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      Doing some searching, I came across this page with some great testimony’s and background about the World Transformation Movement. Very handy resource in gaining a better understanding of the World Transformation Movement and people’s experiences.

      Some snippets:
      Tony Gowing: “The ‘transformation’ promoted by the World Transformation Movement isn’t weird or ‘new age’ or politically correct or a religious faith—it isn’t based on dogma—it’s based on understanding.”

      Joseph Ahie: “Put simply the WTM is a vehicle that transports information to the world.”

      Gerald Zarfl: “The World Transformation Movement is dedicated to help every human understand the real explanation of our human condition, of what it really means to be human. Nothing less.”

      Damon Isherwood: “The WTM is called the World Transformation Movement because the effect of understanding the human condition is that it transforms humans from living under the duress of the human condition, to living free of it. ”

      Angela Ryan: “The WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT is an outstanding community of humans who appreciate the compassionate understanding of the human condition and its solution that is presented in Jeremy Griffith’s masterpiece, ‘Freedom’. It is a fellowship of individuals completely dedicated to bringing this transforming biological understanding of the human condition to the world and members are available to provide context and support to anyone who may want a deeper understanding of the information.”

      There’s a lot more there but I’ll keep this post brief for now. Also, having only recently discovered this forum, I have to say how helpful it has been reading through other’s experiences and points of view. Thank you.
      Niko N

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      Hi Niko,

      You seem to have really grasped the essence of what it means to finally have this understanding about our human condition.

      I completely agree with you on the point that this forum is a fabulous way to read about others experiences and learn more about what this information does to other individuals.

      Because ultimately we each suffer from the human condition in a unique and individual way. The way each human has adapted to the human condition has been different and therefore the way they will grasp and connect to this understanding will also be different.

      But the awesome and exciting fact IS that we can now be free of all the horrible things we have had to encounter and experience living under the duress of the human condition and ultimately by supporting the World Transformation Movements efforts to spread this breakthrough biological understanding of why humans are good and not bad, will lead to ending all the unhappiness and pain in the world.

      So, good on you for sticking by this information because it really is the only thing that will save the world. And these commendations That you include from all these fellow supporters of the WTM express all the relief and joy that can now be achieved through a simple yet so powerful and yearned for understanding of our upset behaviour.

      Keep up with your enthusiasm and positivity about the WTM. People like you are going to help spread this to the moon and back!

      Love, Nicoletta :)

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        Thanks for your reply Nicoletta, so great to hear from you.
        Yes as I read more and think more about this I’m finding it really helpful to hear from the experiences of others like on this forum.
        I like your point that we all have adapted to the human condition in our unique way. That’s true. I’d add that despite the differences, the universal themes of denial, insecurity, fear (of our worthiness), fraudulence (with our true selves) run strong and through us all… So great to be on this journey of discovery!. Take care, Niko

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      Hey Niko,

      Good on you mate. Seeing your post here has inspired me. It doesn’t matter what stage one is at with this paradigm shifting insights we help each other. I find the transparency of the WTM, because of the information that can be accessed in this website, immensely helpful. Something that is so important when dealing with the deepest of topics; our human condition. Its all here, the information, support, understanding, love, truth.

      Enjoy, Joseph

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      Hey Joseph! Your final line abut truth, support, understanding, love, truth gives me goosebumps. Wow! That’s all I can say :)

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      Yeah it’s super helpful to read these testimonies for me too,just helps with my understanding of these ideas and how others see it all. I’ve been loving the videos from all the WTM CENTRES, on this page for the same reason,

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