**** NEWS FLASH ****


‘WTM Emails’ are being relaunched as ‘Freedom Essays’ with the addition of new, critically important essays from Jeremy Griffith!



The next time you visit our website you will notice that the WTM Emails are now being called Freedom Essays. This change has been made to ensure that these amazing pieces of world-saving insight by biologist Jeremy Griffith have a name that properly reflects their extraordinary content.


We also want to inform you that three new, critically important Freedom Essays have been inserted into the series. They are, 51: ‘Endgame for the human race’; 53: ‘Why there have been ferocious attacks on the WTM’; and 54: ‘The accusation of hubris’. In addition, Jeremy has made extensive, absolutely incredible additions to Freedom Essay 52: ‘The “instinct vs intellect” explanation is obvious’.


Depending on where you are up to in the series, you may receive these essays in the coming weeks; however, if you are beyond that point, or would simply like to read these important essays now, you can click on the thumbnails below to access them.


Man on the edge of a cliff
Human DNA clashing with the brain‘s intellect


Man attacking Truth


(Note, you can always access the entire essay collection on the WTM website on the Freedom Essay page.)

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