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    Hi to the group.
    My opinion if I may.

    Many belief Adam and Eve to be the first people created, yet there children went out to find wife’s and so the family grew with other families.

    The same with Noah and his family after the flood.

    Let’s step back: God created man in His image. Man and woman he created them. After the creation of man He had spirit left. God is spirit, man is created with and by spirit, of which God had some left.

    When in Ephesians and Gallasians and so on you find the list of acts man must do (loving) and others we must withhold ourselves from (loveless). This list conclude a personality to live by that show a loving soul, the spirit of God that He want us to follow to live in harmony.

    From this point Religion directs us to be good and loving, infact to nurture our children and care for one another.

    Now FREEDOM, Jeremy Griffith and WTM is in the process to assist humanity towards and on the same path. What Jeremy’s work accomplished is to open the doorway for science and religion to meet and humanity to become one whole loving organism, functioning is one body similar to ant and bee colonies.

    Also from the Bible. It states that Christians is the body of Christ, though different members in communion.

    Hope this assist a bit.

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    Hi transistor

    You only stated it strongly. Sometimes strong methods is necessary.

    We need only read, reread and accept. All is given, why search for more knowledge. Everything we will find will be confirmation.

    What we need do is study Jeremy’s work, educate people and give Jeremy the credit for our new found knowledge and direction.

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    On review midsection. Christmas followed –must read — Christ follower.
    Phone dictionary change while typing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)