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Stopping all the suffering on Earth can only be achieved by understanding the human condition – and the free WTM App gives you the means to do so all in one handy place!


The free WTM App gives you easy access to all the key material – the WTM’s homepage, videos, books, essays and audios – everything you need to understand biologist Jeremy Griffith’s world-saving explanation of the human condition, all in one place.


The highlights of the WTM App include:


– All the key books, videos, essays presented as easy-to-consume audio playlists which feature recordings by Jeremy and others, as well as narration by Tim Macartney-Snape, who is a twice-honoured Order of Australia recipient and a founding director of the WTM.


– Easy connection to the very helpful WTM Facebook Group, the main portal for asking questions and discussing these insights.


– The upcoming Live Events with Jeremy Griffith and others will be live streamed via the WTM App as well as on our website and in our Facebook Group.


– Receive reminders of these events and other updates via Push notifications from the WTM App.


So download the free WTM App today

from the Apple App Store below (for iOS), or from the Google Play Store below (for Android™)







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