Transcript of Joseph Ahie’s video on why
he started the WTM North Queensland Centre


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Hi, my name is Joseph Ahie and I’m very proud to open the World Transformation Movement North Queensland Centre.

I was born in New Zealand and moved to Sydney, Australia, when I was 18 and lived there for eight years doing ‘life stuff’ and then I married, got divorced and moved up to Cairns. I travelled around Australia in a double decker bus, and after a few things like that, I came up to Cairns, where I’ve been for 22 or 23 years now. I came across the World Transformation Movement and the book FREEDOM in March 2017.

All my life I’ve been searching for stuff to try and understand what’s going on in the world and then I found the [WTM] website, and just from the moment that I found that I started to understand, things started to become a lot clearer and I could see the truths that Jeremy was bringing to the plate and I just devoured the FREEDOM book on the internet actually. I read it all on my laptop and I could just understand a lot of it straight away and then over time it just got better and better and got a lot clearer and clearer, and throughout the whole book there’s all these ‘triggers’ that release you from your captive state under the duress of the human condition; and then in the [WTM] meetings, the triggers are just like boom, boom, boom; that’s why the meetings [with the other WTM global members] are so good because we’re all part of it and have that understanding.

I was reading that part [Chapter 8] in FREEDOM that I’m up to now again, and there’s quite a lot of confrontational stuff in that part, but seriously every sentence you can get something from. It’s funny how people always say it just waffles on, waffles on. But if that’s what they think they’re fully under the effect of the Deaf Effect [see Video/​F. Essay 11], because what I’ve found now after reading it for the third time is that in every bloomin’ sentence there’s a triggerthere’s something to help you. There’s not one word, Jeremy hasn’t written one word in there for bullshit, one word in there just to fill up space, there’s no word in there that’s just filling up space. Every word is there for a reasonto help us. That’s mad [amazing] when you get that, when you start to really think that and you find out that and you realise that. He hasn’t put one bloody word in there just to fill up space [laughter]. It’s like every word is there for a specific reason, to save the world. Man!

You just feel clearer; I feel clearer. That’s what it is. It was definitely always a fog before, and then in actual fact you would increase that fog by continuing on with your day, and what you find out is being alienated from yourself just holds that fog in place. But what the truth does, it just starts clearing that fog and all of a sudden it becomes clearer, you feel clearer, you feel clarity and what it’s all about now, and what I’m all about, why I’m here, why I’m on this planet, why we’re all on this planet. That’s one of the big things that changesI think that’s one of the big thing that changes for sure. It’s that fog disappearing and understanding why all of us are here, the whole species, which is amazing. That truly is amazing, when you really start getting that sitting down on top of you, that you’re part of this whole species’ movement that’s been going on for eons. Jeremy talks about it, it’s like millions of years [see, for example, Chapter 8 of FREEDOM]. So you’ve got to get that concept into your head too as well, that it’s not just your life, it’s millions of years it’s [the human condition’s] been going on, and then once you realise that, then you think ‘Wow, things start to make more sense’, because when you put it into that macro level, it brings more clarity to yourself and to your life.

That’s what that is [referring to Jeremy’s book FREEDOM], that’s what freedom is isn’t it, it’s being free from that loop, that loop of the human condition. And that’s that feeling, is that freedom that you get from the understandings within it. That’s the amazing thing about that; that’s what the whole Transformation Movement is! It is that, it’s that release and freedom from any criticism. And that’s how I feel anyway. Nothing’s ever asked of you, it’s only what you’re asking from yourself really, and you can become free, you become more freer. That’s that clarity, that’s that clarity that you get, you just become more free from that [internal criticism]. That’s what I’ve felt, and it gets better every day. Every day it gets better. Every day, every moment it gets better and you just continue, that’s what I’ve found, by reading the book, reading all the information, the essays that are there in the website, which is all the support.

Yeah, like I was saying before, there’s triggers in all of that and what it triggers is this relief, this freedom that you can get from any criticism or what is called the ‘upset state’. If you’re free in yourself, slowly you get more and more freedom from that [criticism]. And that’s what you can get from it. That’s what I’m getting from it and I know everyone can get that from it because I can get it. I’m just an ordinary person doing a lot of ordinary things, and done some foolish things in the past, but that’s all sort of behind me now. And really you see that none of that really matters anymore because it’s just the future that you can see, and it’s all good, and that’s because of the truth that I’ve read in these books.

The reason that I want to start a WTM Centre here in North Queensland is because it’s the right thing to do. I’ve learned just over the time that I’ve been looking at all this, and it’s only been a couple of years, that there’s not much else to do but look after this information and help support it and help everybody support itit’s doing that. I believe you’ll realise that as well too once you look into it. You start to realise that this is what it says that it’s going to doit will save the world, it will save us all from going the wrong way.

It’s just continuous. There’s so much in the book, in the book FREEDOM, the confusion just starts to peel away. I’m finding now, because this is my third time I’m starting to read it, go through it and taking more in, but there’s triggers in that book on every page, every chapter, and in every paragraph and in every sentence; eventually you start realising that there’s a trigger in every sentence and that awakens you to more truth and more understanding of yourself and of the world around you. But it truly is amazing. So good, so good. I can’t recommend it any higher I suppose.

Because you just couldn’t understand [previously], you can’t understand what’s going on in your own life and really around you. I would escape from that life, through different means. I don’t know, what’s the word, just try to make yourself feel ‘good’ about everything, and in a way from the outside make out that everything was alright, everything was “all good”. That was one of my favourite sayings that “everything’s all good”, it’s just “all good”. Deep down, deep, deep down you were easily able to cover it up, that things weren’t right. And it’s funny when I came across the information, that’s why I think it was one of the reasons why I could see it [didn’t suffer from the ‘Deaf Effect’], because automatically things were just, “Woah okay, that makes more sense than anything else I’ve ever heard before in my life.” There were lots of things, I got into a lot of things in the past, going through the ’90s, and what I find out now [from this information], is that they’re pseudo idealistic movements and stuff like that. You get into all of that but nothing really sort of sets solid in you until we found this information and the truth in it and they just sit solid; you can’t deny it once you’ve heard it, once you read it. You might have found one thing that’s sort of like ‘okay’, and you just keep searching through it, searching through it, but it doesn’t really settle anything, doesn’t settle your mind, settle the confusion about your past, about why things happened to you, and why things are happening to everybody else. But the answers that Jeremy is giving you are just sort of “Okay, wow, well that’s right”you can’t deny it. You can actually see things more now with this information. You can see things better about actually how things are going on in the world and stuff like that. And you can see also how it can actually be healed where those other temporary relief things [pseudo idealism] didn’t work, there was no real answer, there was no real answer to how it actually could stop. Where this here, even though it’s going to take time and generations before it [the human condition] can be completely gone and taken, but you can just still see how that is actually going to work. Especially when everybody starts doing it within themselves [adopting the Transformed State] and that’s what this movement’s about I suppose is to get that momentum going to where every single person can actually get that understanding about that little bit that’s in themselves [that core insecurity] and deal with that. And then once that’s dealt with in themselves, then that’s one person, then the next person, then the next person, and that’s the momentum we’re trying to achieve with these Centres.

The thing is it’s hard to get away, take it away from yourself, because that’s really what you’ve got to do, is take it away from yourself and realise that because we’ve been living so long with this lack of self-worth that we nearly automatically make it about ourselves, when it actually is not about that. I know what the movement is about: the movement’s about helping others, like really doing that, so people can get their clarity that I’ve been able to getthat we’ve all been able to getbecause that’s what you want. You want people just to be able to move past that [the insecurity caused by the human condition and our associated need to prove ourselves] and the denial, that thing that’s happened and we’ve taken on board and heroically so, as Jeremy says in the book. But it’s now time to be able to [move past it], because the answers are here now and we’re able to let that go. And that process of letting go is a little bit confronting at timesit is confrontingbut it’s also relieving as well. And that cross-over from the confrontation to the relief is the process that we’re all going through right now. And I see, I understand, how getting the Centres together is a part of that movement which is what it is, a Transformation Movementthat part of that is to just get it moving, get it moving so it washes over everybody and everybody can become clearer and truer to themselves, truer to each other. And it’s gonna be good.

We walk away with that relief and feeling better and it’s a good, it’s a real thing, it’s not that fake goodness [pseudo idealism] that you’re just placing on top of yourself, it [the explanation of the human condition] actually goes in real deep and that’s why it does feel good. It is good because it is good. It feels so good.

What you get with this is once you’ve been able to see all that, see your own egocentricity and your own upset state, because that’s the first stepif you can’t see it, which is the whole alienation thing and being in denial of it, then you’re not going to deal with it if you can’t see it. But eventually because you can start to see it, a layer comes off, a layer comes off…that’s the little bit of confrontation in there. But you get that relief because you can start seeing it, you can start working with it, and then you go through the stages and then what I’ve found now, and I understand it, is the next stage is the support that you give as well as the support you’ve got. You get the support, but then another stage is being there to give it, give it fully back as much as you can, because that’s what’s more important even than the support that you get; the support that you can give is more important because that’s how the world starts being saved through all the support that we can give.

This is the good reason, now you have this understanding it just gives you the real reason for being alive. The real reason for working towards something. There was nothing else really in my head that was worthwhile. I never had any goals or anything like that and that’s why I know this is the thing and that’s how come I know that what I’m doing towards it is, no matter what, it’s the right thing to dono matter what, it’s the right thing to do, because you know now, finally you know now the real reason for being here, for actually doing something.

For our future’s sake, my and your role is to understand this book.