"AMAZING" "Easy to Navigate" New Website Launched!


‘The new website looks fantastic...The new videos are especially well done, the addition of music, the filming and Jeremy's presentation are excellent. I've shared the links with friends and family and work colleagues and contacts...2016 is sure to be a beauty for all humanity.’

(Response to new website from a WTM General Member)


Main image from new WTM Website

A happy and FREE new year awaits you at so feast your eyes on our new website we think it will take your breath away it is so beautiful!!


Our WTM team has completely re-visualised the site with a super-accessible and contemporary layout which features many new presentations and functions. This includes two stunning new introductory videos and a very ‘Brief Summary’ of Jeremy Griffith’s ‘world-saving’ new book ‘FREEDOM’. There are also new ways to interact including live chats (see example below) and voice or video calls with one of the WTM team.


WTM Live Chat Facility

So get clicking and explore this amazing new home for the understanding that will bring humanity home!


Other recent responses:


‘New website is AMAZING. Looks so good and it is easy to navigate. Well done team!!’


‘Wow, what a great new site!...I am really looking forward to getting my hands on a hard copy of FREEDOM’



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