Transcript of James Moffett’s video on why he started the WTM Cape Town Centre


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James Moffett talking to camera at sunrise on a mountain in South Africa


Well that’s the sunrise this morning over Lesotho, and my name is James Moffett. I’m on top of the mountain early this morning looking at the beauty surrounding us, it’s absolutely fantastic. And with the sun coming up behind me, usually I’m looking at it watching it come up, it’s heralding in another beautiful, fantastic day. As I said, I’m James Moffett, I grew up on this farm which I’m on top of the mountain of.

Now that’s the thing about this whole world of ourswe’re all relying on some sort of drug or pursuit, or something like that, to keep away that dark side of ourselves. And what is extraordinary is we are now at the pinnacle of our knowledge on what or who we are. This information is now here, it’s scientific, deep, logical truth. And can you believe it, that just understanding these concepts about ourselves, and particularly in my case where I’ve been searching for all my life, since I can remember, for an answer to the question ‘Why?’ Why are we like this? Why are we so full of love? Why at times I can be a phenomenal person and I can see I’m making people happy, and other times I can be a real downright bad ass. Well, it’s something that’s been troubling us a long time, but this book FREEDOM by Jeremy Griffith, who is an extraordinary biologist with such clear, clear thinking, has at last brought together all the work that us humans have been doing, the past and the present, in finding out who we are and what we are and why we are here. And my questions have all been answered. Thank, thank God!

There is an extraordinary way I’m feeling now about the world now that I understand us humans and why we all do things the way we do things, and get you to try to see what I’m seeing, and actually not even try, you’re going to do it, it’s an evolving [gathering support] concept.

Something which is interesting which I find out here is I’ve been trying to figure out the answers to the questions, and trying to find them outside of myself, and, sure, within myself, but it wasn’t about meditating or going on solitary retreats. Those are temporary reliefs. Even being re-born as a Christian was a temporary relief. Why this is extraordinary is because it answers the questions, it’s like it slots into all the missing parts in my brain and in my heart. It just connects the two and makes everything sensible. It’s not just something that I have to have faith in. It actually bloody well works and this is what’s extraordinary about it and what makes me excited all the time now, and seeing that every one of us has that potential. Every person on this planet has got this extraordinary potential to do this, to get this information, to take it in and change the way we are, it’s extraordinary, it’s bloody mind-blowing.

This is the beauty of the farm that I live on. I’m now lower down on the mountain. And I’ve been running along with it a bit to show you this absolute beauty that we have around us and now I know is reflected inside us and permanently, it’s a part of our fixture now. I just had to get rid of that blockage in my mind [our resistance to reading about the human condition], and that blockage is relatively easily overcome but it takes perseverance. You just got to keep at it. And that is the nature of us, if you consider us humans, we’re an extraordinary phenomenally magnificent species on this planet that can do extraordinary beautifully magnificent things. And what we’re doing at the moment is extraordinary, but at the same time in this pursuit of knowledge we are creating havoc in our wake. These are farm cells which farmers work as they are off dealing with the same crisis of the human condition, of wanting to control it, they can’t control their own urges so we will at least control nature, and at the same time we’re really blasting it apart around the world.

And that’s what drove me for the last 25 odd years was to try to heal this place. But for this country of ours the healing has got to happen in our heads. We’ve got to recognise who we are, got to recognise that we’ve got this diverse character, our instinctive, natural, mothering, loving side. And then we have got our intellectual, striving, hard, got-to-find answers side too. Once you reconcile those two, and you understand it, there’s no need for conflict anymore. Then extraordinary things can happen, we can all turn our minds to fixing up this planet and just having an absolute bloody ball.