‘FREEDOM’ is about to be launched at the Royal Geographical Society in London with the keynote address to be given by Sir Bob Geldof


FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition – the book that saves the world – is about to be launched in London at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) to an invitation-only audience of reporters.

We consider the RGS to be the most appropriate venue to hold this momentous event because it is where the late Sir Laurens van der Post – the most quoted author in ‘FREEDOM’ and the inspiration in the life of its author Jeremy Griffith – made his impassioned plea for the explorers of the world to investigate the inner realm of the human condition.

In his 1990 RGS Television Lecture of the Year, Sir Laurens said, “It’s been said that the explorers in mankind must be singularly unemployed because there’s nothing left in this world to explore. Well of course that depends on what you mean by exploration…in the sense to which exploration is both an exploration into the physical and into the spirit of man there is a lot ahead to do…the future is in your keeping…there is exploration in reverse to do. We must go sharply into reverse…we must rehabilitate ourselves. We must get our old natural selves to join with our other conscious, wilful, rational, scientific selves…Your job is not over.”

It is precisely this reverse exploration into the human condition that ‘FREEDOM’ has successfully navigated.

Sir Laurens’ daughter, Lucia, is unable to attend because she’s currently in Botswana, but will be represented by her husband, Neil Crichton-Miller.

Most excitingly – and appropriately because he is regarded as the conscience of the world and someone whose concern for humanity is second to none – Sir Bob Geldof (FRGS) will be giving the keynote address at ‘FREEDOM’s launch. This quote from Sir Bob from his 1986 appropriately titled album Deep In The Heart of Nowhere (which is included in ‘FREEDOM’) encapsulates his concern for humanity as well as his appreciation of where the answers to the world’s problems must come: “What are we going to do because it can’t go on…This is the world calling. God help us’ and ‘Searching through their sacred books for the holy grail of “why”, but the total sum of knowledge knows no more than you or I”. Yes, ‘the holy grail of “why”’ is the issue of the human condition that had to be solved for the world to be saved.

So we have the right venue and the right person for ‘FREEDOM’s launch — what an historic day for the human race!

What are we going to do because it can’t go on…This is the world calling. God help us (Sir Bob Geldof)

FREEDOM Front Cover

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