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Beyond The Human Condition


Sir Laurens Van Der Post

Sir Laurens was a pre-eminent philosopher, author of 24 books and a close friend of Carl Jung.


‘Could you please send me an extra copy of your book? Yours to me is already out on loan because it was so appreciated, and I shall give it to my publishers to read and see whether they are as interested as we are.’ (20 May 1988 letter to Jeremy Griffith) ‘If I do not do more to help Jeremy Griffith it is simply that the weight and amount of my responsibilities prevent me, short of self-destruction.’ (15 Aug. 1989 letter to Tim Macartney-Snape)


Jeremy Griffith and Tim Macartney-Snape, both standing, with Sir Laurens van der Post, seated, in his London office, 1993.

Jeremy Griffith, left, and Tim Macartney-Snape, with the
late Sir Laurens van der Post, pre–eminent philosopher and
associate of Carl Jung, London 1993.


Sir James Darling

From 193061 Sir James Darling was headmaster of Geelong Grammar School, the school that four of the founding directors of the WTM/FHA attended, including Jeremy Griffith, his brother Simon Griffith, and Tim Macartney-Snape. Sir James was also Chairman of the ABC from 196167. He was knighted in 1968 for ‘services to education and broadcasting’ and was designated one of 200 ‘Great Australians’ in Australia’s bicentennial year, 1988. Of the 20022 then livingDarling was the only headmaster, public recognition thereby being afforded to his exceptional, indeed unique, influence in the nation as an educator.


In a letter to Jeremy Griffith on 21 Feb. 1989:


‘The main, perhaps the only thing, that a school can do is to create an atmosphere in which boys can grow up in such a way as to develop their own selves without having too much imposed upon them or destroyed in them…From reading what you have written it seems to have been successful with you. I particularly like the combination of furniture building and metaphysical thought.’


Caroline Jones

Caroline is a senior radio journalist who has been awarded the Order of Australia and the Media Peace Prize Gold Citation.


‘Jeremy Griffith spoke about his concepts on my radio program The Search For Meaning and the interview received the second most enthusiastic public response in the program’s [twice weekly for 8 years] history.’ (Oct. 1991).




C.G. Jung-Institute Zurich, Switzerland

In a 27 Feb. 1989 letter to the FHA from the President, Dr Barz:


‘I found the book [Free] stimulating. I shall gladly keep one copy and give the other one to our library.’


C.G. Jung-Institute Stuttgart, Germany

In a 2 May 1989 letter to the FHA from their journal editor, R. Suckut:


‘We shall gladly recommend this book to our students and members.’