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My name is John Mulder and I live with my wife Yvette in Swellendam, which is in the Western Cape, in South Africa. Thank you for visiting our World Transformation Movement South African [now Cape Town] website and I trust this will be of value to you.

More about the World Transformation Movement: I want to clear up a few things before we continue. Firstly, it’s a not for profit organization; and I want you to understand this: it’s completely free other than if you need to buy the actual printed copy of Jeremy’s book FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition from an organisation like Amazon (there are obviously printing and other costs involved). The alternative is that you can download the book completely for free from the World Transformation Movement website ( In addition to that, there’s a lot of support, free of charge, from the World Transformation Movement different centres throughout the world; a lot of essays; a lot of additional material available free of charge. And this was made selflessly available by Jeremy because of the impact and the importance of his work in this regard; and it’s a wonderful gesture for me.

The other thing that is important to know: please understand that we are not a religious organisation or some sort of cυlt or whateverthis is simply an organization which supports the work of Jeremy Griffith, and we do it on a voluntary basis.

The work is supported by a wide range of people from all walks of life; academics of course; and of course all these subsistence farmers like myself.

Over the years I’ve encountered many, what I would like to call snake-oil purveyors. For ten dollars or a hundred rand you can have this bottle of snake-oil, and that will apparently cure your ailments from ingrown toe-nails to receding hairline. And this is phenomena is simply indicative of our search as humans for the truth about ourselves and the world that we find ourselves in. But Jeremy’s work is certainly not of the snake-oil variety, but is biology and science, which is based on sound reasoning and research.

Many years ago I stopped smoking, and what certainly helped me along the way was an article in the magazine Reader’s Digest, that explained that if you could understand why you smoked, and when you smoked, it would be easier to stop smoking, and it certainly helped me. The paradigm shift in my life as a result of the clear-daylight-truths coming from Jeremy’s research findings was profound. In short, life has never been this good for me.

Dr. Harry Prosen, who is the former head of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, refers to Jeremy’s book FREEDOM as ‘the book that saves the world’. I recall thinking when I encountered this for the first time that I was convinced that whoever these guys were, I thought they were certainly smoking their socks! At the time I thought this was probably the snake-oil of all snake-oils. In retrospect, this is quite a natural reaction given I was, like many of our fellow humans, on this path that we find ourselves in in life, when I was quite resigned to the fact that life is what it is, and there was not a hell of a lot I, or the next guy, could do about itthat’s just the way it should be. So I thought, ‘whoever’s got this ‘airy-fairy’ idea of changing things, it’s not going to work’. We had resigned ourselves to the fact that we seem to be trying to do the same thing, over and over, without real hope that we would get a different result, evidenced by the endless turmoil and the war and all the conflict that goes on in the world around us.

And here for the first time I believe that we have an alternative; the first and only alternative in fact. The endgame is here; and as a species we have to change, and it is possible, and there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for indulging me. And please contact us via the contact details on the site if you want to do so. Thank you.