mythological tradition to create story-telling gifts for posterity. A gift which was understood by wise people and used to tell a story about how to resolve humanity’s estrangement from paradise, by following mother nature’s example of death and re-birth.


      It’s obviously a strange sub-title to this essay, with its all-too-obvious paradox? How do we NOT recognize reality? How can we possibly act-out the prophecy of: “By hearing you will hear, and will in no way understand; Seeing you will see, And will in no way perceive,” — Isaiah, (Matthew 13:13-14). How do we do the double whammy of consciousness that Jeremy articulates as our species denial? Our ALIENATED STATE OF EXISTENCE?

      Please consider these responses to WTM’S community Questionnaire:

      Video 1:

      I believe that Jeremy presents the observation bias inherent within the human condition. The bias of hope for an ideal world understood by the Axial Age prophets who couched the secret to an ideal perception of reality as it is within the simile? (involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind) ? figures of speech in humanity’s embodied presence wisdom tradition. Figures of speech like “I and the Father are one?”

      Jeremy, being of a certain generation sees the reality of alienist philosophy born in the 20th century when Freud first began to explore the human phenomena of being known as the UNCONSCIOUS. R. D. Laing was an EXISTENTIALIST psychiatrist who gave voice to humanity’s alienated existence in his books, his poetry and his passionate plea for LOVE & FREEDOM in our alienated social world. Please watch Ronnie plea for EXISTENTIAL HONESTY in this video clip from the TV documentary The Trap:

      Video 2:

      Jeremy is like everyone else, a person of his time on earth and he frames his argument through the knowledge available to his own period of youth. That time of life given a voice in Jesus’ parable of the fig tree. Which many people believe is the third tree in the Bible’s treatise on the human condition. Or history METAPHORIZED as Marcus Borg puts it in his contribution to progressive Christianity. The latest knowledge available to understanding ALIENATION can be discovered in professor Stephen Porges: The Polyvagal Theory. In which you can learn how your evolved nervous system programs your behavior, not your evolved genes or your evolved instincts.

      Video 3:

      This reading of Adam & Eve is in denial of the self-contradictory nature of wisdom and its historical perspective of PARADOX. If you read and watch Jewish teacher’s interpretation of their nation’s mystical tradition, you will see and hear how Adam is an allegorical personification of awakening to wisdom. And you will also hear and read how Eve is an allegorical personification of the feminine nature of wisdom because wisdom is of the BODY not the MIND. The double whammy AFFECT (a deliberate choice of a word because innate-affect is the SUBCONSCIOUS physiological part of our CONSCIOUS experience of EFFECT)

      It is better understood as our psychological deafness & blindness that Laing alludes to in his: “We are all in a post-hypnotic trance produced in early infancy.” ? R. D. Laing. Which I have alluded to in my forum topic Language: The Beam in Humanity’s Eye?

      Doing my authentic best to explain how we act out the prophets warning in every waking moment of our lives: “By hearing you will hear, and will in no way understand; Seeing you will see, And will in no way perceive,” — Isaiah, (Matthew 13:13-14).

      Video 4:

      Paul Maclean is famous for his articulation of our triune brain and as I have pointed out in my Language: The Beam in Humanity’s Eye? The Polyvagal Theory articulates the triune nature of our consciousness orchestrating nervous system. While my first comment on the forum hints at how to maintain the transformed state through a SENSATION awareness of the SWITCH within my TENTH CRANIAL NERVE. And my advice about how to WITNESS the secret hidden in plain sight that the giant minds of our awakening ancestors speak of. Is a contemplative meditation on that strange and universal figure of speech SUNRISE?

      If you can stand to WATCH for at least one hour using the imitation of time-lapse photography method described, you will fall upon the ground of being and as T.S. Eliot said, ‘cease from exploration’ and return to the upset-free state ‘where we started and know [understand] the place for the first time.

      Video 14:

      As I have suggested in these feedback comments about understanding. Jeremy exhibits the very problem he rages against DOGMA? In the one comment reply to my Language: The Beam in Humanity’s Eye? topic thread I have received the fully expected “nice try, but it’s our way or the highway?” This is perfectly understandable from that HOPE need of expectation given voice by all humanity’s great EMBODIED PRESENCE WISDOM TEACHERS.

      HOPE, that elixir and opium of the masses along the evolutionary highway to a SPECIES becoming fit for the purpose? A species evolved into a form of Cosmic awareness that is ready AT LAST, for the great awakening that the story of Jesus of Nazareth speaks of. The awakening for the nightmare of history that is cradled with a CONSCIOUS MIND that is unaware of HOW: “the motor act is the cradle of the mind.” — Sir Charles Sherington.

      Because your motor cortex within your brain fires 500 milliseconds before those infamous frontal lobes of your conscious awareness, and this IS the secret expressed in Yeats’s famous poem about YOUR SECOND COMING.


      And in the tradition of APHORISTIC WISDOM, I offer this dialectical SELF-QUESTION: Being Human. You walk and talk. How, do you do that? Be certain that in trying to answer this EXISTENTIAL question of your own sense of BEING you will FALL into the TRAP that is the THIRD PERSON dichotomy of your conscious mind. As you describe WHAT you do while walking and talking AS-IF looking at yourself through another person’s eyes? For as R. D. Laing pointed out: But we are doubly unconscious. We are so ill that we no longer feel ill, as in many terminal illnesses. We are mad, but have no insight.”


      “Doubly unconscious?” “Death and Blind?” Yet from the motivational power of habit-formation words trip so easily of our tongues. Words like “we are fully conscious human beings,” really? Where is the in-sight in such taken for granted figures of speech? Do we say them because a subconscious ATTACHMENT need drives us to EMULATE our peers? Can human behavior be fully explained? Reading all the knowledge as information in the books and essays of WTM, I am inspired and saddened in equal measure. Inspired by the correct diagnosis of alienation and saddened by what feels like the missed opportunity to reinforce the community’s correct analysis with the continuing revelations of neuroscience. Especially the structure and functioning of our consciousness orchestrating nervous system revealed within The Polyvagal Theory.


      We make ourselves a place apart
      Behind light words that tease and flout,
      But oh, the agitated heart
      Till someone find us really out.

      ’Tis pity if the case require
      (Or so we say) that in the end
      We speak the literal to inspire
      The understanding of a friend.

      But so with all, from babes that play
      At hide-and-seek to God afar,
      So all who hide too well away
      Must speak and tell us where they are. -Robert Frost – 1874-1963.

      Happy New Year everyone,


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      Tony M
      Tony M

      Hi David, Thank you for your support and your thoughts here, and best wishes for the new year to you also, Tony Miall.

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