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  • GoldenRuler

    I have a hypotheses that I’d like to share and get some peer review on. I’m not a certified scientist of psychology, but I am a self-directed one. :)

    My hypothesis:

    What we are experiencing in this Human Condition, and the Deaf Effect, from a psychological perspective is a simple result of “Functional Memory Loss”.

    This is caused in the psychological DEFENSE MECHANISM process called “Denial”. In RESIGNATION, we human beings finally come to the terrifying question about our true nature, having our inborn natural interrogatively connected identification with everything flies in the face of a “Cave World”; cultural and social narrative that includes exactly how we should identify who and what we are, that is imposed upon us so overwhelmingly that we cannot handle the open question anymore. In this state of absolute terror in the psyche, we REPRESS (another of the scientifically established “defense mechanisms”) the question itself and the memory of the moments in the heightened state of terror what we were activity grappling with it. At that point we are locked in from that moment on, we have a psychological life & death level commitment to never, ever, ever, ever access that memory (those memories) again in our conscious mind. This, and the entire family of DEFENSE MECHANISMS (identified by Anna Freud) are engaged in the psyche to carry out these unwavering instructions i.e. “The Deaf Effect”.

    A am hypothesizing that the real Death Effect is a result of this functional memory loss, and with these banks of memory now unavailable to the mind (conscious or unconscious), our ability to expand our UNDERSTANDING about anything really new about who and what we are, is crippled. In this crippled state we are severely limited in our ability to experience any real balance in our mind and therefore we project that imbalance into a really messed up “Cave World”.

    To illustrate this phenomena, I discovered a simple board game called, “MASTERMIND”, a code breaking game with a wonderful analogy of just how critical access to all of our memory is. Happy to explain this analogy with this game further.

    OK – does this makes sense, so far, to anyone? Thanks for listening! :)

  • nomad

    You might be over-thinking it Goldenruler! Of course the terror of the human condition causes us to repress and live in denial of the issue, and that includes blocking out or repressing memories, but the dark cave of denial in which humanity has lived, and the deaf effect ‘protection’ mechanism humans employ, are not produced by not having access to the full potential of our memory. The cave in which humanity has had to imprison itself is a reflection of our commitment to evasion; as Jeremy explains in F essay 30, once you Resign yourself to not being able to reconcile your own and the world’s corrupt state with the ideals, you are committed to living “a haunted existence, dogged by the dark shadow of its imperfect human condition, forever trying to escape it—the result of which is that we have become immensely superficial and artificial; ‘phony’ and ‘fake’, as the resigning adolescents so truthfully described it, and living on the absolute meniscus of life in terms of what we are prepared to look at, feel and consider. We are a profoundly estranged or alienated species, completely blocked-off from the amazing and wonderful real world, and from the truth of our self-corruption that thinking about that beautiful, inspired, natural, soulful world unbearably connects us to”. That is the cause of the deaf effect, and the whole cave existenc e—they are reflections of our psychological terror of the human condition, not a reflection of a mind without adequate memory.

  • GoldenRuler

    Hi Nomad, thanks for your thoughtful response. I accept all that you have shared except the idea that I am thinking to much. One of the most powerful elements of the truth about us that Jeremy discovered and thankfully, is determined to keep sharing with the world, is the science of it; the 1st principle biology that sheds sunlight on the psychology… So wonderful to be science-based so that the human mind can grasp it with basic logic. That is, if one can get past the deaf effect. I remain very interested in the science here and I’m going to continue to explore it – test it. I’d be very interested in what Harry Prosen would say about my hypothesis. Interestingly, it was a conversation with my 20 year old daughter that had taken a college level psyche class in high school, who turned me on to the “Mechanisms of Defense” that Anna Freud enumerated in 1936. I’m wondering if this basic psychology exploration and explanation might help folks crack the deaf effect… I think we have just scratched the surface in the science of psychology and our understanding of how the human mind works. I’m having fun in this exploration, I’ll report back what I discover. After all, as a human being, its all about expanding understanding. :)