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Gerry St Onge speaking to camera


Welcome to the USA East Coast Centre for the World Transformation Movement.


I am absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to open up this Centre, to share this amazing information that I’ve discovered, that has changed my life, and I am convinced is the holy grail for the transformation of the human race on this planetto share this win, finally, in the race between our self-destruction and self-understanding.

My name is Gerry St Onge and I live in the Delaware River Valley, which is in the eastern part of the United States. It’s a beautiful, rural river community on the Delaware River, which borders Hunterdon County, New Jersey and the river community of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

My personal journey has been that after a career in corporate America and raising two children, a daughter and a son now 19 and 18, I found myself increasingly aware and concerned about what was happening in the world; that we seem to be careening out of control, the crises seem to be getting worse and worse. Something is terribly wrong and deep down inside I had this knowing that this is not a reflection of who we really are as human beings.

So, I launched on a self-directed exploration into the questions of: What’s going on? Who are we? Who am I? And what can we do, what can I do? How can I find the handle, such that I can make the most massive contribution I can possibly muster to us turning this thing around. And on that journey I sought out individuals and groups of individuals past and present, who had answered these questions; who had dedicated their lives to examining and investigating these questions and had come up with some answers. And in those answers, I found some amazing pockets of wisdom. But no one was able to put the whole thing together until I discovered the work of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith and his notion of the human condition [see Video/​F. Essay 3 for Jeremy’s explanation]. And really it wasn’t the first time this notion has surfaced: the great philosopher Plato, hundreds of years before Christ, had come up with this notion, articulated beautifully in his allegory of the cave which is very much worth looking at because it really does describe exactly what we’re going through as human beings today [see Video/​F. Essay 11]. But Jeremy, 40 years ago, uncovered this idea of the human condition and brought a biological, scientific explanation to why we are creating this crazywhat I call a crazy, stupid, upside-down, ‘bizarro’world.

Basically, Jeremy has identified that some two million years ago when we had our first conscious thought as human beings (evolving from a pure, instinctual, genetic-based physiological mechanism), this first conscious thought (which is a nervous system-based physiological process), was focused on understanding (conscious thinking is understanding through looking at cause and effect and so forth), which was in contrast to instinctual ‘thinking’ (which is very rudimentary, we do it the way we’ve always done it across generations, with very little adjustment generationally). And that first conscious thought was so different that there was an inherent conflict with our instinctual ‘thinking’. It was the nervous system vs. the genetic system. The conscious mind was, by its nature, trying to understand things, but it couldn’t make any sense out of this conflict caused by the resistance of the instinctual pull to this conscious idea of wonder and wanting to explore. And so I invite you to look at the website and this incredible book, FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition, where Jeremy describes a story called Adam Stork that explains the whole thing.

But for me, understanding that from this moment of our first conscious thought we’ve had this conflict that we’ve never resolved is critical. It’s created this upset because the conscious mind couldn’t understand why it was getting this flak from our instincts, our instinctual self; and not being able to reconcile it in our psyche, we repressed and denied, deep, deep, deep-down into our psyche, the very question about a conflict. And because of that inner conflict, we then created these personas, these masks, and these behaviours to defend ourselves from the instinctual criticism; and in that defiance there is some anger; we felt alienation; and we created this very egocentric behaviour. And from that core inner conflict, all this dysfunctional behaviour coming out of a species-wide psychosis basically projects into the behaviours that create this crazy, stupid, upside-down, ‘bizarro’ world, as I called it.

Now I’m not sure if I did justice to that explanation but I guarantee you, on the website, and in this book FREEDOM that Jeremy has written, is the most complete, thorough examination of human nature, human behaviour and a full explanation of why we created this crazy world, based on this very simple ideait’s a radical but simple idea! And in it, there is nothing really to fix, there is nothing to oppose. If you’re concerned about all the craziness in the world, it’s not about opposing anything out there: it is very simply (radically simple!) that we need to understand the human condition in our own psyche, each one of us individually. That is our primary responsibility. And I can tell you, that if you examine the information on the website and get through this bookit’s not thin but I devoured it and I carry it with me and I’ve marked it up and every time I look at it I find something newyou will understand the human condition. Jeremy takes us through this process of examining and understanding the human condition and it is a liberating process.

A fundamental concept here that Jeremy provides the biological scientific explanation of, is what is our true nature. Our whole society and our whole culture is based on this idea around Social Darwinism. This idea that we operate as animalistic, competitive beings, it’s about survival of the fittest. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and apparently that is our natureour nature is apparently competitive. And what Jeremy uncovers and provides the proofsbiologically, physiologically, psychologicallyis that that is not true. Our true nature is loving, nurturing, collaborative, cooperative, contributive and compassionate. So it’s the opposite of what basic science and current normal thought assumes is our nature. So when that understanding takes root in each one of us individually, which it now can with the human condition explained and our psychologically upset angry, egocentric and alienated state at last defended, everything changes. So that’s how beautifully simple, radical, simple this understanding of the human condition is. And it is that you can feel the transformative leverage in that understanding. There’s so much more; I won’t be able to go through it all and I don’t need to because no one does it better than Jeremy.

So I invite you to dive into this website. There are plenty of videos, there are essays, there are testimonials, and inhale this book. The book is available free online, on the website or you can buy it on Amazon, it’s not expensive. This isn’t a profiteering initiative, it’s a non-profit enterprise with the focusthe primary, dedicated focused objectiveto share this information with the world, to change the world, to transform human beings on this planet and create a new world that is reflective of our true essence.

So, welcome to the World Transformation Movement. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. There is plenty of information on the WTM’s website as I said. The book is there. There are other books as well, but FREEDOM is a great place to dive into and I guarantee you, if you get through that book, it will change your life. And welcome to this community of people who are standing on very solid ground, dedicated to transforming the human race and this planet. And again, it’s not a complicated thing; although I can tell you that when you go on this journey it will rock your inner world because that’s where the work is done. Once we resolve this inner conflict, finallyand I’m in the process of doing thiseverything changes. It has changed my life; I am experiencing more calm and more peace and more clarity than I ever have. And while I’ve lived a life of learning how to master setting goals and building strategies and tactical plans and then executing them, I’ve realised now that linear approach is a very fear-based approach. That all I have to do, and all I am doing, is understanding this information, and in that I stand up now on solid ground in this really amazing, solid community of members of this movement around the world. And now there is plenty to do but it comes out of love and inspiration. And we can do it with ease, grace, joy and a whole lot of fun. So welcome to this movement and welcome to the New World!