Prophetic Dreams: What are they?

Prophetic dreams, like all dreams, provide us with a window into our soul. Strictly speaking, a prophetic dream accurately describes or predicts what will happen in the future and they are not uncommon, indeed a study has shown that ‘42% of people felt they had had a dream about something that later came true’ (

There is nothing supernatural about prophetic dreams. They are simply our conscious thinking mind subsiding enough while we are asleep to allow our normally repressed, ‘subconscious’, all-sensitive instinctive self or soul to come to the surface in our mind and let us know awarenesses, insights and truths about our own state and about the world around us that it is able to recognise. Since humans’ present conscious self exists in a state of extreme separation or alienation from our species’ original instinctive self or soul and all the deeper awarenesses, insights and truths that it has access to, our conscious mind can’t see our world clearly like our soul can. Our instinctive self or soul, on the other hand, can see the world truthfully and can thus often effectively anticipate what is going to happen in the futureit is capable of prophecy.

Prophetic dreams provide us with a window into our soul

So the real question is not ‘what are prophetic dreams?’, but rather why are we humans are so estranged from our all-sensitive soul that we can only access its knowingness in dreamsand, moreover, why it is that some people are not so alienated from our soul’s world that they are sensitive, empathetic and perceptive enough to be able to interpret other people’s dreams for them, and prophetically anticipate the future?

To be able to answer these questions we first needed to be able to understand the human conditionthe battle between our instinctive self or soul and our intellect or conscious thinking self; and how, as a result of this battle, our all-sensitive original instinctive self or soul had to be locked away inside ourselves, after which it could only be accessed through our sleeping dreams. Most incredibly biology is now able to provide the full explanation of why we humans have been so at odds with, and therefore have had no choice but to deny and repress our all-sensitive, incredibly perceptive instinctive self or soul. This comprehensive, all-powerful explanation is available in this Introductory Video Series and Part 3 of Freedom: Expanded Book 1, by the Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith.

With this first-principle, rational, biological understanding of the human condition now available, we can admit that it has only been when we are asleep and our embattled conscious self is at rest, that our instinctive self or soul can come to the surface and through dreams tell us what is really going on in our lives.

The defence of our fundamental worth as humans that this understanding of the human condition brings also makes it possible to acknowledge that there are some very rare humanswho we have traditionally termed ‘prophets’whose nurtured and sheltered upbringings has meant they have not had to repress our soul’s true world. In Freedom: Expanded, Griffith explains dreams and the Biblical account of Joseph, a denial-free thinker or prophet, who was able to interpret the Pharaoh’s prophetic dream”:


“Not surprisingly given his extraordinary soundness, Joseph was so capable that eventually his Egyptian owner ‘put him in charge of his household’ (Gen. 39:4). When his owner’s wife tried unsuccessfully to seduce him she fabricated accusations against him which resulted in Joseph being thrown into prison, but again he was so able that eventually he was put ‘in charge’ (Gen. 39:22) of the prison. Some time later two of the Pharaoh’s officials happened to be put in the same prison where they both had dreams that Joseph was able to ‘interpret’ (Gen. 40:8). Dreams are basically awarenesses that our species’ all-sensitive original instinctive self or soul has about the world it finds itself in. As Carl Jung so insightfully said, ‘The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the psyche [soul], opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego consciousness’ (Civilization in Transition, from The Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Vol.10, 1945). Our psyche or soul (‘psyche’ in the dictionary means ‘soul’) has immense sensitivity, coming as it does from our species’ fully cooperative, loving and alienation-free past. It has access to all the beauty and magic enthrallment of an alienation-free life and when it encounters the immensely upset world of the human condition it is deeply shocked. While an upset human’s conscious overlying self normally represses their hurtfully exposing and condemning instinctive self or soul, when they are asleep and the conscious self is resting the instinctive self or soul comes to the surface and expresses its immense anxieties about the horror of the world it has found itself in. This is why so many dreams are in fact nightmaresit is that innocent child within us, our instinctive self or soul being shocked by the horrific imperfections of the world in which it lives. For someone who is not living in conscious denial of the human condition their all-sensitive instinctive self or soul is closer to the surface in their mind and they can access all the truth about the imperfections of the world that our instinctive self is acutely aware of. This access enables denial-free thinkers or prophets to interpret people’s dreamsin fact interpret everything about the upset state of the human condition that everyone else is living in denial of; as a woman said about a meeting she had with Christ, ‘come, see a man who told me everything I ever did’ (John 4:29). Prophets are not in denial of all the truth about our world that our instinctive self can recognise. They know what the soul is trying to ‘say’. When someone is not in denial of all the horrors of this world and can access the extremely sensitive knowingness of our instinctive self or soul there is so much about our world that they know about. So, Joseph being an alienation-free, denial-free thinker could interpret dreams, could ‘hear’ what people’s distressed souls were trying to ‘say’, and that’s what he did for the Pharaoh’s officials... Later when the Pharaoh was being troubled by certain dreams, one of the jailed officials who had been reinstated recalled Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams. Joseph duly did so, telling the Pharaoh that his dreams meant that there was going to be periods of good rainfall and then periods of terrible drought and that the Pharaoh should store the harvest from the good times to ensure there would be food in the bad. The Pharaoh was so impressed that he placed Joseph ‘in charge of my palace, and all my people are to submit to your orders’ (Gen. 41:40)… in due course, a terrible drought occurred and there was no food apart from what Joseph had stored in Egypt” (

Joseph's prophetic dreams

Griffith also explains that a common dream of levitating or flying through the air represents ‘yearnings for freedom from the horror of humans’ lonely, unhappy, corrupted, alienated state’ (

This exciting, breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition means our dreams for a human-condition-free future can become reality. We can finally understand that we had no choice but to live in a state of alienation from our soul’s world, we can finally begin on a new journey where we are no longer at war within ourselves and can fully access our innate capacity for sensitivity and empathynot to mention pure excitement as well!

The former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, Professor Harry Prosen, recognises the thrilling breakthrough that Griffith’s explanation represents, saying, ‘I have no doubt this biological explanation of Jeremy Griffith’s of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.’


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