Some Significant Public Talks & Lectures Given By Jeremy Griffith During The Formative Years Of The WTM


Caroline Jones interviews Jeremy Griffith

The 31 May 1988 interview on Caroline Jones’ The Search for Meaning program, on ABC Radio National, attracted, according to Jones, ‘the second most enthusiastic public response in the program’s [twice weekly for 8 years] history’, and, as a result, was re-broadcast twice in September 1988.




Jeremy Griffith speaks on Radio 2UE’s Open Mind program

On 18 June 1989 Jeremy spoke to an evening audience on Sherry Stumm’s Open Mind program on Sydney’s Radio 2UE.


Jeremy Griffith speaks at Australian National University

On 7 October 1989 Jeremy addressed a conference at the Australian National University on the development of consciousness. Other noted speakers at the conference included Professor Manning Clark and Professor John Mulvaney.


Jeremy Griffith talks to Canberra Jungian Society

On 3 November 1989 Jeremy introduced his ideas to the Society.


WTM Open Day in Sydney

On 14 April 1991 at the WTM’s Sydney offices, Jeremy Griffith gave an address on the work of the WTM to interested people and their family and friends.

21-C Journal, published by the Commission For The Future


A feature article of an interview with Jeremy Griffith appeared in the December 1991 edition, Issue 4.


Jeremy Griffith speaks on Radio 3AW

In December 1991 John Hindle interviewed Jeremy Griffith on Melbourne’s Radio 3AW.


Jeremy Griffith presents Beyond on Channel 7’s Eleven AM

On 21 November 1991 presenter David Koch interviewed Jeremy Griffith about Beyond The Human Condition on Channel 7’s national news program Eleven AM.


Jeremy Griffith talks at the University of Western Australia

On 13 January 1992 Jeremy Griffith and Tim Macartney-Snape gave addresses on the theme ‘New Paradigms Old Wisdoms’ as part of the University of Western Australia’s Summer Program. The Program was attended by over 6,000 members of the public and academic community.


Public lecture at the University of Queensland

On 25 March 1992 Jeremy Griffith gave a talk to a full house (about 200) of academics and students at the University’s Abel Smith Lecture Hall.


Sydney University address

On 1 April 1992 Jeremy Griffith gave a 90-minute presentation of his ideas to philosophy students and academics at Sydney University.


Launch & Lecture in New Zealand

On 10 June 1992 biologist and theologian Professor John Morton launched Beyond The Human Condition at Auckland University.




Launch & Lecture in Kenya, Africa

On 29 September 1992 Beyond The Human Condition was launched at the National Museum of Kenya, in the Louis Leakey auditorium. Whilst in Africa, Jeremy Griffith discussed his ideas with many scientists, including Dr Meave Leakey, Dr Shirley Strum, Dr Susanne Abildgaard, Dr Elizabeth Macfie, Dr Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Dr Cynthia Moss, Dr Joyce Poole and Dr Annette Lanjouw.


Open Day address by Professor Charles Birch

On 4 December 1993 Professor Birch was the keynote speaker at the WTM’s Open Day, talking to Members, interested parties, family and friends about Jeremy Griffith’s ideas.




Lecture at the University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury Campus)

On 18 May 1994 Jeremy Griffith gave an introductory lecture to students of the University.


Lectures to Armidale University Students

On 1213 September 1994 Jeremy Griffith gave a number of introductory lectures to students of the University of New England, Armidale.


Open Day & Lecture in Brisbane

On 1 July 1994, in a large marquee at the family home of WTM Members Em and Fi Cullen-Ward, the Members of the WTM introduced themselves to the Brisbane Community. Speakers included Jeremy Griffith and John Biggs.


Open Day & Lecture in Sydney

The 1 December 1994 forum was attended by over 100 interested people, including their family and friends.


Brian Carlton interviews Jeremy Griffith on Radio 2GB

On 26 December 1994, in an interview that lasted nearly 2 hours, Jeremy Griffith spoke about his ideas and answered listener questions.


Lectures in New Zealand

On 1213 February 1995 Jeremy Griffith gave a series of introductory lectures in Auckland, New Zealand.


Open Day & Lecture at the University of New England

On 17 March 1995 about 200 people attended a lecture held in Lazenby Hall. Speakers included Jeremy Griffith, Tim Macartney-Snape, John Biggs, Susan Armstrong and Sam Belfield.


Public Lecture ‘Evolutionary Psychology’

On 2 December 1995 John Biggs, Tim Macartney-Snape and Jeremy Griffith spoke at the Namaroo Conference Centre, in Sydney, to over 150 interested people.


Evening Presentation of the WTM development plan

On 7 December 1996 WTM Members Susan Armstrong, Prue Watson and James West gave a presentation of the WTM’s development plan to Members and supporters, including those from interstate, along with family, friends and other interested people at a venue in Sydney.


December Gathering at the WTM’s offices

On 30 November 1997 the WTM held an informal gathering for Members, friends, family and associates of WTM Members, followed the next day with discussions about the WTM’s plans for the upcoming year.


Professor Charles Birch launches the WTM’s website

On 16 October 1998 world-leading biologist Professor Charles Birch, winner of the Templeton Prize and considered Australia’s leading thinker on the issue of science and God, launched the Foundation’s website at the Australian Museum, opening his address saying, The WTM has had a positive and creative influence on many.




Professional evening in Sydney CBD

In December 2000 the WTM held Christmas drinks in the Sydney CBD to introduce the work of the WTM to a range of professional contacts, colleagues and friends.


Informal Evening at WTM offices

With the WTM busy on a number of fronts, including the court action, the decision was made to hold an informal evening in December 2001 at the WTM’s offices in place of our usual Open Day to give people the chance to see the initiatives the WTM is undertaking firsthand.


Launch of A Species In Denial

With a foreword by Professor Charles Birch, A Species In Denial was Jeremy Griffith’s most definitive work to date on the subject of the human condition. A Species In Denial’s launch at the Australian Museum in Sydney in June 2003 was followed by a national tour. Jeremy Griffith lectured at universities and bookshops and gave many media interviews all over Australia, including an interview with Lisa Forrest for Qantas’ inflight radio program, A Current of Air, which was broadcast on national and international flights to a potential audience of 1.2 million passengers.