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    • teak

      Certainly the view seems similar to Mahayana and Taoist thinking. As a Phd in Philosophy this is exactly it. But as a biologist is there a way to alter peoples DNA issues to change the human being to greater health and mind? There needs research if there is not.

    • Tommy

      The WTM is not a religion teak. The FAQ section of the WTM’s website is very helpful and I recommend you read FAQ 6.1 where it addresses this very question, In regard to changing our DNA to change human behaviour I recommend you read FAQ 1.2 ( You will see as you digest this explanation further that it is not our DNA that we need to look to, but understanding the human mind. To quote from FAQ 1.2, “Humans have suffered not from the genetic-opportunism-based, non-psychological animal condition, but the conscious-mind-based, psychologically troubled human condition.” It is this longed-for breakthrough explanation of the human condition that biologist Jeremy Griffith has found and it opens up an immensely exciting and transformed world!

    • Evelien1969

      I think there was some evidence (by a biologist named Lamarck?) that genes can be altered by Human development.
      After studying ‘the firstborn’ by Jos Verhulst, and writing for a Waldorf education magazine for 7 years, I came to the conclusion that evolution is actually taking place in primary and secondary school.

      Humans discern themselves from other animals by a what Verhulst calls ‘a huge surplus of embryotic potential’ or, the ability to keep developming, forming and re-forming ourselves during our lives. In the beginneling, we develop much slower than animals, we have to learn everything ourselves from scratch, by this we individualize.
      This process can go on all your life, even though the first 21 years are quite forming (physically). Every 7-year period is a development cycle that is a founding stone for the next. But also after 21 I think it is possible to re-wire your brain or body. As Rumi said, we are like a beehive. We form our own bodies, cell by cell. Theoretically, it would take 7 years to transform as this is what I understood to be time in in which all your body cells are replaced

      But I have to say, even though I’ve lived with this theory for over seven years now, the ‘protesting voice’ from a very scared instinctual self living down below and witlhin, does not easily or willingly go away. It keeps finding new ways to cloak and survive, so it seems

      • PaulM

        Certainly there is a burgeoning scientific discipline known as epigenetics that deals with gene expression as a result of environmental factors. In some ways it is a validation of Lamark, but is still a world away from his over simplistic idea that a giraffe’s offspring will have longer necks because the parent strained to reach high branches. However it is correct that gene expression (which is inheritable) will be effected by children’s experiences at school. Perhaps though, it is human consciousness that gives us the unique power to renew ourselves as we learn new experiences that you are alluding to. This is what sets us apart from all other members of the animal kingdom and accounts for our slow development. Griffith’s chapter (7) on Consciousness is a model of economical profundity.
        I do agree with you in your conclusion that without Griffith’s key insight that brings peace to the battle between instinct and intellect, all the learning or renewing our conscious mind could do would still leave a nagging unanswered ‘scared’ voice.
        May I recommend you read Freedom Essay 4? I believe you will find it very rewarding.

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